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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Baby Boy Cress, Brother to Rishelle and Dylan

Becky writes:
We are expecting baby number 3 in October. We have a 4 year old girl name Rishelle Nicole (mostly we call her Shell), and a 3 year boy old named Dylan James. We like that both of there names are not excessively common. We cannot agree on a name for our little boy. Our last name is Cress though Dylan's last name is not.
My husband likes:
Maximus Areilius
Mac Austin (to be called Mac Mac)
I like:
Carson Ryan (my husband's middle name is Ryan)
Ian - no middle name yet

We both really like names that aren't too common, but I'm not huge on the seemigly "out there" names like Areilius. We both like Ian, but he thinks it is not strong enough.

Names we have absolute no's on are:
Samuel (brother's name)
Joshua (brother's name)
I'm sure there are more of those, but am drawing a blank currently. He really wants the initials to be M.A.C but it is not an asolute nessecity.

I hope that you and your readers have some good ideas for me!

We recently did less-common boy names starting with M, so I was able to reuse some of that list. Names that give you the initials M.A.C.:

Maclane Austin Cress: I like the way this one gives you Mac as a nickname from the first name as well as from the initials.

Maguire Austin Cress: Maguire is unusual, and yet familiar because of being a surname. But I'm not sure the flow is right with the surname: Maguire Cress.

Malachi Austin Cress

Malcolm Austin Cress

Marius Austin Cress: Depends how you feel about having both first name and surname end in S---but it seems like a milder way to get the feel of a name like Maximus Areilius.

Marshall Austin Cress: Ending might be too similar to Rishelle.

Mason Austin Cress

Matthias Austin Cress: Again, both first name and surname end in S.

McAdam Austin Cress: Not sure flow is good, either with all three names or with first/last.

Macallister Austin Cress

Micah Austin Cress

Miles Austin Cress: First name and surname both end in S.

Milo Austin Cress

Mitchell Austin Cress

Morrison Austin Cress: A Dylan and a Morrison might be more musical namesakes than you'd want.

I think if your husband is very keen on Mac, my favorite for you is Maclane Austin Cress. My own favorites are Malcolm and Milo.


Patricia said...

I agree that Maclane Austin Cress sounds perfect for you: "Mac" and MAC!

Christine said...

I don't love the flow of Maclane Austin Cress, and prefer Malcolm. You can still use "Mac" both through Malcolm and possibly through initials. I kind of like having a more "out there" middle name, but don't love Aurelius. Austin is good, August, Anthony, Aaron, Abram, Alistair, Amos.

Enjoy and good luck!

beyond said...

Possible 'mac' names:
I like Austin as a mn for all of these. (other possibilities might be: Archer, Ashton, Allen, Arlo.)
Good luck!

StephLove said...

I really love Ian (it was on our top 3 list for boys the last time I was pregnant), but if you go with M.A.C, Micah is my favorite M name for boys. I like Andrew and Alexander for As.

kanah said...

i like Mac Austin, Mason and Miles for you. for A middle names, how about Abram or Abel? Good luck!

Suzanne said...

Maclane was going to be my first choice until I saw Malcolm. I think Malcolm Austin Cress sounds fantastic.

kanah said...

i like mason, miles, or mac for you. austin, abram and abel are good A names for the middle. good luck!!

The Mrs. said...

Clever connection with the 'Mac'!

What about:

MacIntyre Austin Cress

Maximus Angus Cress

Malcom Andrew Cress

MacIntosh Archer Cress

Best wishes to the five of you!

Amelia said...

My husband vetoed Malcolm, but it is still one of my favorites. I really like the nickname "Mal" for a boy.

Meg said...

I have a friend named Raishell (born in the mid 70s), and while I don't have any ideas for your little one I thought I'd throw out her brother's names:

Ty, Bronte and Micah. She also has sisters Amanda and Lacie.