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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Baby Boy/Girl Twins Hoffman

Markie writes:
I am due with twins, boy and girl, November 9th. The last name is Hoffman.
The boy name is where I need some help. We have Hazel Clover picked for our girl. For the boy Drake is the middle name, this is a family name.
I am interested in h names for the boy as well and have had Heath and Hudson on my list. We are also considering Arrow. I don't want a too common name, too trendy or too weird name.
My concerns have been that Heath may be too hard to say with the last name, Hudson too trendy and Arrow too unusual.
What are your recommendations?

I think Hazel and Hudson Hoffman is a lot to say. I think the same about Hazel and Heath Hoffman, and Heath Drake seems too choppy. So of your choices, I think I'd lean most toward Hazel and Arrow Hoffman, except I think you're right that Arrow crosses the line into too unusual.

I recommend Forest. Forest Drake Hoffman is unusual enough to balance Hazel Clover, but not unheard-of.

I also recommend one of my friend Mairzy's favorites: Sterling. Same as Forest: Sterling Drake Hoffman balances Hazel Clover, but isn't an unheard-of name.

I love the sound of Ezra with Hazel: Ezra Drake and Hazel Clover. It's perhaps a little trendy, but on par with the trendiness level of Hazel.

Name update! Markie writes:
This is very belated update sorry! The kids actually came in September, 8 weeks early and before your post. They are healthy and wonderful. We did go with Hazel Clover and Arrow Drake. My husband loves the name Arrow and I loved that he was so passionate about it. A friend later suggested that we should have named our girl Beau. Get it? Bow and arrow! Thanks so much for the help anyway. I love hearing about baby names and the blog is so much fun. Keep up the good work!


Jessie said...

Hugh....Nobody likes it, but me, but I lurve it.

Anonymous said...

I love, love, LOVE Hazel Clover Short, but I think Arrow, and Sterling may be a little bit to out-there (but that's just my opinion). Some other nature names for boys you might like are: Ashton, Asher, Mason,Archer, Garnet, Lionel (means lion), Briar (Bry for short :), Kai (means ocean),Ember (sounds great with Hazel....hey the femine version's Emberlynn...hmmmm...Emberlynn Hazel Short?) I hope this helps!

Swistle said...

Anonymous- The surname is Hoffman.

StephLove said...

Ezra & Hazel is a nice set. I like the repeating Zs. Forest is a good idea, too.

I was all set to recommend Basil, it's botanical and seems to fit your style when I realized that depending on how you say it, it either rhymes or almost does with Hazel, so scratch that. How about Timothy instead? It might seem common, but it's getting less so and it has a retro charm and a subtle tie-in to Hazel since it's a grass. I also know a little boy named Cedar.

If you really want an H name, though. There's always Harrison, just plain Harris, or Henry. I had a friend considering Herald at one point (spelled like that). I normally would not approve a spelling change like that but since it spells an actual word, I kind of liked it.

Alison aka Baby B said...

I swear I suggest this name ALL THE TIME, but only because it's worked for so many posts! Hazel Clover is so nature-y imo, and Linden is a tree name. Hazel Clover Hoffman and Linden Drake Hoffman. Linden and Hazel have the same syllabic stress (FIRST SYL-last syl) and an L but not in the same place. Not too matchy-matchy for twins, but they go together well.

Thinking on other nature names, the name Finch came to mind, inspired by the one of the greatest dads in literature ever, Atticus Finch. It's definitely out there, maybe a little too out there, but I thought I'd bring it up. Hazel Clover Hoffman and Finch Drake Hoffman. Finch Drake is a little choppy, but not a deal breaker for me.

Too bad Robin has gone so girly. I think of Christopher Robin when I hear it though. Robin Drake makes it clear that it's a boy, but still... Sigh.

What about Hawthorne? You'd be giving your twins the same initial, but it didn't really matter to or bother me or my sister. It made labeling things easier. Lunchboxes, tupperware sent to school, etc. can be labeled "H. Hoffman." Hazel Clover and Hawthorne Drake.

Clary sounds like Gary, so I think it works for a boy. It's a plant (also known as clary sage). Hazel Clover and Clary Drake.

Cedron is another plant. I'm saying it "CED-rin," kind of like Cedric. Hazel Clover and Cedron Drake.

Quincy reminds me of quince, the fruit. Hazel Clover and Quincy Drake. I think "Q" is a fun nn for a boy.

Reed is a good name. Hazel Clover and Reed Drake. I don't know about the repeating D in that name, but Reed is so definitely boy and common enough to not be "weird" but not common enough he'll be Reed H. in school.

Mrs S said...

I like really like Hazel and Ezra together.

Harrison, Linden and Reid are good suggestion too.

I'd like to add Rhys, Oliver and Wilder to the suggestion pile.


beyond said...

I would personally stay away from two names beginning with H; it's a bit matchy for my taste, it's a lot to say, as Swistle put it.
I really do like Hazel Clover Hoffman!
Drake is a fantastic mn. I would have recommended Forest (or Forrest) also. How about:
I really like Cordell; Cordell Drake, Hazel and Cordell.
Good luck!

Patricia said...

For another H-name, how about Hugo? Hugo is popular in the UK and on the Continent, but not used as much here.

Hazel Clover and Hugo Drake -- I like the sound of those two names together.

Best wishes!

The Mrs. said...

Hazel Clover is an excellent name. Very nice!

And Hazel and Ezra do sound pretty fantastic together. Ezra Drake... yeah, it's good stuff.

Otherwise, do you like Archer Drake Hoffman?

Best wishes to you and your growing family!

leah said...

I love Ezra and Hazel. What about Errol and Hazel? It's a little rhymey, but I think Errol is a cool under-used name.

Lisa said...

I love Swistle's idea of Ezra. I like the Z's to tie the names together. Even a starting name, like Zane. But Zane, one commenter said Zander. I like that.

What about:
Gavin Drake - Hazel and Gavin
Quinton Drake - Hazel and Quinton
Micah Drake - Hazel and Micah
Garrett Drake - Hazel and Garrett
Mason Drake - Hazel and Mason

Good luck!

Melissa H said...

I like Sterling and Forest and I have cousins--3 brothers--whose names are Sterling, Forest and North. So what about North? Random connection I know but all feel naturey to me along with Hazel.

brooke said...

loving ezra and hazel.

i also like...
archer and hazel
sawyer and hazel
jonah and hazel

brooke said...

how about hugh or hugo for other "h" names?