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Monday, July 12, 2010

Baby Girl Choy

Ling writes:
Our second daughter is due on July 20th and we can’t agree on a first name. Our last name sounds like Choy. First daughter is Audrey. We want to avoid names in the top 30. We also want a name with a great meaning since Audrey means Noble Strength. We both make a list and pretty much cross out each other choices. The middle name will be Ray.

Name on husband’s list:
Samantha (I don’t like this name with our last name (Sam Choy) plus it is a top 20 name)
Allison (I like the name but find it too popular)
Jasmine (I don’t like the name plus I want to avoid naming my daughter after one of the princess.)
Charlene (The name was on my list too but not too fond of it anymore)
Marisa (I am ok with this name but not sure it is the name)
Natalie (I don’t like this name)
Aurora (I don’t like this name plus I know our parents will butcher the pronunciation of this name…too many r)
Amanda (I don’t like the nickname Mandy plus I had a dog name Mandy.)
Rebecca (I don’t like the nickname Becky)

Name on my list:
Noelle (husband doesn’t like)
Cameron (husband doesn’t like)
Alexandria (husband is ok with the name)
Elsa (husband doesn’t like)
Charlotte (husband doesn’t like)
Erin (husband doesn’t like)
Valerie (husband is ok with the name but I don’t think this is the name now that I have time to think about it some more)
Josephine (I like the nickname Jo Jo or Joise however find the name itself too old fashion)
Fiona (Princess in Shrek)
Evelyn (don’t like the meaning of this name plus it is too popular…I think?)
Bethany (I don’t like the nickname Beth)

I also like Elizabeth because it is a classic name with cute nicknames but it is too popular. If it is not too much to ask, a name that goes with Audrey will be a bonus.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Adelaide ("noble and serene")
Beatrix ("blessed; happy; bringer of joy")
Bridget ("strong," "strength, power")
Clara ("clear, bright," "bright, famous")
Eliza ("pledged to God," "consecrated to God")
Eloise ("famous warrior")
Felicity ("luck, good fortune," "fortunate, happy"
Heidi ("noble and serene")
Lindsey ("camp near the sea," "island of linden trees")
Meredith ("protector of the sea," "great ruler," "lord")
Minerva ("wisdom," "wise")
Susanna ("lily," "rose")

(All name definitions taken from 100,000+ Baby Names, The Oxford Dictionary of First Names, and The Baby Name Bible.)

I put Eliza on the list because you like Elizabeth, but I think the Audrey Hepburn / Eliza Doolittle connection could be an issue. Not a BIG issue, but the kind of thing I like to have thought of beforehand.

I wasn't sure if you'd be keen on God-related meanings or not. Or, like, WARRIORS. Why are so many meanings about (1) God, (2) war, and (3) trees?


Anonymous said...

How about Ramona, "wise guardian" or "wise protector"?

The Mrs. said...

From Swistle's list, Felicity seems like a nice pairing.

Audrey and Felicity.

Felicity Choy.

It has the 'iss' sound of Marisa (but without an 'r' sound for your parents' sake) and the 'eh' sound from Evelyn (without the popularity).

The meaning of the name is wonderful, too!

Easy nicknames: Liss & Cici.

So excited for your family! Best wishes!

Anonymous said...

I thought of Eloise also. What about Lydia-or Phoebe? Nora? Cara? Leah? Caroline? good luck!

janet said...

How about Alexa? Unless you don't want two A names...

DEH said...

My friend also has a daughter named Audrey, and Eleanor has always been on her short list of names for another girl. I believe in means sun ray or shining light. One source says it means compassion.

Eleanor Ray Choy

StephLove said...

I like Marisa (or maybe Marissa?) Rebecca and Alexandria for you. Reba and Becca are nicknames that could help you avoid Becky. Is spelling the middle Rae a possibility or are you using it after someone?

I know sisters name Audrey and Daphne. I think that's a nice pairing. I also like Anna, Amelia, Charlotte, Diana or Margaret with Audrey.

Anonymous said...

What about Elizabeth but then call her Bess. Audrey & Bess sound great together, and I don't think Bess is a popular name at all.

Meg said...

As someone who was giving the name Ramona (Marguerite) as a child I implore you not to name your child that. Please. It was so butchered, I was made fun of relentlessly... I legally changed my name at 24. Best. Decision. Ever.

beyond said...

How about:
Angela (angel, messenger)
Camille (unblemished character)
Diana (godess of the moon and hunting)
Julia (youthful)
Katherine (pure)
I think all of these are great with Audrey, and with the mn Ray. Audrey and Camille; Katherine Ray Choy, Diana Choy...
Good luck!