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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Baby Boy Snyder

Amanda writes:
I'm due with our first baby (a boy) in mid-August. We are still up in the air about his name and would love some outside opinions. Our last name is Snyder.

The top two names that we have are Levi and Owen. We decided that we really liked Levi very soon after we found out that he was a boy and that was the moniker we used through most of the pregnancy. But then we decided that we would like options! What if he is born and isn't a Levi? This is where Owen was chosen. I still really love Levi, but agree that exploring other options is a good thing. We were trying to stay away from the very popular names and I seem to like more "old fashion" names.

We also like Lukas, Joel, Liam, and Forrest.

The middle name is also a bugger. We would like to use a family name. It's sort of tradition to use the father's name as the son's middle name, which would be Eric. But Levi Eric Snyder doesn't flow as nicely as we would like. Owen Eric Snyder is worse. Other family names include: Theodore, Daniel, Raymond, Harley, Merlin, Wilchie... or we could ditch tradition and go with something else completely.

Thanks for your help!

I DO like the flow of Levi Eric Snyder. But then, I'm drawn to the 2-2-2 name-syllable structure, when I know a lot of people try to vary the syllables of the parts of the name to break it up a little. I also like the rhythm of Liam Eric Snyder and Levi Daniel Snyder and so forth---but others might prefer the rhythm of something more like Levi Theodore Snyder.

With Levi or Liam or Lukas Snyder, there is the possibility of ending up with the monogram (surname initial in the middle, first name initial on the left, middle name initial on the right) LSD---which I'd want to avoid just because I'm a Meaningful Initial avoider. So even though I like the sound of Levi Daniel Snyder, I might not use it. I think I would also avoid Lukas Snyder because of the way the two S sounds merge. But I also think these are all minor issues: monograms are uncommon and a little extra S-sound never hurt anyone.

Do you have any men named John in the family? I think Levi John Snyder sounds handsome.

With Owen, I like Theodore: Owen Theodore Snyder. I also like Owen Daniel Snyder, and Owen Levi Snyder if you decide not to use a family name. But I also think Owen Eric is fine, because of how infrequently the first and middle names are said together.

I am having trouble thinking of more options because I like Levi Eric Snyder so much and I think you should use it! It seems just right: the first name you've loved all along, plus the middle name tradition.

Name update 08-10-2010! Amanda writes:
Levi Eric Snyder was born on Aug 6th; a week early, to everyone's surprise! Thanks for the reassurance that our gut instinct was a good name for our precious baby boy. Cheers!


StephLove said...

I don't see a problem with the flow of either Levi Eric Snyder or Owen Eric Snyder. Levi is a nice name and Owen is a personal favorite of mine so I'm not sure you need any more suggestions, but..

how about Garrison Eric Snyder? The "air" sound repeats in the first and middle, which is a plus for me, though some people don't like that kind of repetition. If you don't like it, how about Christopher Eric Snyder?

beyond said...

I really like Levi and Owen equally for you. (My next choice would be Liam.) I think both are alright with the mn Eric. (And remember that we don't often use full names anyway!)
I think you should take both Levi and Owen to the hospital and decide when you meet your baby.
Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Just a little tiny note that the name "Levi" is in the news right now because of Levi Johnston, Sarah Palin's future son-in-law. Don't change the name.- Surely he'll go away, but you might be ready with a reply when people say "oh like Levi Johnston" when you tell them.

Melissa said...

My nephew's name is Levi and I've never even thought of Levi Johnson-I don't think most people will! But to bring up my obscure reference: I wouldn't use John as a middle name- John snyder was one of the Duke (dukes of hazzard) brothers. Ick! I DO love Levi Eric- I don't think it's too much.

Suzanne said...

Oh no, Swistle! Do you really think LSD is a Terrible Choice for initials? It's what we're going to end up with if we have a boy, unless I freak out and refuse to use the middle "S" name just for this reason.

I like Levi Eric and Owen Theodore best, but agree you should definitely go with the name you love love love.

Swistle said...

Suzanne- Definitely not. As I say in the post, I consider it a minor issue.

robin said...
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robin said...

Just an FYI - Dan Snyder is the owner of the Washington Redskins, and much vilified in the DC area. If you ever plan on living near DC or are a big football fan, I would avoid using Daniel in the name.

Jess said...

Levi Snyder is perfect. I wouldn't sweat the middle name. It will never really ever be said.

- Levi Joel Snyder. Love it, but I think the lack of connection with family may bother you.
- Levi Eric Snyder. Great.
- Levi Daniel Snyder. Yeah, the LSD monogrammed business shirts, hand towels, and baby gear would bother me.
- Levi Theodore Snyder. I like this.
- Levi Harley Snyder. This sounds like too many brand names smooshed together. Levi jeans, Harley motorcycles, and Snyder potato chips. In the other names, this doesn't even occur to me.

L said...

I think Levi Eric sounds great together, I don't find a problem with the flow at all :) And such a nice tradition to keep! My next favourites are also Owen and Liam. Good luck!