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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Baby Boy Broad

Helena writes:
I found your blog when I was looking for help to name my future son. My husband and I can't seem to agree on anything. We're losing our enthusiasm during the process because we can't seem to agree.

The middle name will be Gordon after his grandfather. I'm not all that fond of it, but it does have sentimental value and he's always said he would like to name his child after his grandfather.

Our last name is Broad....I have jokingly said I'd like to name him "Harry" after my favourite uncle. Quite honestly, I could never do that to my child. I'm a teacher and only too aware of how kids are made fun of.

Having said that, part of my problem is being a teacher and having a lot of negative affliations to many names of crazy kids I've taught or cracker jack people I've met along the way.

His favourite name is Findlay, which I hate. He want's something that is two syllables, and is more of a uncommon, older name. He also liked Elliot, Doc, Duff, and his own name.

I like Caleb, Cole, Nate (I hate Nathaniel or Nathan) Owen, Liam, Xavier, Zane, Carson, and a few others. He likes none of these names.

We thought of Simon, but I'm not sold. I don't hate it, but I don't love it either. We thought of Jensen because I have finish background, but not sold and starting to love it less.

I'm certain that this kid will just be "child". I am due in October, so time is slowly ticking away. I don't want to compromise on the first name if I've compromised on the second. When I told my husband this, he said he'd give up Gordon for Findlay. I just don't want that name and I don't want people thinking I named my kid off of Finn from Glee.


I'm seriously thinking about having a naming pool because we're both just stuck...

I HAVE heard of Naming Parties, where the couple invites all their friends and relatives to come over and hash out the name for them. The idea appeals to me so much, I wish you WOULD do it and then report on how it went! It seems especially good for teachers, since then all names with poor associations can be struck immediately from the list.

Well, you do have us, and we are a party of sorts---though admittedly short on cookies and punch, and lacking you to tell us what names are tainted. We'll see if we can hash something out anyway.

So, we have ______ Gordon Broad. And you hate all his names, and he hates all yours. Perhaps I will make myself a little batch of spiked punch before starting.

Do you like any of the names that sound like Findlay? Phinneas, Finnian, Griffin, Finlay, Finnegan? Well, and all of those still have the Finn problem, though Griffin less than the others.

Elliot always makes me think of Everett and Emmett---do you like either of those?

Doc and Duff are difficult to work with (I'd been thinking of the uncommon name Dutch, but "Dutch Broad"---HA HA HA no), but perhaps Duncan or Declan or Deacon? They're not great with Gordon.

Davis would be nice: Davis Gordon Broad.

Oh, a name I heard recently on a little boy is Darian. In our area it's highly unusual (I'd never heard it on a child), and I don't know why: it's the perfect combination of names like Darren and names like Aidan/Adrian. I thought of it because his parents had a very hard time agreeing until they found that name.

I wonder if you'd like Ezra? The sounds remind me of Xavier, but it has more of the older-name sound your husband likes. Ezra Gordon Broad.

I love the name Frederick: Frederick Gordon Broad.

Also Isaac (older, yet seems like it goes with Xavier, Caleb, Zane): Isaac Gordon Broad.

Help! This is a hard one!


Karen L said...

From their list, I think Simon is a good compromise. Duncan, Ezra, and Isaac seem to fit too.

How about:
Leo (Leonard?)

I like Leo and Asa for them but does Asa Broad sound too much like Ace Abroad? Is that a problem?

Kirsten said...

Oh this is tough! I really like your names -- too bad your husband isn't on board. These do not fit the older, two-syllable requirements (helpful, I know...) but I like both Jeremy and Benjamin for you. Julian, Jonas or Christian?

Anonymous said...

I really liked Swistle's suggestion of Ezra. It is old-ish, in that it is an old testament name, but it's current and hip in that it is just starting to be used again. It is also two syllables and works well with Gordon and Broad. It has a cute NN, Ez (Ehzz)and might be uncommon enough that you have not yet had a student names Ezra.

Good luck!

Alison aka Baby B said...

Darn! I was going to suggest Arthur Gordon Broad, but the nns Art and Artie don't work with your surname...
Arthur, no nn?

Below are two to three syllables, maybe-not-old-fashioned-but-definitely-not-new-or-made-up names:
Anderson Findlay Broad
Austin Findlay Broad
Calvin Gordon Broad
Carter Gordon Broad
Connor Gordon Broad
Declan Findlay Broad
Dylan Findlay Broad
Eamon Findlay Broad
Ethan Findlay Broad
Foster Gordon Broad
Gavin Findlay Broad
Gideon Findlay Broad
Grady Gordon Broad
Ian Findlay Broad
Jackson Findlay Broad
Jordan Gordon Broad
Maxwell Gordon Broad
Myron Findlay Broad
Philip Gordon Broad
Silas Gordon Broad
Sullivan Findlay Broad
Trevor Gordon Broad
Warner Gordon Broad
Wesley Gordon Broad
Wyatt Gordon Broad

Carolyn said...

I think the more uncommon you go the more likely you are to come across a student with that name in the future. For example, Swistle's suggestion of Isaac is great, but it's an up and coming baby name and you may end up with a student named this.

I am a preschool teacher so my favorite names get tainted faster than I can enjoy them it seems! For you, I might suggest choosing a name that has recently gone out of fashion or might be a "dad" name and is not an up-and-comer. It would eliminate the issue of students you've taught being named that.

My thoughts:

Good luck with whatever you end up using!


Megz said...

If you don't like Findlay would you like Kinley better?

Just off the top of my head, how about:


Good luck

beyond said...

I really like Simon, it's a great name.
A few suggestions (based on your list and your husband's):
Good luck!

Patricia said...

Lewis Gordon Broad -- Lewis Broad

I like Lewis with Gordon -- both have Scottish associations, and Lewis is the #2 name in Scotland (where Lewis is the more traditional spelling) but in the 700s in the U.S.

Henry Gordon Broad -- Henry Broad

After favourite uncle Harry -- Harry used to be a common nickname for Henry, but very few Henrys are called Harry these days and your son would remain "Henry".

Andrew Gordon Broad -- Andrew Broad

Again, the Scots related name Andrew (patron saint of Scotland) paired with Gordon (the name of a famous Scottish clan).

Best wishes!

Patricia said...

Hamish Gordon
Jonathan Gordon
Charles Gordon
Henry Gordon
Patrick Gordon
Thomas Gordon
Andrew Gordon
James Gordon
Miles Gordon
Calum Gordon (also spelled Callum)
Alexander Gordon
Oliver Gordon
Fergus Gordon
Angus Gordon
Felix Gordon
Tobias Gordon

First names combined with middle name Gordon (and that would sound well with surname Broad) -- from London Telegraph birth announcements

Susan said...

This is a bit off-topic, but if any readers are feeling down that teachers end up hating lists of names because of past students who have ruined them, I quickly add that it can go the other way, too. I named my first child a name I had only heard twice -- and once was a student I had. I didn't exactly name my child AFTER the student, but the student certainly was a big part of why I used the name. My current favorite names -- Colin and Audrey -- are both names of students I've had -- and are favorite names precisely because of it. Oh, also the name Christian. I wouldn't have liked that name at all except for the fine boy I had as a student who put that name on my fave list. Actually, I could make a long list of names I started out feeling "eh" about and now love because they bring to mind sparkly-eyed delightful students. (I admit I also have a short list of names that are wrecked!)

StephLove said...

It seems like Simon is your only common ground and it's a nice name, but if you decide against it here are a few more to consider:


Toniette said...

I'll put in a third mention of Felix- we just named our son Felix, and it's the perfect mix of uncommon, but not unheard-of.

Also, friends of mine that had a terrible time agreeing on a name finally settled on a fantastic one- Tobin. I don't think it's even in the top 1000, but it's not unfamiliar. I'm kind of jealous of their son's great name!

Felix Gordon
Tobin (Toby) Gordon

Saly said...

Callum Gordon Broad? nn Cal? I love it.

Another name I've heard recently is Jarrick, kind of like Jared, kind of like Eric, but unique it its own way. Jarrick Gordon Broad sounds nice, I think.

I knew a kid growing up whose name was Carter Gordon Lastname, and his parents nicknamed him Cargo. It was really cute. Just a thought.

Lisa said...

Here's my names to add to the pot! A naming party! Looks like all the commenters added a lot of great names. I like Simon, too.

With G or ending in N names, I would forgo Gordon for another middle name. My preference, but sometimes that rule isn't in stone.


I knew a guy named Torbin, similar to Tobin but I think the R makes it sound stronger perhaps.

I love Swistle's Isaac suggestion and lots of great ones in the comments. Maybe take Susan's names loved from students and come up with lists where a name shines from the classroom. Can't wait to see what is chosen.

Christine said...

I love the name Simon, so I'm sorry you're "eh" about it.

Good luck, you've gotten a number of good suggestions. I like Joseph (yeah, you've heard it, but there were probably enough where it isn't a negative, and it doesn't seem to be talked about as much). Isaac, Emmett, Ethan, Benjamin, Julian...

Good luck!

The Mrs. said...

Rough times! A friend of ours had three grandparents and her husband as teachers; it was a struggle for them to name their son also. The good news? They found just the right name, and you will, too!

*rolling up sleeves*

Do you like:




Karl (winking at Swistle)





Magnus (nickname of Gus)

Murdoc (nickname of Doc)

Bradford (nicknames of Brad & Ford)

Otherwise, did your favorite Uncle Harry have a good middle name?

All the best to your growing family!

Swistle said...

The Mrs.- Hee! Yes, how could I have failed to suggest Karl? SOMEDAY someone will use it!

A Guy's Opinion said...

Agree to Elliot and cut your losses

Emily R said...

Dax! I just "discovered" it, and Dax Shepard is cute, and what a fun, fabulous name. I'm pregnant, but my husband just isn't ready for Dax. Maybe y'all are?

Meg said...

I immediately thought of Duncan, but Swistle has already thrown that into the ring.

For you, I'm also liking:
and Tristram

Good luck!