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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Baby Boy Shawl

Brandi writes:
I am due August 30 with our third child and first boy. My husband and I are having the hardest time zeroing in on a "perfect" name. We have a long list of names we both like, but nothing either of us insanely love, and nothing that feels exactly right.

We'd like to use my husband's first name, Anson, as the middle name, since that is the tradition in his family. (I am finding it is a hard name to have in the middle) Our last name is spelled differently but sounds exactly like the word Shawl. This last name has made it impossible to use my favorite name, Harry, or any names like Paul, Sol, Grey, etc. because it rhymes or brings to mind the item of clothing. I am having hang-ups on using names that end in -s as it makes a bit of a tongue twister to say. I also hesitate to use a name ending in -n since his middle will be an -n ending name, but it seems like less of a big deal.

Our two daughters are named Olivia Beulah and Elsa Pearl.

Some of the names we like:

Bartholomew (nn Bart or Ollie)
Martin (nn Marty)
Albert (my husband likes this name, I'm not too fond of it)
Hank (I feel like Henry is a touch too popular, I have several HS friends with baby Henrys, so I hesitate to use Henry--and I don't love giving nicknames as formal names, but I thought I'd throw it on here)
William (nn Billy)

Names we can't use (sibs or kids of close family):


Also we have been calling the baby J.R. mostly as a joke. We jokingly suggested we'd name him Jeffrey Robert after our fathers. Now I'm wondering if we should "give up" and just name him that!


YOU HAVE KARL ON YOUR LIST!! I have been pushing and pushing this name and have had NO TAKERS. So now I want to push YOU super super hard to use it! EXCEPT: when I try to say "Karl Shawl," I have trouble saying it. Everyone else, try saying it aloud---is it hard for you too?

Another possible nickname for Bartholomew is Barry---which reminds me of your favorite name Harry. Or Gerrit/Garrett Shawl is nice, and gives you Gary, though then I'd want a different middle name to avoid the initials GAS. Or Jeremiah Anson Shawl, and Jerry. Or Lawrence Anson Shawl, and Larry. (I used to prefer the spelling Laurence, but now it makes me think of the girl's name Lauren.) Or Perry Anson Shawl. Or Terrance Anson Shawl, and Terry. Although both Lawrence and Terrance end the way Anson begins, so perhaps that's too repetitive?

I wonder if you'd like the name Warren? Warren Anson Shawl. Olivia, Elsa, and Warren.

Is the name Wade too choppy with a one-syllable surname? Wade Anson Shawl. Olivia, Elsa, and Wade.

Similar to Hank is Frank. Franklin Anson Shawl. Olivia, Elsa, and Frank.

Name update 09-07-2010! Brandi writes:
Baby arrived last Wednesday, hooray! He was and is darling, but we didn't feel that any of the names and suggestions fit him once he was here and we saw him. It was "back to the drawing board" in the hospital, where we decided that Peter was perfect and fitting for him. Peter was never a favorite of mine or my husband's, but it was on our list back in the early stages when we had 30+ names listed. It feels like one of those cases where baby practically named himself. But of course we love him and his name-- Peter Anson Shawl. Thank you for your suggestions, and to the commenters for their suggestions. They were fun to read and it helped put us in what we thought was the right direction before he was born! He had other plans, but we're very happy with our little Pete.


Suzanne said...

Your list is almost identical to the list of someone I know who ended up using Calvin. I don't know how much I like both the first and middle names ended with in/on but Calvin Shawl sounds great.

Of Swistle's suggestions I love Franklin and Perry best.

StephLove said...

I really like Abraham for you. Abraham Anson Shawl. Olivia, Elsa and Abraham.

Another nickname for Bartholomew that I like is Tolly. It would probably only work on a little boy, though.

Isaac could work for you, too. Isaac Anson Shawl. Olivia, Elsa and Isaac.

Bethtastic said...

Of all the suggestions I really like Abraham best. It comes with the great nickname Abe.
Abraham Shawl, Abe Shawl
Olivia, Elsa and Abe.

And since his first two initials will be A.A., two As, I think it lends itself to the super cool nickname Ace.

I like Abraham.

Abby@AppMtn said...

I love Miles with Olivia and Elsa - Miles Anson Shawl. It's my top choice.

Bethtastic's vote for Abraham and Abe got me thinking ... Bram is also a great nn for Abraham. Olivia, Elsa and Bram - I like that, too!

Carolyn said...

Here are some ideas:

Cletus (nn Clete)
Gregory (nn Greg)
Clifton (nn Cliff)

Alison aka Baby B said...

Abby's comment about nn Bram made me think of Abram as another option. Still has nn Bram and Abe, but is a little shorter.

And Henry reminds me of Charles and Edward. Oooh, and Richard. (All names commonly used by English royalty and nobleman. I read a lot of English history books.)

kinsey said...

my little boy is hank, without being short for henry! we felt the same way about henry being too popular but would have called him hank anyway so we just went for it. his name is Joseph Hank...we LOVE it!

kinsey said...

oh, and obviously (but not sure i made it clear) we call him HANK!

Janelle said...

I love the suggestion of Calvin.

My first thought had actually been Charles (which someone suggested above), but then you end up with Charles Anson-- a little too close to Charles Manson for me.

Anonymous said...

I really like both Martin and Abraham from your list, and I love love love both Perry and Warren from Swistle's suggestions!

beyond said...

Wow, you have a great list. I love the mn too.
You really can't go wrong with any of your names, but I have to say that I like Walter best (such a beautiful and stately name, totally underused in my opinion) Drat. I just said Walter Shawl a few times out loud, and it doesn't sound as good as I had imagined. But I still like it!
I also like Martin and Miles (and I don't think an name ending in S is a problem with your last name at all.)
How about Arthur? (Walter and Albert make me think of Arthur for some reason.)
Good luck!

The Mrs. said...

Otto Anson Shawl...

Olivia, Elsa, and Otto.

Wow, WOW, W-O-W!

You have got the gift of great naming!

Otto is masculine, amiable, and has don't-mess-with-me-or-my-cool-sisters chops.

Otto feels european without sounding sissy.

No other kid on the playground is going to have this name... at their loss.

You've hit the nail on the head with this winner!! Amazing!

Best to you all!

Rayne of Terror said...

Since your last name is French (I grew up on Shawl Ave) it brings to mind names like Claude and Louis.

Jan said...

Would love to hear Bartholomew used!