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Friday, November 5, 2010

Baby Girl or Boy Hollis

Amanda writes:
I am pregnant with my first baby and don't know the sex yet. I like semi unusual names - but not in spelling cause I don't want the child always having to spell their name (if we can get away with that). We have had no issues picking the name for the girl Charlie Ruth Hollis (Ruth being a family name).

But the boy name has been a HUGE issue. I don't want a common name like Jack, we had picked Jake, but then it was taken from us by a friend. We semi liked Lucas, but drifted away from it and are now thinking Kahn. The middle name will be Johnstone (my last name) and Hollis as the last name.

I love name you can give a nickname for, but so far all the names I like Landon, Hunter, Jett and Dominic have been vetoed by my partner because they sound "gay" (don't ask, I am working on his issues).

I guess I am scared Kahn is more of a last name and also might sound too un-western?? But then I think the last name Hollis is perfect for a nickname and I might just start calling him Hollis if it ends up being a boy.


I think Kahn has the very spelling issues you're trying to avoid, but to me an even bigger issue is that I immediately think of the oft-parodied scene in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan where Captain Kirk yells "KHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN!!!!!" I'm not even a Trekkie type and it comes instantly and amusingly to mind.

If you initially chose Jake and would still like to choose it, I suggest doing so. Names are not one-time-use items, and a friend's use of the name doesn't mean you can't also use it. On the other hand, Jacob (frequently nicknamed Jake) is the most popular boy name in the United States right now, so you might be disappointed with its commonness.

I think the name Wyatt might be a good choice for you. Wyatt Johnstone Hollis.

Or perhaps Zachary, which gives you the nickname Zach/Zack: Zachary Johnstone Hollis.

Or Keegan: Keegan Johnstone Hollis.

Or Lincoln, with the cute nickname Linc/Link: Lincoln Johnstone Hollis.

Or Beckett (Beck): Beckett Johnstone Hollis.


Christine said...

I don't like Kahn with Hollis, unfortunately, but otherwise, don't dislike it. If Landon was not masculine enough, I doubt my suggestion of Langston will go over well.

Does your partner have any favorites? Maybe make him (or her - but I doubt it given the "gay" comment) pick out some favorites and work from there. I like Jake, and think Luke rather than Lucas could work for you guys. Luke Johnstone Hollis.

Dylan comes to mind too.

Good luck!

brooke said...

I don't dislike the name "Kahn," but don't think it sounds quite right with the last name Hollis.

Also, if I were to meet someone named "Kahn," I would quess it to be spelled "Con." Perhaps you could name him Conner and call him "Con" for a nickname.

I like Swistle's suggestions of Beckett and Lincoln.

Other names that come to mind: Greer, Sawyer, Cole, Luca, Asher, Hudson

Good luck! :)

Anonymous said...

I INSTANTLY thought of Genghis Kahn. Far from "gay", but probably not the image you are going for either!

Mrs S said...

If Jack is too popular then I think Jake would've been too.

I like swistle's suggestion of Wyatt.

Other names I hope you might like


But most definately use Charlie for your lil man. I think it is a much better boy name!!

kanah said...

i like the suggestion of Wyatt. also, what about Ryder? Solomon (Sol)? do you like Holden? good luck!!

Anonymous said...

i also Kahn isn't western, so i would be hesitant to use it.

sarah said...

I like swistle's suggestion of Beck. It also makes me think of Burke. I think a one syllable name sounds best with Johnstone Hollis. Jake, Zach, Zeke, Luke, Beck, Burke, Hank, Kale, Ike, Gage, Cade, etc...
good luck!

StephLove said...

I like Zachary so well I almost decided not to suggest anything else, but then I thought of Isaac. That gives you a sound close to the ack/ake sound you were liking, as does Drake, or Ezekiel.

StephLove said...

I like Zachary so well I almost decided not to suggest anything else, but then I thought of Isaac. That gives you a sound close to the ack/ake sound you were liking, as does Beckett, Drake, or Ezekiel.

Adey said...

I agree - I don't think I would have any idea how to spell Kahn if someone said that was their name.

I really like the suggestion of Luke.

Perhaps Mark (Marcus/Markus if you wanted a longer name)

Oh - and the suggestion of Cade - love that name!

brooke said...

I agree with Swistle, Kahn is a bit tricky regarding spelling.

Here are few that might fit your style:


And some girl names for good measure :)


beyond said...

I don't mind Kahn, but it's not a name that everyone will be familiar with, or will know how to spell. How about
I like Timothy for you!
Or! Phineas! Phineas Hollis; Finn Hollis. Love.

Suzanne said...

I would totally spell Kahn "Khan", and it immediately brings to mind Star Trek, because I am a huge dork.

My husband's first reaction was "Isn't that the snake from The Jungle Book?" So although it's not a bad name, it might come with too much association.

Lincoln is our 1st choice for a future boy-child, so my love for it is well documented.

Everyone else has had great suggestions, so I'll just list my favorites:

Joanne said...

I'm worried about the Kaaaahn! thing too, but my husband does it all the freaking time. I have a friend who has a son named Jefferson, but she calls him Jake. Maybe Jefferson Johnstone Hollis is too much? Maybe use whatever Maybe Jacob Johnstone Hollis but call him *John*, using the middle name for the nickname? I also love Lincoln.