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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Middle Name Challenge: Aidrick J____ Smith

Erika writes:
My husband and I are having a difficult time thinking of a unique baby boy name. Our boy is due August 2nd and he will be our first child. We fell in love with Aiden out of the Baby Name Wizard, that is, until I started doing searches on it and found it to be the most popular name on a lot of the sites. I don't want my son to have to compete with 10 other Aidens in his classroom so we were looking for something more unique. I started perusing your site and came across Aidrick, which we absolutely fell in love with as soon as I said it. No other name has done that for us besides Aiden. The hard part now is that we are trying to find a middle name for him. We were thinking Aidrick James Smith, but to me it sounds like a unique name paired with two common names and I didn't like that. My husband wants a J middle name so he could call him AJ. Do you have any suggestions on a not-so-common J name that would flow nicely? And by the way, thank you so much for suggesting Aidric on your site, I will definitely be sleeping better tonight! :)

Aidrick Jace Smith
Aidrick Jagger Smith
Aidrick Jameson Smith
Aidrick Janson Smith
Aidrick Jared Smith
Aidrick Jaron Smith
Aidrick Jasper Smith
Aidrick Jefferson Smith
Aidrick Jerome Smith
Aidrick Joel Smith
Aidrick Jude Smith
Aidrick Judson Smith
Aidrick Julian Smith

I especially like to choose a middle name that's a name I love but for whatever reason wouldn't use as a first name. So I like Aidrick Jasper Smith, because Jasper is a Twilight name but was also on my list pre-Twilight; I don't want to use it as a first name anymore, but love it as a middle name. Or Jude: it doesn't sound like My Baby as a first name, but it's great as a middle name. For you, maybe you wouldn't want to use Jefferson as a first name, since it's so surnamey and so is Smith, but it would be a great middle name. Or Jace blends too much with the S in Smith to be a first name (sounds like Jay Smith), but works fine as a middle name.

Name update 07-20-2010! Ericka writes:
Thank you for getting back to me! We actually decided on Aidrick Jett Smith. I put a couple comments on that entry. Thank you so much for helping us find Aidrick!


Miranda said...

I like swistle's suggestion of Jameson. I think Jarrett would be nice. Aidrick Jarrett Smith

StephLove said...

One of my favorite not-so-common J names is Jeremaiah.

Aidrick Jeremaiah Smith. Josiah could work, too.

StephLove said...

Ack. I spelled it wrong, twice in the same comment no less. It's Jeremiah.

beyond said...

I like Jasper from Swisle's list best. How about Joshua, Jacob or Jonathan?
For less popular J-names perhaps:
Aidrick Jarrett
Aidrick Jaxen
Aiden Joah
Aidrick Joaquim
Good luck!

Joanne said...

I really, really, like Jude, but there is also Jules.

Kayt said...

From Swistle's list, I like Julian. It's more unusual, and has a nice rhythm. As for an unusual J name, my guilty pleasure has always been Jericho. Aidrick Jericho Smith.

Anonymous said...

What about Jay?

Anonymous said...

how about jaiden or jayden, you get the aidan w/out the popular first nameness. aidrick jaiden smith. btw i like adric w/out the k.


StephLove said...

I forgot Jonah. Aidrick Jonah Smith

Patricia said...

Aidrick is an interesting name. I met a mother some years ago whose son (now about age 14) has that name, but spelled Adric (as I recall). His mother told me Adric is the name of a character in some TV series. I thought she said Star Trek, but I just googled the name and think it may have been "Dr. Who" -- at least that's what I found:
"Adric was a fictional character played by Matthew Waterhouse in the long-running British science fiction television series Doctor Who. He was a young native of the planet Alzarius, which exists in the parallel universe of E-Space. A companion of the Fourth and Fifth Doctors, he was a regular in the programme from 1980 to 1982. The name Adric is an anagram derived from Nobel Prize-winning physicist Paul Dirac."

I also found a photo of a young Aidric ( and a reference elsewhere to Aidric being the name of a medieval saint. I found information on him at

I would go with the saint reference and spelling: Aidric. As for the middle name, I like James a lot and don't think both names need to be unusual even if Smith is the surname. With an unusual first name, I think a classic middle name strengthens the entire name. I find Aidric James Smith a very strong and appealing name.

Patricia said...

Here's another link that may interest you:

This little Aidric is named Aidric John, with the nickname "AJ": "First, his name.....early on Chris fell in love with the nickname "AJ". The challenge for me was finding the perfect A name... After months of searching, I found Aidric in a baby book and just loved it. Aidric is actually the name of a saint, which we really like."

Patricia said...

One last observation: in 2009 there were only 23 boys named Aidric in the entire USA (none spelled Aidrick). So Aidric is a very unusual name. Yet because it begins like the very popular Aidan and ends like the well-known Eric, Aidric sounds familiar. And having a very old reference for the name (the medieval saint) gives the name unexpected history. I think you've found a gem with Aidric!

Jess said...

I love James with Aidrick. Jay would be my second choice.

Ericka said...

Oh, and on the spelling of Aidrick, we decided to go with the k at the end because my name has c and k in it and we thought it would be cool, lol.

Ericka said...

Hmmm, I don't know what happened to my first comment, but I'll try to remember what I wrote :)

Thanks to everyone and especially Patricia (thanks for the additional info!), for all the comments and suggestions. We actually decided to go with Aidrick Jett Smith, which I'm surprised did not come up in the comments. James was our second choice but was a little plain for our liking. We are so excited to meet Aidrick any day now!

Thanks Swistle for helping us find Aidrick, we just love it! :)

Anonymous said...

Aidrick Janson and
Aidrick Joel were my favourite out of Swistle's suggestions.

Not a fan of James in general...

And now i just saw your post about Aidrick Jett and I like it but I do think it's hard to say together!