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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Name Update!

Update to Baby Naming Issue: If Parents and One Child Have Same Initial, Should Other Child Have Same Initial? (the one with a girl twin named Mirabelle, and what to name the boy twin, and whether or not the name should start with M).


Shoeaddict said...

Maybe I'm hormone-y but reading her update made me teary.

Susan said...

OH! I LOVE the names! It makes me wish I could have twins just to give them those exact names. PERFECT!!

elckd said...

I love the names, and am glad they went with the M's, despite some dissent. I also agree that it must be one of the most rewarding parts of providing this forum and all the great advice & suggestions. Which leads me I the only one who is disappointed by some missing name updates? I've been reading back through older posts on the hunt for the perfect name myself, and was shocked that many of them did not have updates!

I mean, I understand how demanding having a newborn is - but it seems that typing off a quick line or 2 to let us know what you went with is a small price to pay for having your plea for help posted here. Maybe you went with the advice, maybe not, I still think Swistle & the commenters would really like to know. I know I would!

Steph the WonderWorrier said...

I love Mirabelle and Milo together!! Perfect idea. I wasn't a fan of the "You have to go with M for sure" side of things, but it isn't like going with two M's wouldn't have been great too. And these two names are AWESOME together!!

Swistle said...

elckd- Me too! I'm always DYING to know!