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Monday, October 25, 2010

Middle Name Challenge: Nathaniel ______ Murrah

Mathilda writes:
I'm due to have a c-section this Thursday (Oct. 28) and my husband and I are still looking for ideas for a middle name. I thought we could manage, but my due date is coming up quickly, and I'm at a complete loss. My sister referred me to youcantcallitit, which led me to Appellation Mountain, which led me to you. I've been reading past posts for nearly an hour now. It seems to me that you all have great naming insights, and I was wondering if you or your readers could give us any ideas.

We've chosen Nathaniel as a first name, but don't even have one solid middle name option. We like older, underused boys' names that are out of the mainstream. Nathaniel is more popular than we'd like, so we were hoping to find a more uncommon middle name.

Our other children are Emma-Grace Iselin Murrah
Branson Levi Murrah
Chandler Jacoby (jack-o-bee) Murrah

We'd be immensely grateful for any suggestions!

Name update! Mathilda writes:
Thanks for putting up the post so quickly. I wanted to let you know we decided to name him Nathaniel Justice. There were so many great suggestions, but I felt like this name really clicked with my husband and I. Thanks so much for your help!


PS: I've attached a picture of him as well.


beyond said...

Nathaniel Amos Murrah (love!)
Nathaniel Olin Murrah
Nathaniel Zachary Murrah
Good luck!

Jess said...

What about Caleb? I think Nathaniel Caleb Murrah sounds lovely.

I hope everything goes smoothly on Thursday!

Barb @ getupandplay said...

Nathaniel Paul
Nathaniel August
Nathaniel Bennet
Nathaniel Calvin
Nathaniel Ezra
Nathaniel Milo
Nathaniel Abel
Nathaniel Soren
Nathaniel Wilson

Good luck!

Christine said...

Abram? Caleb, suggested above is adorable.


Good luck!

Jenn said...

I also like Nathaniel James so here are some other one syllable names that are a little less common:

Diane said...

Nathaniel Titus

brooke said...

i like nathaniel soren, suggested above by barb. i think that's my favorite, so far.

other ideas:
nathaniel arthur
nathaniel silas
nathaniel paul
nathaniel greer

Mrs. S said...

Nathaniel Grey Murrah
Nathaniel Tate Murrah
Nathaniel Jake Murrah
Nathaniel Spence Murrah

I like Nathaniel Tate Murrah a lot.

Katie said...

Nathaniel Bennett Murrah
Nathaniel Dean Murrah
Nathaniel Everett Murrah
Nathaniel Jasper Murrah
Nathaniel Mitchell Murrah
Nathaniel Sean Murrah
Nathaniel Dante Murrah

Best of luck to you on Thursday!

sarah said...

someone suggested it above, but my first thought was Ezra.
Nathaniel Ezra
other thoughts
Nathaniel Frederick
Nathaniel Kenneth
Nathaniel Jeremiah
Nathaniel Isaac

good luck!

Alison aka Baby B said...

I like a lot of the suggestions above... Amos, Abram, Bennett, and Spence in particular.

I googled boys names from Old English (and old-fashioned British names), so this list is extremely narrow in scope. I'm including meanings just for fun.

Nathaniel Alston Murrah; noble, old, or elf
Nathaniel Clelland Murrah (KLELL-and); clay land, or descendant of Faolán
Nathaniel Dryden Murrah; dry valley
Nathaniel Gaufrid Murrah (GOFF-rid); peaceful land
Nathaniel Langham Murrah (LANG-um); long homestead
Nathaniel Wardley Murrah; weir wood or clearing (a weir is a type of dam, and a British surname interestingly enough)

Adey said...

We gave our son the family name Roderick for a middle name. I realize that it won't have the same sentimental value to you but you may still like the name.

Nathaniel Roderick Murrah.

I think I like the sound of 2-3 syllable middle names and I like many of the above suggestions!

StephLove said...

I know a baby named Nathaniel Micah. That might work for you. Or Nathaniel Lewis or Nathaniel Zane.

Rayne of Terror said...

Nathaniel Dean is so perfect together. Really classy sounding to my ear.

may said...

Barnaby! BARN-A-BY!!!! Precious. My eyes always linger on the name Barnaby in a baby book before my brain remembers that my husband will NEVER go for it for one of our kids - but for a middle name? A-freaking-dorable.

Kacie said...

Nathaniel Calvin
Nathaniel Duncan
Nathaniel Wade

kanah said...

I think Nathaniel Jameson sounds great. Or, you could drop the -son and just do James. Oooh, or what about Judd or Jedd?

Megz said...

Nathaniel Bentley Murrah
Nathaniel Lawrence Murrah
Nathaniel Winston Murrah

The Mrs. said...

Do you like...

Nathaniel Ford Murrah

Nathaniel Oscar Murrah

Nathaniel Franklin Murrah

Nathaniel Ruston Murrah

Best of wishes as you near your c-section!

Lisa said...

Awww, he is lovely! I really like the middle name!

Patricia said...

What a sweet photo. I love the name Nathaniel and with Justice as the mn your little guy has a name uniquely his own. Congratulations on the birth of Nathaniel Justice!