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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Baby Girl Pascale-Hague

Jillian writes:
My husband (David) and I are expecting our first child, a girl, on January 31st and felt absolutely no rush to come up with a name for her because 9 months feels like FOREVER and picking a name is SO HARD, and now here I am in my 8th month, still calling her babygirl. I was of the persuasion that we'd go in with some ideas, but that we should wait till we saw her face to make the final decision, but you've had all these name regret posts recently, and I'd really like to avoid that stress and hassle, so the time for procrastination has passed--we need to name this baby!

Her last name will be Pascale-Hague, since we both hyphenated when we got married and we are pretty set on using my late grandmother's name, Carmela, as the middle name. So, names that start with or contain el or that are too long are sort of ruled out. I love nicknames and feel strongly about some nickname options.

Names we like, with comments are:

Ruby nn bee - this is my favorite. It is short, but has a cute nickname and goes well with Carmela. My husband likes it, but is afraid to commit to it for some reason. My only concern is junior high "Ruby Boobie" teasing, but junior high sucks for everyone, regardless, so I'm okay with this. Final issue: my husband has bright red hair. If this baby inherits this trait, would a red-headed Ruby be ridiculous or adorable?

Magnolia nn Nola - I think this is my husband's favorite. While I love the nickname Nola,we both fear the nickname Maggie. Also, is Magnolia Carmela too much?

Juniper nn Junie - So cute, but I don't think the name Juniper will age well.

Eleanor nn Nora - I love this name, but it is a no go because Eleanor Carmela sounds funny to me.

Penelope nn Penny or Poppy - Same problems as Eleanor

For extra information, if this were a boy, we really liked the names Oliver, Ezra and Jude.

I am definitely open to new name suggestions and am excited to see what you and your readers come up with!

Thanks so much!

Ruby is my favorite, too, and I think a redheaded Ruby would be adorable. More possibilities: Lucy, Sadie, Olive, Rose, Molly, Alice.

Your mention of the nickname Bee makes me think of Beatrix.

I love Magnolia, but I think your fears of Maggie are justified. You could probably work with it early on ("This is Magnolia, we call her Nola"), but she might choose Maggie herself later on.

If you like Juniper but want something with less risk of aging poorly, the name June is lovely. Plus, it's nice and short! June Carmela Pascale-Hague is a very good name.

If you like Eleanor, I wonder if you'd like Eloise? I know you're avoiding names that start with El-, but I think that one might work with Carmela: Eloise Carmela. Maybe not, it's hard to tell---but the EL sound might tie it together.

Name update! Jillian writes:
We had our beautiful blonde (not red headed!) baby girl on 1/28 and, thanks to you and your very kind readers, we had settled on Ruby, but we decided to a middle name. Our plan was to use just my late grandmother's name, Carmella, but I got to thinking of how great it would have been if she were alive to enjoy her namesake and how fun it would have been to tell her we were naming our child for her. David is really close with his grandmother (who is still living), so we decided to also use her name, Lucille, as a middle name. So, now we have a child with five names, but I'm happy we did it, because David's grandmother was over the moon and it was meaningful to both of us to be able to share that with her. So, Ruby Lucille Carmella (affectionately Ruby Lu) it is.

Thanks again!


d e v a n said...

Ruby is ADORABLE! I so hope you pick it!

Abby@AppMtn said...

Would you consider using Carmel instead of Carmela for a middle? Eleanor Carmel and Penelope Carmel both sound more pleasing - at least to my ear - than Carmela. It still honors your grandmother, but might give you a few more options.

If not, I do like Ruby Carmela, but I can imagine I'd prefer NOT to be named Ruby if I had bright red hair. (Actually, I would love it personally, but I can see it feeling like a burden.) And since babies can be mysterious with their hair color at birth, well ...

I like the idea of June, Junia, or Juniper. Jennifer has aged nicely, so I think Juniper will, too.

Actually, if I were you, I think I might pick Junia Carmel.

Best wishes!

Susan said...

I think a red-headed Ruby would be darling. I also think a red-headed Amber is adorable -- though I realize Amber isn't currently in style. I vote for Ruby. I wouldn't automatically think of "Bee" as a nickname for Ruby, but I think it's a super nickname. Somehow a little redheaded "Bee" seems especially cute.

beyond said...

My hair was bright red for a few months right after birth but then sadly morphed to dark blonde...
Ruby, nn Bee is adorable, and I don't think hair color matters.
I really like Juniper is great for you too, I don't really see why Juniper wouldn't age well. I think it's a great name for a girl and an adult woman.
If you love Eleanor, but feel it sounds funny with Carmela (it doesn't sounds funny to my ears, and this would be my third choice for you) just remember that full names are only really used every so often.
How about: Alexis? Elise? Gabrielle? Julianne?
Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Just so you know, I have an acquaintance named Ruby who is spunky and fun with a huge head of curly bright red hair. She owns her name, and I am sure your little girl will, too. I don't think you should worry.

Carolyn said...

Elnora is another alternate for Eleanor that could get you to Nora. Elnora Carmela has kind of a fun, Spanish feel to it. Or Honora?

I also thought of Finola, nn Nola, but that might be a lot with Carmela (Finola Carmela)

Or just Nola or Nora, nn Nolie/Nonie

denese said...

I named my (now 2 year old) daughter Ruby so I'm probably biased...but you should do it if you love it! My Ruby has brown hair but I have met a redheaded Ruby, and thought more about her personality than her hair color.

I like Magnolia, love Penelope!

StephLove said...

I like Ruby best, too, but I don't really hear a problem with Eleanor Carmela or Penelope Carmela.

Anonymous said...

I like Ruby too.

If you like Juniper, what about Junia? One of the Hanson brothers just named his baby girl that and I think it's adorable. I like it a bit better than June, just because it seems more feminine.

The Mrs. said...

Ruby Carmela is all sass and sugar! Great combo!

Magnolia, though, oh... WOW! What a rockin' awesome name! That would be my favorite, too.

I also like Swistle's suggestion of Eloise. You have the nicknames of Ellie, Elle, Lola, Ceecee.

All the best to you three!

Anonymous said...

My daughter is Ruby so obviously i love it! i thought ruby was great for any hair color (a dark haired mysterious ruby, a red ruby or a blonde ruby (rubia is "blonde" in spanish) all work very well. we had a blondie, but now that she's 4 it's turning brown :(
anyway, i'd never considered "bee" for a nn, but i love it and i wonder if i can't make it happen?

Mere Mere said...

Wow! You have one of the best lists of potential names that I have ever seen on this blog. Love them!! You pretty much can't go wrong. I'm going to vote for Magnolia. I love the name and I absolutely love the nickname Nola (but also don't like Maggie). With a nickname like Nola, who would use Maggie?? I also absolutely love Juniper, which I think ages fine, but she could always go by June if for some reason she didn't feel it aged well.

♥ Tracy ♥ said...

my fourteen-month-old niece is a red-headed ruby, and we just think it's precious. go for it! :)

Anonymous said...

Penelope makes me think of Calliope (nn, Calli).

* Calliope Carmela Pascale-Hague

Not sure if the two C's are too much?

If you like Ruby, nn Bee, what about Bea itself as a firstname?

* Bea Carmela Pascale-Hague
-or- Beatrice, Beatrix

-or- Pearl Carmela Pascale-Hague

Eleanor sounds similar to Helena to me.

* Helena Carmela Pascale-Hague
-or- Hazel Carmela Pascale-Hague

Anonymous said...

Another suggestion for a middle name, I know of a Carmela who goes by Carmen... Penelope Carmen.

Natalia said...

Ruby Carmela is absolutely perfect! Being a redhead would add extra spice!