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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Baby Girl Sullivan, Sister to Emery

Michelle writes:
We just found out we are having another girl due Jan. 2 and are struggling with a name.
We named our first daughter with relative ease. Emery (after my grandfather) Margaret Sue for her grandmothers. Our last name is Sullivan.
The husband vetoed Violet and Fiona and I vetoed Lily. Her middle name will be Sarah after my sister so that eliminates any A names because I would prefer her initials not spell profanity. I also don't think any S names will do.
I want to avoid anything in the top 100 baby names. I do like slightly unusual or something that sounds older.
We need help!


Because the name Emery is androgynous, I hesitate to go too feminine for a sister name. And because I think of it as a more modern name (for girls, that is---for boys it's a throwback), I hesitate to go too traditional or classic for a sister name.

Chauncey Sarah Sullivan, Emery and Chauncey
Delaney Sarah Sullivan, Emery and Delaney
Hadley Sarah Sullivan, Emery and Hadley
Harper Sarah Sullivan, Emery and Harper
Macy Sarah Sullivan, Emery and Macy
Paisley Sarah Sullivan, Emery and Paisley
Trilby Sarah Sullivan, Emery and Trilby

But I'm thrown off because your contenders (Violet, Fiona, and Lily) are so very feminine and established.

Maybe something like Hazel? It's a recent revival but still fully steeped in that old-timey sound. Hazel Sarah Sullivan; Emery and Hazel.

Or Willa: Willa Sarah Sullivan, Emery and Willa.


Sarah said...

I agree that I would avoid something uber feminine for a sister, like Ariana, but how about a name like Mercy? It's short and simple, so it pairs nicely with Emery, I think. I also like how both names end in the same Y sound.

Emery and Mercy, Mercy and Emery.

Mercy Sarah Sullivan has a nice rhythm, too, though it might not be obvious to some ears. I kind of like the alliteration. It strings the names together without getting "hissy". I would like to mention that full names don't get pulled out too often, so this isn't a huge priority for me, FWIW.

lifeofadoctorswife said...

I love the rhythm of Emery Sullivan, so other names that come to mind all have the same triplet feel...

Avery (although I know this one is OUT unless you were to suddenly pick a different middle name)

mixette said...

I laughed at the initials comment b/c my poor little sister has the initials A*S and it just about killed her in the monogram-everything preppy 80's.

From another discussion here the name Tamsin came to mind : Tamsin Sullivan, Tamsin and Emery. And from Swistle's list Hadley if you don't mind both names ending with -ey.

Congratulations and *good luck*!

StephLove said...

Sometimes when I want to suggest a not too frilly girl's name I go with a non-floral botanical name, like Willow or Ivy or Rowan, or if you want something more off the beaten track, Clementine. Hazel definitely fits into that category.

Or you could switch Sarah to the first name slot and call her Sadie. Emery and Sadie is kind of cute and retro sounding.

Natalie said...

Hadley and Harper are my favorite of Swistle's suggestions.

Josephine Sarah "Josie"
Olive Sarah
Annabelle Sarah
Ivy Sarah
Arden Sarah
Ruby Sarah
Bryn(n) Sarah

Christine said...

I like Poppy for you. It's more feminine than Emery, but has a fun spunky sound to it.

Magnolia, Parker, and Lucy might all work.

Good luck!

Swistle said...

I just saw that Kate Middleton's sister's name is Pippa. Pippa Sarah Sullivan, Emery and Pippa.

Amanda said...

I would love to see a Hazel, but I also like Hadley... Maybe this one has too much of an old lady name association for some, but I love the name Ethel. Ethel Sarah Sullivan?

Jenn said...

Tenley (Tenley Albright was a 1950s Olympic figure skater - first American woman to win the gold in her sport. :)

Liz said...

I love Hadley from Swistle's list. (Ooh, also Pippa.)

Would Langley work for you? It used to be a boy's name but is way more fitting for a girl now, just like Emery. And it has the same rhythm as Lily, but it sounds more substantive and isn't too popular.

Anonymous said...

Macy makes me think of Darcy, which is one of my favorites. Paige? I like the sound of it but it might not fit your requirements. I also like Nora and Mia.

The Mrs. said...

Emery and Macy!

(Fabulous suggestion, Swistle!)

Best wishes to you and your growing family!

Anonymous said...

What about

Emery and


Jenna said...

First CONGRATS & I love Emery.
What about..

beyond said...

Ooh, Pippa is cute. Philippa to get to Pippa? Emery and Philippa? I think it works really well.
I suggest:
Good luck!

d e v a n said...

I love the name Emery. SO cute! Hazel goes well with it.

What about Campbell? That is one of my favorite girl names, but my husband just wouldn't let me use it.

kanah said...

I suggest Yeardley (or Yardley) for you. It's female without being too feminine. Also, I love that someone suggested Campbell. I know a little girl with that name, and it's adorable. Good luck!

Megz said...

I think of Emery as a female name so don't think her sister's name has to be androgenous. Just not girly-girl. Hazel is a good idea. Here are some thoughts that might appeal or match with Emery:


I especially like the sound of Emery and June, or Emery and Elspeth.