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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Baby Girl or Boy McD______, Sibilng to Ronan

Raigan writes:
I am panicked. I am due at the end of January with a baby which will be a brother or sister to our three year old son Ronan Darren. We went into the delivery room with a few names we liked and as soon as we saw him we knew he was a Ronan and Darren is his father's name. Our girl name, had Ronan been a girl, would have been Lily. It has been "my name" ever since I was a little girl and although I hate the popularity of it, I'm not sure if I could actually name a girl anything else. I have also never heard of a Lily in our area and trust me, I've put some effort into snooping around about the name. Her middle names will likely be Noelle Elizabeth after my sisters.

Now, boy names..... we have problems. My husband and I are both teachers and are therefore VERY aware of common names and I really do not want my son to be a multiple name in his class (this is the only reservation I have about the name Lily). We also have very large families and groups of friends which eliminates many names that aren't already associated with a student. Some names that we have considered but just aren't right are:

Hudson - I have liked since Ronan was born but my husband isn't sold. Honestly, neither am I.
Oliver - My husband doesn't think it's strong enough.
Lincoln - I just can't get the car, band, president out of my head.
Finn - My husband liked this with Ronan but I didn't think it was serious enough and friends now have a little boy Finn.
Sam -'s whatever to me.
Milo - I liked, husband wasn't sure but we now have friends with a little Milo.

I don't want an overly traditional name like Mathew or Joshua. These names are great but not my style. Some names we have in our families/friends are Max, Grady, Tate, Owen, Cole, Reece, Duncan, Dane, Logan, Marco, Simon, Will and Kade among many many others.

I read your blog very faithfully and have yet to come across something that stands out to me. My son is also registered in every tot class they offer so I truly feel like I have heard every name out there. I'm starting to worry that the strong yet cute, original yet not made up name that I want just doesn't exist. Please help me come up with the perfect name. Oh yes, our last name is a a three syllable McD______ name and the middle names will be Christian Leo after his grandfathers. Any help or suggestions would be fantastic.

I think Declan, if it's not already in the family, friends, or classroom. Declan Christian Leo McD____, Ronan and Declan.

Or Keegan: Keegan Christian Leo McD_____, Ronan and Keegan.

Callum: Callum Christian Leo McD_____, Ronan and Callum.

Emmett: Emmett Christian Leo McD_____, Ronan and Emmett.

Camden: Camden Christian Leo McD_____, Ronan and Camden.

Felix: Felix Christian Leo McD______, Ronan and Felix.

Carrick: Carrick Christian Leo McD____, Ronan and Carrick.

Teague: Teague Christian Leo McD____, Ronan and Teague.

Lorcan: Lorcan Christian Leo McD____ Ronan and Lorcan.

Lachlan: Lachlan Christian Leo McD_____, Ronan and Lachlan.

I also like the idea of using Leo as the first name. It's similar to the name Milo you liked. Leo Christian McD_____, Ronan Darren and Leo Christian.

I think this would be a happier and easier process if you could bring yourself to avoid an insistence on the child being the only child of your acquaintance with that name. Total non-duplication isn't a practical goal for parents who are teachers with large social circles and large families. Even if you find a name that (1) you love, AND (2) is not the name of any student, friend, or family member---you're highly likely to encounter the name in one of those groups in the future. Coming to terms with a duplicate now is like getting the first ding or scratch on the new car: nice to get the inevitable over with.

Name update! Raigan writes:
Although we were unsure about a boy's name throughout my entire pregnancy, the closer I came to my due date the more I was sure about our original choice of Hudson. So during my surprise c-section (we found out he was coming face first when I was seven cm), my husband and I finalized our name choices; Hudson Christian Leo or Lily Noelle Elizabeth. Minutes later our perfect baby boy arrived and he was absolutely a Hudson. Thank you for your help - I'll probably be asking for more in a couple years.


Carolyn said...

What about Sullivan, for its similarity to Oliver?

I only knew one other girl my age with my name, (and a few older ladies had it too--it was a middle-aged name in the '80s), and I always felt like my name wasn't cute/cool enough. I vote in favor of a name that is at least somewhat heard in social circles.

Plus, it's hard to know what will be the duplicated name. All through grade school, there were never any Amys, Jennifers or Katies in my class, but we did have three Laurens!

AddieandEva said...

I love, love the suggestion of Leo Christian. Ronan and Leo. :)


I still think Leo is a great option. Good luck!

StephLove said...

I like the suggestions of Declan & Lachlan. How about:


sarah said...

there is a little boy at my son's school named Rutger...

good luck!

Anonymous said...


The Mrs. said...

Oooh, Archer is nice! (Good idea, Stephlove).

Ronan and Archer...

What about Ruston?

Ronan and Ruston...

Do you like Dominic?

Ronan and Dominic...

As far as the popularity of Lily, you could always use Lily as her nickname... Chenille, Lillian, Lalainia, Lilibeth, Lilianna, etc. could be her 'full' name.

Best wishes as you welcome your next little wonder!

beyond said...

Good luck!

Mrs S said...

Dreden, Declan, Colton, Miles, Brody, Bennet, Carson, Carter, Teagan, Cohen, Alex, Louie, Beau, Ross, James, Holden, Harris, Harrison, Cameron, Adam, Deven, Anton, Jonah.

God Luck!

Hope T. said...


Your naming style is close to mine and even your last name is like mine so this is an extra fun question!
We talked on here a while back about patterns. I am a pattern lover and I see that you, your husband, and son all have a name ending with "n". Your son's middle name, as well as the baby's middle also end with "n". I like Swistle's suggestions of Lorcan, Declan, and Lachlan.

Anonymous said...

Definitely Leo!

Anonymous said...

I love you Swistle, but please stop suggesting my son's name. :) I hope I didn't make a mistake naming my little man Emmett. His twin brother's name isn't in the top 1,000. oye

Clarabella said...

I was all sold on Callum until I saw Teague. Ohmigosh, Teague! I think it is just perfect, and with Ronan? Awesome!
Also, I know you said "Reece" was taken, but I will still suggest Rhys. Because it is lovely, and Ronan & Rhys sounds great.
Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Elias, Dashiell, Frasier, Kimbal, Niall, Damon, Kiran

Megz said...

Donovan (if it doesn't clash with your surname)

Anonymous said...

I haven't submitted an update yet because our criteria changed a bit after you helped us (I suddenly felt I HAD to use a family name for one baby), but one of my twins is named Ar.lo and we love it. Familiar but uncommon, not made up sounding, etc. Also I love the suggestion of Archer for you!

Anonymous said...

If Finn is a bit meh, how about Flynn