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Friday, October 22, 2010

Baby Lee

Laura writes:
My husband and I are currently in the waiting process of adopting our first child; which means we could have a baby anytime from tomorrow to a year from now...
We have a list of names we like for both boys and girls, and aren't really looking to narrow down the list so much as to get feedback as to whether or not any of the names work well with our surname - Lee.
I find that our last name is difficult to work with as any name ending in -ly is out, and it can make a lot of names sound like adverbs.
The list of boy names we like are:

The list of girl names we like are:
Tessa (But not Theresa or Contessa)
Maggie (But not Margaret)
Elizabeth (LOVE the nn Elle)
Ariana (AH-riana NOT AIR-iana)
Holly (I know about the -ly ending, but I still like it - am I over thinking the -ly ending thing?)

If there are any warnings or red flags that strike you on any of these names, input would be ever-so-much appreciated!

The only one that catches my attention is Asher Lee, which to me sounds to much like Ashley. What does everyone else think?


Jen said...

I think they are all okay with the exception of Holly (and Asher, which Swistle mentioned). I just can't say it properly.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! I hope you have an easy process of adoption. I wonder if you consider keeping part of the child's given name as the new adopted name? Like middle name, or two middle names if you have one selected? I personally think this is a neat shout out to the baby's roots and its something we will do when we adopt. Just an idea!

I have a friend whose family name is Lee. Her father is Taiwanese and traditionally, Chinese names have a meaning that is really special. So he wanted his kids to have this, too, and used the Lee as an adjective. His kids are Elegan and Intelly. Really! and the adverbs suit them perfectly.

I think Asher Lee does sound like a bad pronunciation, especially if you have an Asian child. You know?

jaesi said...

Oh I LOVE Asher- only because I have an Asher.
I would think Lee would be a neutral last name.
And I love all your choices.

Karen L said...

Our last name sounds like Lou, so I understand the challenge of coordinating with the first name - especially for girls' names. Everything comes out too sweet unless you choose stronger names.

I like your options except for Asher and Holly and Mia Lee sounds like meally to me. Not a nice association.

beyond said...

The ones that end in a vowel are more problematic for me when I say them out loud. Elias, Elliot, Jude, Asher, Sebastian and Elizabeth work best for me because of that. I guess a consonant ending avoids the -LY adverb association?
I like Elizabeth Lee and Elliot Lee best for you.
Good luck!

The Mrs. said...

Elliot Lee is a tongue-twister to me. Micah Lee blurs a bit to create 'Michaelly'... 'Mike Kelly' or 'Michael E.' Jude Lee sounds a bit like 'rudely'. Whereas Elias Lee reminds me of a southern general... dignified and strong.

Elizabeth Lee is the simplest for me to say on your girls' list. (And how great that if it IS said fast, it sounds like 'Ellie'?!) Fabulous choice.

Our family just finished an independent adoption this summer. Best wishes as you ride this roller coaster. Your darling little one WILL come home... and be totally worth the wait!

Alison aka Baby B said...

I would point to Asher, Elle as the nn for Elizabeth, and Mia. I agree with Swistle... though Asher is a good name in general.

Elle Lee is fun, but I could see how people just meeting her would think "Elly, what's her last name?" That might not be a deal breaker for you, plus sometimes children have a way of choosing nns for themselves it seems. Side note: I know one family who named their daughter Christine expecting to call her Christy because that was the father's favorite name ever. When she was born, they took one look and said "Nope, not a Christy!" and she's been always Christine ever since. On the other hand, I know a Thomas always called Tom, so there you go.

I just have a hard time saying Mia Lee without having it sound like "Mialy" which reminded me of "mealy" at first and then "immediately." That's a bit of stretch, but after saying it aloud multiple times in a row, it's what I heard.

Patricia said...

From your boy's name list, I like Elliot best, although that's a lot of 'Ls' together. I also like Sebastian, but the name seems to need a nickname, especially when he's a teenager, and I don't know what that would be. Jude Lee sounds like Julie to me.

I don't think Elizabeth "Elle" Lee works very well. My favorites from your girl's list are Tessa Lee and Maggie Lee.

As an adoptive parent of 7 adult adoptees (all adopted from Korea or Vietnam), I second the suggestion above that some part of your new child's birth name be retained in the name you give him/her. That could be with the middle name, perhaps even giving the child a mn of your choice as well as a mn from his/her original name. I think that can show your child your appreciation for his/her full heritage and complete life story.

Best wishes!

Anonymous said...

I find the L's in Elias and Elliot and Adela and Holly hard to say with the surname Lee.

I like Sebastian Lee the best of your boys names.

For the girls I like Tessa and Maggie with your surname. Love the name Ariana, it would make a good middle name for you.

StephLove said...

Such a nice list, it's hard to choose. But I do love Elliot and Micah. Those are perennial favorites of mine.

I like Elizabeth best from your girl names, followed by Ariana, Adela & Mia. Sometimes I think Mia Lee rhymes too much and sometimes I think it sounds great. Don't know if that's very helpful.

Laura said...

Thank you, everyone, for all of your helpful input on the names. It helped me to see some potential issues that I hadn't noticed originally.

On a separate note, while I am aware this isn't an adoption blog, I wanted to address a concern that a few of you had regarding the naming process.

My husband and I are well aware of, and sensitive to, the fact that the birthmother may want to have input when it comes to naming her child. That's actually the reason we weren't asking for help narrowing it down to just ONE name, or even asking for first-middle combinations. We really are just looking for a group of names, that work well with our last name, from which to be able to draw depending upon the level of involvement the birthmother would like us to have in naming the baby.
Just trying to be as prepared as we can for an unpredictable situation :)