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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Baby Girl or Boy Hartung, Sibling to Samuel and Dixon

Bronwyn writes:
We just found out that we're expecting baby #3 - on Christmas, of all days! My husband has declared that this one better be a girl, because he's just about spent on boys' names.

Here's the scoop. Our first son is named Samuel Patrick, which is perfect, because when we found out he was a boy, we set up a hard and fast rule: no biblical kings or saints. See how well that worked out? Our second son is Dixon Louis, named for our beloved late grandmothers, Dixie (his) and Louise (mine). This was the perfect name, because it would have worked regardless of the baby's sex (Dixon was a surprise, so it helped to have a flexible name going in).

We are now stuck.
If it's a girl, we've considered names that are similar to mine, Bronwyn. My husband likes Sulwyn, but I'm not convinced the child wouldn't live the life of name-mangling torture I've endured. I like Carmela, but don't know how any of that would fit with our last name, Hartung. If it's a boy, we're just completely stumped. Maybe Gregory, for a cousin who died when he was young? Or is that bad juju? Maybe my maiden name, Ramey, could be a middle name for our next child.

My only sticking point is that I prefer names that aren't automatically turned into diminutive nicknames by people who don't care to get to know you first. Again, you can see how great I did on this one with SamPat :)

So. Plenty of time, but I wanted to be sure to get in queue. If we learn the sex, I'll update you.

Although I didn't want to find out, my husband did, and he let it slip that "you know what it is"... and I knew, in my heart of hearts, that this child is a girl.

So. Still stuck. I considered Lillian Reid (for a great aunt and my MIL's maiden name) but am still not convinced. I thought Liam Reid sounded fabulous for a boy, but could I name a girl Lyam?

Sorry to barge in again, but I also wanted to mention that I love my mother's middle name, Carmela, and keep coming back to Bryony, too.


Well, the latest candidates (and I still don't know the sex of the baby, but suspect it's a girl) are Carmela Snowden and Liam Reid. Carmela for my mom's middle name and my great grandmother's first name, and Liam because after a string of William Davids I wanted a nod to dad without YET ANOTHER William. Snowden and Reid are from my MIL's family.

Not sure how they sound with Hartung, though. It's hard to make anything sound good with that name.

By "string of William Davids" I mean my dad is WD III, his dad was Jr. (Bill) and HIS dad was ... something else. All I know is, they were both jerks and my dad is NOT a jerk, so I'd want to honor him but not them. If that makes any sense at all.


(And do you guys now love Bronwyn as much as I do?)

Okay! Work shirts on! Let's say Liam Reid if it's a boy, because that is a great name and because I think we all think the baby is a girl, right?

And not Lyam for a girl, because it looks like LYE-um instead of LEE-um. Lillian Reid is great. I love your current top choice of Carmela Snowden and don't feel like I can suggest better. It even has a nice balance of family names: your mom's MIDDLE name as the first name, but then a FAMILY name from your mother-in-law's side as the middle name.

But looking at all these fun names you have to choose from and to be inspired by, I feel like doing some playing and combining.


For a girl, do you like Willemina (or Wilhelmina) or Willa? Both would be nice ways to honor your dad. You could do something like Willemina Carmela and get both of your parents in one swoop! Or Willemina Snowden is wonderful, or Willemina Reid, or Willa Bryony, or Willa Ramey.

Wynne would be a pretty way to get a name "like Bronwyn" but without as much pronunciation trouble. Wynne Ramey Hartung, maybe, or Wynne Bryony Hartung.

Or Gwendolyn? Gwendolyn is so pretty and underused, and has nice nickname choices like Gwen, Gwennie, Lynnie. Gwendolyn Reid Hartung.

Rowan seems like a great possibility, but I don't like it with Hartung.

And would you enjoy having some seasonal names on hand, or do you dislike those? I love the idea of them, and Eve is a beautiful choice if your baby is born on Christmas Eve or New Year's Eve. I think it's great with your surname, too: Eve Hartung. Eve Snowden Hartung---ooo, I like it! Or Eve Ramey Hartung.

And of course there's Noelle and Natalie and Joy and Holly and Ivy. And when I was five I got a doll for Christmas and named her Jeanette Isabella.

Name update! Bronwyn writes:
Liam Reid was born at 11:13 pm on Saturday, December 18, 2010. He weighed 7 lb 2 oz, and was 21 in long. I believe my exact words were, as I held his slippery little body to my own, "oh my god, it's another one!" One tends to be rather candid in such situations :)


Patricia said...

Sorry, but to me it sounds like the baby is a boy. I have three sons who each have three sons, whom they love dearly of course, but all three and their wives were hoping for a girl too, and Bronwyn's husband's comment sounds similar to some I've heard after the second, and especially third, ultrasounds. But I'll be hoping for a girl for them.

For a boy, I love Liam Reid -- excellent and with nice family connections.

For a girl, I don't love Carmela (the name reminds me of caramels or caramel color). But I think it would be a good middle name to carry on your family tradition. Maybe Bryony Carmela?

And, Swistle, I LOVE Jeanette Isabella for a baby born at Christmas! (That song was going through my mind just the other day when I heard that a relative is giving their baby Jeanette as her middle name.) However, it looks like family connections are important here, so Jeanette Isabella probably won't do.

Christine said...

Aww, I like Carmela (and have both a Carmela and Carmelo among my Italian cousins...) I think it just sounds *ok* with your last name though. I LOVE the suggestion of Eve and think Eve Snowden Hartung is great. I also think Willemina is a nice way to get in the family connection.

I like Carmela Reid Hartung too. Or Lillian Carmela?

And definitely go with Liam Ried for a boy. Such a great name!

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

I would vote for Carmela as a first name, because I am all about family names. It is a beautiful name, sounds nice with your last name, and has tons of character...


I am a sucker for seasonal names that don't sound like seasonal names. Not to mention that Eve Snowden Hartung is an AMAZING name. Everything about it is perfect!

So, while I cast my vote for Eve Snowden Hartung (or maybe a longer version of Eve-Evangeline, Evelynn...) My alsmost as strong second is Carmela.

I hope it's a girl! I think sometimes you just know. Sometimes you are just really connected to that little person. I knew with both of my kids LONG before we had "the" ultrasound.

StephLove said...

If you are interested in Swistle's sounds-like-William suggestions for a girl, there's also Willow.

Recombining a little, I like Carmela Lillian.

beyond said...

Liam Reid is great!
For a girl, I love Carmela for you! I think it's really good with your last name, too. (It's hard to explain, but Carmela Hartung sounds like a good balance of 'italian/latino' and 'germanic' with neither one overpowering the other.) Samuel, Dixon and Carmela. Wonderful sibset.
Good luck!

Jenny Jacobs said...

I love Willemina.

Swistle, do you think it's okay to spell it NOT Wilhemina? I LOVE this name. Love how it sounds, love the shortenings, but for some reason, I'm toally turned off by the traditional spelling. That said, I am very opposed to cre8tive spellings. I've been meaning to ask your opinion about this for a long time!

What do you think about Willamena?

Mrs S said...

I like the suggestion for Willow! NN Lola.
Carmela is nice...just not my style.I would use it as a MN. Carmen or Carmel or Camilla are similar. Love swistle's suggestion of Wynn Bryony or Willa.

Sofie Carmela, Ivy Carmela, Willow Carmela

I think its a boy too.....Liam Reid is fantastic. I have a Liam Rhys!

Anonymous said...

Eve Snowdon is gorgeous!!

Liam Reid is nice too, sounds good with Samuel and Dixon.

What about Bryce or Bryn?

Or Wilson, Wilkes, or Willis to honor your father? Byron Wilkes?

P. Gardiner said...

Lillian Reid is a catalog of cheap goods, so that name is right out for me. I love Willa with your last name, and it doesn't lend itself to nicknames, which you prefer. Liam is nice, but I see it as so popular where I live, I'd hesitate to use it. I love the name Snowden though, and I think David is way underused. David Snowden, or Snowden David?
Good luck!

Swistle said...

Jenny Jacobs- The happy news is, Willemina is ALSO traditional: it's the Dutch version, from Willem---just as Wilhelmina is, uh, German? I think? from Wilhelm. There are a ton of Willeminas back in my family tree, both pre- and post-immigration from The Netherlands.

As far as I know, Willamena isn't traditional---but it doesn't seem kre8tive to me, more like ALTERNATIVE. (I'd still choose Willemina, though.)

Jenny Jacobs said...

And this is why I ask an expert!

Some version of this name is at the top of my future hypothetical, possibly female name list. :)

(zestyenterprise jenny, BTW)

Adey said...

Wow - Eve Snowden sounds great. I definitely like Snowden for a middle name - sooo unique!

Lillian is great too ~

Liam is nice but popular ~ Reid is great!

Anonymous said...

Bryony! Oh, pick Bryony!
Bryony Willa.

Twee Poppets said...

I don't particularly love Willemina or Snowden (that is, not more than any other name) on their own, but oh my GAWD... Willemina Snowden is absolutely beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Liam Reid Hartung has a nice flow. Liam Ramey Hartung could also work nicely. David Reid Hartung would also be nice, but I can imagine you wouldn't want another D name.

Alternatively, if you think Liam is becoming too popular, what about Hayes, Miles or Ethan?

For a girl, what about:

Lydia Snow
Lila Snowden Hartung
Lilith Snow Hartung
Quinn Carmela
Bronte Snowden

bramey said...

I'm having posting issues... hopefully my gratitude won't be posted thrice!

ANYwho! Thanks everyone!

You rock!


brooke said...

my favorites are eve and willa.
another suggestion: brynne

Anonymous said...

You could go for Bram, it's a bit of a nod to your first and last name :)

Bram William Hartung.

Anonymous said...

Would you like Anwen (Reid) for a girl? It's also a Welsh name.

- Ceridwen Reid Hartung
- Rhiannon Reid Hartung
- Tegan Lillian Hartung

Clela Lillian Hartung
Briar Lillian Harung
Bryn Carmela Hartung

For a boy, perhaps Brogan would be nice?

Megz said...

I love Liam Reid for a boy.

For a girl it sounds like you've really already decided on Carmela. I'm not sure how well it works with your surname though.

If you like Liam, how about Lianne for a girl.

Or a different way to honour William David could be Davina.

Names that remind me of Bronwyn are


Good luck.

Christy said...

Before you think I made any of these names up, I know each of these ladies


Whitney (Whish isn't unusual but is my current fave and I'm lobbying for it is we have another girl and I'm not even pregnant.)

Jenny said...

I love Swistle's suggestion of Noelle! It's so melodic, and it sounds good with Hartung.

On the subject of gender - if your husband is going to drop a hint like that, then it had better be because you've got a girl on the way! Otherwise, he should have just given you a sympathetic look, clapped a hand on your shoulder, and said, "buckle up." (Spoken by a mother of two boys expecting twins, the gender of whom is known only by my best friend, who keeps teasing me with little questions like "Don't you want to knooooow?" At this point I'm going to kill her if it's not at least one girl.)

Patricia said...

Congratulations on the birth of your third son. And what a fine name he has, with family connections too. Liam Reid Hartung is a wonderful name.