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Friday, May 28, 2010

Baby Boy Dale

Kathryn writes:
I'm due June 20 with a boy and would love some input from you and your very wise readers!

We have a 3-year-old girl named Dorothy Elizabeth (called Dorry), who we named after our grandmothers, and we love the name. Now, with our boy, we'd sort of like to keep the family-meaning theme going, but it isn't absolutely necessary, since his middle name will be Robert, which honors both our dads.

Ever since we got engaged, we have liked the name Vance, my father's middle name. But when we got pregnant, we found that it had sort of lost some of its allure over time, maybe because we'd just been thinking about it for so long. Also, I love nicknameable names, and Vance doesn't offer much besides Van.

We also like the name Desmond. Is that crazy? I'm worried it might be a little crazy. Yes, we did fall in like with the name because of the show Lost, but we wouldn't be naming him specifically after the character or anything. Although we are big fans of the show, which premiered one week before we got married, so it would have some nice meaning for us. But maybe...crazy? Also, I read somewhere that it's considered an African-American name, and we are not African-American.

Other names we like...Barnaby, Bruce, Henry, and Theodore (until we realized it was actually pretty much "Dorothy" backwards, and that would be weird, wouldn't it?).

Our last name sounds like "Dale."

Thank you so much!!

Oh, I love the name Barnaby! That was on my list too!

I admit it kind of appeals to me that Theodore and Dorothy are similar like that! Wouldn't those be fun twin names? And Dorry and Theo make such cute nicknames. But I see what you mean.

I think Desmond is perfect. Dorothy and Desmond, Dorry and Desi, OMG too wonderful. Desmond Tutu has made the name a popular African-American name, but not in a way that eliminates the name for non-African-American babies. And being on Lost has made the name familiar again.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Baby Girl or Boy Axt

[I'm out of town for a few days but don't want to fall EVEN FARTHER behind, so I'm leaving some name questions on auto-post!]

Mechi writes:
I’m writing on behalf of my next door neighbor, who is pregnant and still without a name. We started talking about names today (because I love them and jump at any chance to talk about them). They don’t really have any ideas about names outside of the top 10 type of names that immediately come to mind, but they’re looking to find some less common names, so I thought you could help.

They currently have a one year old boy named Darrin Dennis (Dennis after family), and they don’t know the sex of the new baby, so both gender names would be good.

In our discussion today, her husband threw out names like Jennifer and Nicole – top ten from when he was growing up, and the only names it seemed he could come up with. They both liked names with the feel of Sophie or Emma, but she wants names like that but that are not so popular. She also really liked the names Jamie and Breanna. We didn’t discuss boys names, but I think they have generally the same feel for only being able to think of popular names but wanting something less known.

I really want to give them some less popular but equally great options because I am the biggest supporter of non ‘trendeigh’ names.

Oh, and last things… since Darrin was named after the dad’s family, she says she would like to try to name the next baby, boy or girl, after her mother. Her mother’s name is Marcela Susana, so she’s not sure how she could make such a Spanish name work with the sorts of names she likes. But she’s open to variations of the name – it doesn’t need to be exactly the name. And lastly, they want the name to be at least two syllables to sound better with their last name: Axt.

Thank you so much!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Name Update!

Update on Baby Girl Meyer!

Baby Boy M.

[I'm out of town for a few days but don't want to fall EVEN FARTHER behind, so I'm leaving some name questions on auto-post!]

J.M. writes:
Baby is due on July 4th! We've decided on our girl name, but struggling to agree on a boy name. We have a two syllable last name that starts with an M.

My favorite is Wesley Michael, my husband prefers to do Michael Wesley:)

He also likes, Cason.

My other favorites are Griffin, Graham, Joseph (Joe), Bennett or Benjamin (Ben), Samuel (Sam)...

We're very open to suggestions. We just haven't found THE ONE! Appreciate your help.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Baby Boy Herr

[I'm out of town for a few days but don't want to fall EVEN FARTHER behind, so I'm leaving some name questions on auto-post!]

Nikki writes:

So my name is Nikki and my Husbands name is Barry ( he goes by BJ) Herr. We are pregnant with our 3rd kiddo. We are due on June 29th, 2010.
We have an 8 yr old girl named Rylee, and a 4 yr old boy named Brock. We are having another boy.
We cannot agree upon a name, and you probably should know, that while convincing my husband that we needed to have baby #3, I gave up naming rights, so, yup, you got it, he gets final say! How dumb was I when I agreed to this!

His choice selections are as follows:
3. Ryan
4. Barry the third (after himself and dad)

My choices are
2. Cooper
3. Cole

We need help, what is your opinion!!!!!!

Oh, our last name is pronounced like "Hair".

Any help and opinions is welcome!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Baby Boy or Girl Benson

[I'm out of town for a few days but don't want to fall EVEN FARTHER behind, so I'm leaving some name questions on auto-post!]

Emmyline writes:
My husband and I (Nick and Emmyline Benson) are expecting our third child end of June (due date: 28th of June), the sex of the baby will be a susprise.
Our sons are Alexander Kurt Benson (5) and Mathias Jack Benson (3). We had no trouble deciding on their names but with baby number 3 we're having some difficulties on the naming side of things!

I (Emmyline) am a Dutch-speaking Belgian and speak Dutch with our children, my husband is American and speaks English with them. Alexander and Mathias are names that are pronouncable in both languages, also for our new baby we are looking for a name that will work in Dutch as well as in English.

My husband and I have some names in mind but we can't seem to settle on a name that we both love, these are the names that we've been considering:

For a boy:
- Maximilian: My favorite, my husband thinks Maximilian is too long, he would prefer Maxwell but this is a name that is never used in Dutch and I generally don't like it very much.
- Noah: A name we both like a lot but I love 'Norah' for a girl and if this baby is a boy I would like to be able to use 'Norah' on a possible future daughter.
- Vincent: My husband's favorite. I don't dislike the name and it works in Dutch but I knew a lot of Vincents my age growing up and it's hard for me to picture a little boy named Vincent.
- Sebastian: A name we both like but I feel like it doesn't flow well with Benson...
- Casper: Also a name we both like but does it sound too much like Alexander?

Possible middle names for a boy: Andreas (after both of my grandfathers who were called Andre), Robert (Nick's grandfather), Nicolas and Nathan (my brother)

For a girl:
- Norah: I love this name but Nick is not too sure about it, he feels it's too old-fashioned.
- Nell: We both like this name but think it is too short compared to Alexander and Mathias.
- Flo: We both like the nickname 'Flo' but can't find a good formal name that we both love.

Possible middle names for a girl: Rachel (my grandmother and own middle name), Lillian (Nick's mother), Margaret (my mother's middle name) and Sophie (Nick's sister)

Any suggestions are very welcome. We prefer classic names that are not too popular.

Thank you so much for taking the time to help us name our baby.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Baby Girl Harris

[I'm out of town for a few days but don't want to fall EVEN FARTHER behind, so I'm leaving some name questions on auto-post!]

Christine writes:
Hello there! We would be ever so grateful if you could please help us in choosing our baby name! We're having tremendous difficulty settling on a name for our little girl, due in June. We just can't seem to decide on a name that we love. We've been thinking about it for so long, but we seem to be getting nowhere. Here is the scoop on us:

My name is Christine and my husband's name is Jim. Our last name is Harris. My husband has two children from a previous marriage, Elizabeth (Libby) (age 15) and Zachary (Zach) (age 17). We also have a puppy named Ella (and I have a sister named Ellen), so we want to make sure that we don't use anything too similar to either of those names!

First, I should let you know that we have decided on the baby's middle name. It will be Judith, after my husband's mother, who passed away a few years ago. I'm finding it difficult to find a first name that flows particularly well with that, but I'm not too concerned on that front. It would mean a lot to my husband to have Judith (or Judy) as the baby's middle name, since this is the first grandchild born since his mother's death.

As for Baby Girl Harris' first name, my husband's favorite option so far is Hannah, which I also like, but I am somewhat reluctant to choose this since we live in Montana (i.e., Hannah Montana). Also, I'm not too sure whether the alliterative effect of "Hannah Harris" is desirable or not. My husband really likes this. I'm on the fence about it as I've heard some people say that this type of alliteration has a cartoonish effect.

Personally, my favorite name is Abigail (nickname Abby). My husband likes this, but both he and my stepdaughter are concerned that it is too similar to Libby. I don't think it is, but I certainly don't want to name the baby Abby if it will in any way detract or cause confusion with Libby's name. Likewise, both Jim & I like the name Olivia, but the nickname (Livvie) also seems terribly close to Libby.

Other names we've considered include:

Emma or Emily (although we are concerned that these names are just too popular right now);
Paige (I like this, but my husband isn't crazy about it);
Olive (my husband likes this, but it's not my favorite);
Virginia (nickname Ginny);
Charlotte (nickname Charlie - with the caveat that my mother has already indicated that she doesn't particularly care for this);
Scarlett (I am huge Gone With the Wind fan, but I am concerned that Scarlett Harris is just a little too close to Scarlett O'Hara); or

What do you think of any of these? Alternatively, do you have any other ideas for us? Any comments or suggestions you have would be most appreciated! We are in quite a muddle right now.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Baby Boy Goode

[I'm out of town for a few days but don't want to fall EVEN FARTHER behind, so I'm leaving some name questions on auto-post!]

Beth writes:
We are expecting baby boy number three in June. Names have become a daily struggle as we cannot settle on anything that we both just "feel" is right.
Our oldest son is Luke Benjamin Goode, next came Mark Weldon Goode and soon we'll have ____?____ Emanuel Goode. ( 'e' is silent on Goode) All three middle names are family names. I know that Luke and Mark started a gospel trend but that wasn't intentional. We do feel maybe we should continue with the whole biblical theme but it's absolutely not a necessity. One other thing to consider, is my husband's name, Ashley. He hated it growing up because it is almost exclusively a female name these days. He's constantly questioned about it. We'd both like something fairly traditional that brings a strong, healthy, upstanding male to mind.
Our current possibilities include Paul Emanuel. My husband has always liked this name, feels it brings those above characteristics to mind and goes well with Luke and Mark. No offense, as I saw it is your husband's name, but I just don't love it and can't say why. We also like John Emanuel (enter the gospel theme again :) but worry that maybe John is just a little too vanilla? I love Jacob Emanuel but we both really hesistate with that one because Jacob has been the number one boys name according to Social Security since 1995! Finally, I am drawn to the name Lane Emanuel. No reason I just like how sounds. That one however, borders on the could be feminine line which worries my husband because again he deals with that confusion daily.
I hope that gives you enough background. We are getting worried as June quickly approaches with no end to this debate in sight. Would you mind weighing in with thoughts and/or suggestions? Thanks so much!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Baby Boy Mallory

[I'm out of town for a few days but don't want to fall EVEN FARTHER behind, so I'm leaving some name questions on auto-post!]

Emily writes:
We are expecting our third baby, a boy, on June16th. We named our first two kids very quickly because my husband and I each had family members that we wanted to honor. We have Kathryn Faith, who we call "Katy", 4, and David Richard, 2. We don't necessarily want to stick to family names this time around, so we have a clean slate. However, I'm struggling to come up with a boy name that I LOVE. And I want to LOVE it. I also wonder if I should stick to traditional names since my first two are traditional? I have a list of names that we like, but nothing sticks out as The One. And for some reason I find myself having a problem with every name on the list, like, "I have a cousin with that name," or "I knew a kid with that name who was really mean."

I also like Biblical names, but it doesn't have to be. And I like names that everyone has heard before, but there aren't too crazy many being born right now.

Our "traditional" list: (for all of these I like the full version, like "Joshua" instead of "Josh.")

Luke (really like, but is it too common lately?)
Benjamin (ditto?)

Others that I like but I'm not sure how well they flow:
Theodore (Theo? Ted?)

I'm kinda hoping that you'll have a new suggestion for me that I haven't thought of, but will be: YES, that's IT!

For a middle name I'm also open. My husband's name is Brian Keith, and he wouldn't mind using part of his name for a middle name. But that's just one idea.

Our surname sounds like "Mallory."

Name update 07-08-2010! Emily writes:
Luke Brian Mallory was born on June 23rd, weighing 9 lbs, 11 oz. Thanks so much to your readers for the comments - we had Phillip and Timothy on the short list due to their suggestions, but ultimately decided that Luke was the name we loved, and the post helped me to realize that it wasn't "too common." I really appreciated your perspective on the Top 10/100 not being the Kiss of Death. Thanks!

Name Update!

Update on Baby Girl McG!

Name Update!

Update on Baby Naming Issue: Scandinavian Names!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Baby Boy or Girl Hopes

Grandma writes:
My daughter is due May 30 and the sex of baby is unknown. She has a daughter Addison Philips Hopes (Addie), born 2008. If she has a boy it will be Robert William Hopes III. Nicknames are possible , Trey, Trip, Will or Liam, none of which they really like. If it is a girl they are having trouble finding one they both like. A few possible are Taylor, Reese, Payton. She likes Mackenzie, Tori, Emerson, Ansley. They would like to use the middle name Lynn a family name but it sounds very country with some first names. Could you give suggestions for boy nicknames and girls names.

Is "Rob" already taken by her husband? That's my favorite nickname for Robert. I also like the old nickname Robin, but in my area that cause confusion with the girl's name. I know a baby Robert who goes by Bert/Bertie, and it's surprisingly adorable. But I think in this case, if Rob is what the dad uses, I would use William/Will: it's simplest, and William is a great and currently-well-liked name. They don't love it, but this is one of the main problems with Sr./Jr./III stuff: generally it's a name the parents wouldn't have otherwise chosen, so there's bound to be a "meh" feeling about the choice. That will likely fade as whatever nickname they choose BECOMES their darling baby boy and doesn't even seem like a name anymore.

Girl name possibilities:


Some of the names on this list wouldn't work at all with the middle name Lynn: Braelyn, for example. I included them anyway in case your daughter and son-in-law change their mind about the middle name, or in case they want to use it as part of the first name instead (Braelynn, Jaelynn).

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Baby Girl or Boy Smith

Corinne writes:
Hello! I need some help with naming my first born. Our last name is Smith (so boring!) and my due date is June 15th. We are waiting to know the gender until birth, and have decided on Lila Grace for a girl. If it's a boy, I fell in love with Jackson Noah (Noah is my husband's name so we're set on that as a middle name). However, my mother says she will be very upset if I name her grandson Jackson, because the nickname Jack was her father's nickname and there is bad blood between him and the rest of the family. I never planned on using Jack as a nickname for Jackson, but to avoid upsetting family members I'm trying to come up with something I love just as much! Grayson was actually my first choice, but for some reason I'm not as enthused with it anymore :( I like names that end in -son, but I also considered Oliver, Owen and Weston before deciding on Jackson. I've studied many lists of names...ones that I love that are off limits because of friends or family members children are Mason, Carter, and Jamison. If you think there's something I've overlooked that sounds like a perfect choice, please help!!

What an unpleasant situation for you to be in. I feel a little mad at your mom for bringing this up. On one hand I see why it bothers her and I guess it's good for her to say something in case you were between names and didn't really care which one, but on the other hand this could also be seen as a way of erasing the unpleasant connection between the guiltless NAME and the bad blood. It would be one thing if you were naming the baby after your grandpa, or if the full version of the name were the same as his---but for a POTENTIAL nickname to be the same as HIS nickname, and for THAT to be the Big Upsetting Issue?

Well. Enough of my crabbiness, we must work with what we have. We DON'T want to upset family members, it's true. I'd say there are two possible choices here:

1. You go with the name you love, and you make a big deal about how OF COURSE it has NOTHING to do with your grandfather's name! Heavens, it never even crossed your mind! It's a completely different name! Dear, dear, no! Goodness! And you tell your mom frankly that the name has no connection for you to her father, and that it's the name you love best and you're going to use it, and that you dearly hope that with time the connection to her beloved grandson JACKSON-NOT-JACK will overwrite the connection she might feel to her father's nickname.

2. You find a different name, in order to keep the peace. And because of my earlier and extensive crabbiness it will seem as if I support the other option and not this one, and yet I myself would almost certainly go with this option. Sigh. I don't like to rock the boat, and I can't pull off the "Oh dear me NO!" thing.

So with the understanding that you might end up going with option #1, let's see if we can find you some names that make option #2 more appealing.

I do very much like the name Greyson, especially with your surname. Greyson Smith, so distinguished! And yet not so distinguished that it wouldn't also be adorable on a little boy. And I love the nickname Grey. And it's great with Lila, if you later have a daughter.

Or, would it soothe your mother at all if you named your son Jaxon? The more likely nickname then, if he had a nickname at all, would be Jax, not Jack. Do you know, that might actually fix it. Jaxon Noah Smith, nickname Jax.

If not, then maybe Jasper? Jasper Noah Smith is wonderful.

Or Judson: similar to Jackson, but no Jack! Judson Noah Smith.

Perhaps this is getting too far afield, but I do love the name Lincoln and it works so well with your surname. Lincoln Noah Smith. I really like that.

Keegan, maybe. Very nice with Lila. Keegan Noah Smith.

Griffin is another one I especially like with Lila. Griffin Noah Smith.

And maybe after all this the baby will be a girl!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Middle Name Challenge: Emile ____ Guthrie

Kaci writes:
Hello. My name is Kaci Guthrie and my husband's name is Dustin. We are due in June with our first child, a boy. We already know that his first name will be Emile. We are struggling and can't come an agreement on the middle name. If we ever have a girl, her name will be Mae Adele (Adele is my middle name). If we have another boy, his name will be Ira Keller (Keller is my mom's maiden name). Why we can't decide on Emile's middle name is beyond me! Here are some thing ideas we have been rolling around but are not set on:

Emile Allen (Dustin's dad's middle name)
Emile Holden (from Catcher in the Rye)
Emile Sinclair (b/c they are both French names)

Do you or your readers have any suggestions? Thanks so much for your help!

I agree, Emile seems to be a particularly difficult name to find a middle name for. Maybe Emile Dustin?

Because of the popularity of girl name Emily, and because the kre8tive spelling trend, I'm inclined to go extra-masculine for the middle name. Allen, Holden, and Dustin all seem good; Sinclair is a boy name but actually now that I think of it would be a very pretty girl name. I think the "clair" part gives it a feminine sound I'd avoid with Emile, even though I think you're right that the rhythm is very good. Another one I like is Emile Jean-Luc, but again I wonder if Jean is too girlish-looking. Maybe Emile Lucas?

Some more French possibilities:

Emile Jerome
Emile Phillipe
Emile Sebastien

I think my favorites from my list are Emile Lucas and Emile Sebastien, and my favorite from your list is Emile Holden.

Name update! Kaci writes:
We ended up naming him Emile Tobin Guthrie. The original question was about what middle name to select, but then the discussion turned to whether Emile sounded like Emily. I had some really encouraging words from someone who left a comment about how her husband's name was Emile and she loved it. I think maybe it didn't have an e at the end. Also, I am a teacher and I have a student who is a girl, her name is Dylan. I talked to her about it. She said that usually on the first day of school, her teachers think she is a boy. They realize that she is a girl and they move on with life. They know she is a girl from that day forward. I think that is how it will be with Emile too. Hopefully he will be a confident enough person to handle the inevitable teasing about being called a girl. Thanks all!

Name Update!

Update on Baby Girl Overby!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Baby Boy Glenn

Brea writes:
My husband and I recently found out that we're having a little boy, due June 1. He's our first. We had convinced ourselves that we were having a girl, and had all but decided on Harper Clair or Aubrey Clair (Clair is a family name).

We're forming a list, but we (or maybe I) can't help but think that we're missing "the" name. It's quickly becoming a mild obsession. Our last name sounds like Glenn, so this seems to rule out a number of names ending with an "n". Finn Glenn, for example. For the middle name, we'd like Christian or Philip, both family names (unless we decide on Christian as a first name).

I grew up with an uncommon name (Brea) and I loved never knowing another. I similarly like my uncommon brothers' names - Dane and Cale. I'd like to stick with a relatively uncommon name for the little guy, but nothing too out there. My husband (Jay) does not exactly share my need for a unique name.

Names that we're currently considering include: Beckett, Carter, Samuel, Liam, Christian, and Henry (I fear that the last 4 are too common). I really like Cade, Raleigh, Shepherd, Ryder, and Theo, though my husband doesn't agree. Thoughts on our current options or any new ones (please!) would be greatly appreciated.

Your parents did a very good job with names: they managed to choose highly unusual names that didn't then spring into popularity---and yet the names aren't at all "out there," and are easy to spell and pronounce. I am on the teetering edge of suggesting you ask your parents for advice for this baby's name---but that almost never goes well, so I will back away from the precipice.

First I looked into copying your parents' boy-naming style: I looked for four-letter one-syllable names that seemed to hit that same magical bullseye. I considered Hart, Cole, Dean, Gage, Gray, Joss, Jude, etc.---but with the surname, it's so abrupt. Hart Glenn. Gray Glenn. Too choppy.

Next I looked into names that were short/unusual and had more than one syllable. NOW we're talking:


But, I suspect most of these are too unusual for your husband. And with possible future sister Harper or Aubrey, probably Philo and Enzo are reaching too far out. Milo, perhaps, or Nico? Corin, Davis, Eamon, Ewan, Ruben? Those all seem more usable, without getting too common. I will try not to push Arlo on you, even though I love it and wish more people would use it. Could I push Ruben a little? I think it is one of the best names for boys, but my surname is awful with it. It has a teensy rhyme with your surname, but nothing I would avoid---I even think it has a nice "tying in" sound. I like Ruben Philip Glenn. Ooo, or Milo Christian Glenn.

But! I love your whole list of candidates, so my list-making is mostly for fun. Since this is your first baby, I think it might be helpful to consider names you might want to use for future children (such as Harper and Aubrey) and see which names from your list you like best with those. Or perhaps have your husband make a list on his own, and then see if there are any on his list you like as is or can modify into a slightly more unusual version.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Baby Boy M. Thorsen, Brother to Mallory and Mykaela

Lisa writes:
We are due with our third May 30th 2010. We have always struggled with boy names and up until now we we were lucky to have girls. Now we are having a boy and difficulty coming up with a name both of us really like.

Our daughters names are Mallory and Mykaela (pronouced like michaela)

We don't need to stick with an M to start the name but it would be nice. The middle name will be David and our last name is Thorsen. We can't do Matthew, Michael or Mark because we have so many of them in the family currently. Our two top names are Marshall and Mitchell, I am ok with them but they are not jumping out at me like the girls names did. We like names that are fairly uncommon but not unusual.

I think my favorite M boy name is Malcolm. I love that name. I'm not sure it's smooth with Thorsen, though: Malcolm Thorsen, hm. A little hard to say, for me.

Oh, wait, no: my favorite M boy name is Milo. Our Henry's runner-up name was Milo. And it's GREAT in your family: Milo Thorsen, Milo David Thorsen; Mallory, Mykaela, and Milo. That's my top pick. Miles would be good, too.

I've been drawn to the name Miller ever since I first heard it (when Stella McCartney named her son). It's unusual, yet not a bit hard to spell or say, and it goes with all the other trades names (Hunter, Carter, Cooper, Parker, Tanner, Sawyer, Tyler). Miller Thorsen is really good. Mallory, Mykaela, and Miller. That's my second pick.

Another favorite is Malachi: Malachi Thorsen, Malachi David Thorsen. Mallory, Mykaela, and Malachi. But I think maybe it shares too many sounds with the girls' names. It's almost a rearrangement of the sounds in Mykaela.

I like Maclean, too. The main trouble is that it can be said mac-CLEEN or mac-LANE, and I greatly prefer mac-LANE---and that's harder to get people to say. Spelling it Maclane would help considerably.

It's too bad Mason rhymes with your surname. Micah and Marcus are both good, but perhaps too close to Michael and Mark.

So, my top two picks are Milo and Miller.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Baby Boy McCartney

Michelle writes:
Our due date is May 30, 2010. We have two other kids with Celtic/English first names and our last name is McCartney. It's not too important that our son be named a Celtic/english name, but to have a name that doesn't clash too much would be good. I do however LOVE British sounding names that aren't too popular)
The list/questions we have:
1. Atticus ( I know, it's totally not Celtic so it's a hesitation for me and I don't care for nn ati an also, does it sound like we are trying too hard?)
2. Lucan (it's ancient,although it sounds made up)
3. Miles (nn Milo)
4. Alastair (but despise the nn al and ali, and Alic is boring) also with this name I would live to insist he just be called his full name, but I'm doubtful that can be adhered to in such a nickname loving society as a whole **sidenote: what do you think about my thought on full names with this in mind** also, some people see this a "whimpy sounding name"
5. Duncan (btw with Duncan, Milo, Lucan they gravitate to me because they sound warm yet strong AND they are not too popular which is attractive)

****These last two are more popular, but they are classic and English enough that I would consider them I think****
6. Oliver
7. Henry (my current infatuation and the one I think I'd like the most input about please) I wonder if it's too popular that it will sound humdrum. To me it sounds strong, rustic, yet classy and even though popular, it doesn't seem like it would turn out to be a bore of a name. Like a beautiful classic style leather arm chair you know?
I would sooooo appreciate your thoughts as I'm coming down to the wire now with our impeding birth!!!
Thank you for taking the time to help me!

Friday, May 7, 2010

2009 Names!

The 2009 baby name data is up!!! Obviously this is a very exciting day for all of us.

Noah is in the top 10! So is Jayden! So is Chloe! So is Mia!

Isabella is #1, kicking Emily to #6 and Emma to #2! And I know an 8-year-old Isabella whose parents named her that to be "unique," because they'd never heard the name on anyone before! That is FAST TRAVELING, my friend!

There's a new changes in popularity chart! Cullen, Emmett, Jasper, Zayden, Braylen, Kason: UP! Maliyah, Aliyah, Aaliyah, Ayla, Aniyah, Mya, Maya, Malia, Amiyah, Jaliyah, Mila, Isla, Lyla, Lilah, Lila, Laila, Nyla: UP! Adelyn and Adalyn: UP! Mis Alternate spellings such as Isiah and Issac: DOWN! Celebrity names Kimora and Miley and Danica: DOWN! Mikayla and Makenzie and Mckenna: DOWN! Caiden and Aidan and Hayden and Braden: DOWN!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Baby Girl Meyer

Melissa writes:
We are having our fourth child and third daughter May 22nd. Our oldest is Gracie. Her full name Grace Elizabeth Meyer. Her middle name is my husband’s maternal grandmother’s 1st name. Our son Tommy’s name is Lane Thomas Meyer (Lane – which is my husband’s first name and Thomas which is my father’s first name). Our second daughter Ellie is Eliana Marie Meyer. Her middle name is my mother’s first name and my middle name.

As you can tell all of our kids have a more formal name and then a nick name that we call them. For our fourth we want a more formal name and then a nickname but the nickname does not need to end in “ie” like the older three. If it does it is ok but it does not have to. There just needs to be nickname.

We would like to use a family name for the middle name since all of the children have some family name in them. That leaves us with my husband’s mother’s name. Her first name is Carmel which seems to be hard as a middle name. Her middle name is Keith so there is no way I will use that for a girl’s name. So we are really trying to use it. We would like the first name to have some meaning but it does not have to be too deep. She is such a gift and I want her name to reflect that to some extent if possible.

Some ideas we have tossed around

1) Charlotte –and call her Charlie (seems to be getting more popular/we know someone who is having a baby in March and naming their daughter Charlotte)

2) Caroline/Carolyn – and call her Carly (seems like too much with Carmel)

3) Natalie – don’t have a formal name for it and it means born on Christmas day. That does not sit right with me.

4) Amanda – call her Molly – my husband does not like that because he does not see how Molly can be a nickname for Amanda. I just don’t like Mandy as a nickname.

5) Sophia – Sophie – like this one but have a friend whose daughter is Sophia

6) Teana – Tea

My sister has three children (Aidan, Alina, and Ariel) we need to make sure whatever name we choose is not to close to those since we live close and do a lot together. My sister-in-laws kids names are Jessica and Kyle.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

I agree, Carmel is tough to work with. Are there any other female names to use? Husband's paternal grandmother? Your grandmothers? Any sisters or aunts? Your maiden name? Your mother-in-law's maiden name?

Two notes on the list of candidates:

1. Do Teana and Eliana rhyme? If so, I think they're too close for sibling names.

2. I agree with your husband that Molly doesn't make sense as a nickname for Amanda. It's not that you couldn't use it (some of the traditional nicknames for other names don't make much sense either, and in fact Molly is the traditional nickname for MARY of all things), but it would be puzzling. And she herself might decide to use the nickname Mandy, and then you'd be stuck.

Grace, Lane, Eliana, and ____. Gracie, Tommy, Ellie, and _____.

I like the name Felicity here. It's fine with Carmel, and it means luck and happiness. Possible nicknames: Fliss, Lissie. I'd probably use Lissie since it goes so well with the other girls' nicknames.

I also like Mirabel: it means miraculous, beautiful one, but without hitting anyone over the head with it. Nicknames: Mira, Miri, Bella. It's not good with Carmel, though.

Oh, how about BEATRIX? "Blessed," and "she who brings happiness." What a great meaning, and I love that name anyway! Nicknames: Bea, Bee (pronounced the same as Bea but I think it's 100 times cuter), Trixie. AND it works with Carmel! I think Beatrix Carmel Meyer is the best possi---....oh, SHOOT. That gives her the initials B.M., and that would be a dealbreaker for me. Oh, DARN IT! Oh, I'm so disappointed! I'm hoping you'll tell me you wouldn't have used it anyway, that it was the name of your husband's ex or of a mean old aunt or something.

I feel almost too discouraged to go on, don't you? I hate when a perfect name crashes and burns.

Name update 05-22-2010! Melissa writes: "We decided to name her Sarah Carmel with the nickname Sadie for Sarah."

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Baby Girl Florio

Megan writes:
I came across your site while researching baby names and thought I'd reach out for help. Our second daughter is due on May 14 and we still can't decide on a name. We have a lot of names that we like, but none that we love or totally agree on, and we're running out of time! Our daughter's name is Alexandra Kathleen. We call her Alex (and sometimes Allie). We want something that sounds nice/flows with Alex, although it doesn't have to be too similar. Our last name sounds like Florio. Our finalists are:

1. Catherine Elizabeth (Cate) (I like the way this sounds with Alex, but not sure if Catherine is too close to Alex's middle name)

2. Grace Elizabeth (Gracie) (We both like this name a lot, but is the style too different from Alex?)

3. Ella Margaret (I love this but my husband isn't wild about it and I'm worried about popularity)

4. Emilia Margaret (Emmie) (I love this but my husband is not sold)

5. Lindsay Margaret (my husband loves this but I'm not sold)

6. Margaret Grace (Molly or Maggie) (Margaret is a family name. My husband loves it. I don't love it on its own but like the nicknames. We've also considered doing Molly on its own.)

My husband is very picky. He doesn't like anything that sounds too trendy or too old fashioned. (Very frustrating!) Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated!

I think that of your finalists, Cate, Molly, and Maggie are best with Alex.

Some more possibilities from the space between "too trendy" and "too old-fashioned":


Because long feminine Alexandra is so different from short boyish Alex, and because it would be nice if a sister name would fit with both, I'm most drawn to the names on my list that have short nicknames, either boyish or sassy: Cassidy (Cass), Gabrielle (Gabby, Bree), Genevieve (Evie), Jessamine (Jess), Jocelyn (Joss), Sabrina (Bree), Samantha (Sam), Veronica (Nic), Victoria (Tori).

I'm also inclined toward Zoe. Zoe is a name that to me is both feminine and boyish, and although it doesn't seem as if a three-letter name would need a nickname, it's still two syllables and the nickname Zo adds even more sass. I like the way there's a Z sound in both Alexandra and Zoe. Plus, I admit I like the A-to-Z thing.

From my list, I think the best fit is Samantha. Alexandra and Samantha, Alex and Sam---it's just about the best sister set ever. Both are long feminine names with short boyish nicknames, and I love Samantha with your surname. I think I would do Samantha Margaret: Alexandra Kathleen and Samantha Margaret.

I also like Veronica with the nickname Nic or Nicki: Alexandra and Samantha, Alex and Nic.

And it's hard to beat Genevieve for beauty and sass: Alexandra and Genevieve, Alex and Evie.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Baby Boy F., Brother to Emmersen and Adilyn

[I am so far behind I will never catch up, and now I'm far enough behind that babies are being born before I get to the questions. But I hate to just DELETE questions, so I'm posting some of them here for us to work on together, and by "us" I mean "just you," and by "together" I mean that I will write this little intro and hit publish.]

Jen writes:
We need help! Baby boy due May 15. Our last name starts with "F", so no "F" first names. This is our 3rd baby - daughters are
Emmersen Kate (Emmy)
Adilyn Grace (Addy)

Dad likes traditional - Daniel is his favorite. Mom likes more unique, with mainstream nick names. Mom's loves Kelden James - dad won't budge!

Help!!!!!! We are due May 15.

Baby Girl Gunnarson

[I am so far behind I will never catch up, and now I'm far enough behind that babies are being born before I get to the questions. But I hate to just DELETE questions, so I'm posting some of them here for us to work on together, and by "us" I mean "just you," and by "together" I mean that I will write this little intro and hit publish.]

Ingrid writes:

I am expecting my baby girl on May 10. I am Swedish, and my husband is English - so we'd like to honour my Scandinavian roots with some Swedish names. This is our first baby, so we're struggling with names... We also like names that are a bit old-fashioned, though nothing too crazy or with funny spelling.

For example, our short list includes;


Our last name is Gunnarson, which we feel is a bit of a mouthful.

However, it is tradition in my husbands family to have three middle names. I am struggling a bit with this concept!

I was just wondering if you feel the name Liv Helene Mathilde Anne Gunnarson is FAR too long. I like the sound of it all together, and adore the name Liv.

So far, our front runners for baby Gunnarson are Liv and Evelyn, which we both adore.


Baby Girl or Boy D'ski

[I am so far behind I will never catch up, and now I'm far enough behind that babies are being born before I get to the questions. But I hate to just DELETE questions, so I'm posting some of them here for us to work on together, and by "us" I mean "just you," and by "together" I mean that I will write this little intro and hit publish.]

John writes:
Greetings from a soon-to-be father!

We are open to first and middle name suggestions. Thank you for taking
time and consideration.

Background info:

- My wife and I are expecting our first baby May 14th.

- We have yet to learn the baby’s gender.

- We are searching for fresh-yet-classic names. Preferably unique,
timeless and/or poetic names that can handle the schoolyard, as well
as adult pursuits.

- We enjoy Latin, Germanic, Hawaiian, British-based names…and a bunch
of other cultures I’ve failed to mention.

- We are avid travelers, both to international cities and the great
outdoors, thus we hope the name(s) resonate from mountain to city to

- We live in California. However I grew up in the US Midwest and my
wife grew up in the US South. As such the names shouldn’t be too crazy
or our families will scoff.

- The month of May is Taurus / earth / emerald.

- We will exclude faddish names (e.g. Skylar, Aiden, Brayden), and
probably exclude Top 100-200 names (e.g. Jacob, Ethan).

- Perhaps shorter (e.g. one or two syllable) first and middle names
would complement our three syllable, Polish last name. Our last name
starts with “D” (“_ubra_ski”)

- Girl names we’ve considered, but for whatever reasons they have yet
to fully resonate:

Adrienne, Amelie, Eva, Giovanna, Giselle, Katya, Maya, Mila, Penelope,
Rosemary, Sienna, Sierra, Uma, Terra, Vera, Victoria, Vivian…

- Boy names we’ve considered, but for whatever reasons they have yet
to fully resonate:

Andre/Andrei/Andres, Beck, Bryce, Charles, Conrad, Cosimo, Cyrus,
Enzo, Ferdinand, Graham, Harrison, Huxley, Kai, Kier, Lachlan, Layton,
Leonardo, Mason, Miles, Milo, Nolan, Parker, Pierce, Taj, Townsend,
Tyson, Vaughn…

***We are very open to new suggestions, or perhaps your thoughts on
the names listed above.

Thank you and we look forward to your response.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Baby Girl Overby

Nicole writes:
My husband and I are expecting our third child on May 10th. We have two boys, Jonah Andrew and Henry Thomas, and our last name sounds like Overby (Over-bee).

This baby is supposed to be a girl, and we're having a more difficult time this time around, for some reason! Our just-in-case boy name is Charles Philip.

The finalist names are: Charlotte, Natalie and Maren (pronounced Maw-ren), and her middle name will be Mabel (in honor of the great-grandmas Monica, Avis, Bernice and Eunice). Kind of cheesy, but I like it anyway!

Reasons for not choosing each name:
Charlotte (dh's favorite) is rapidly rising in popularity, and it was just named the #1 Elite Baby Name (whatever that really means). It's also kind of a long name.

Natalie is already extremely popular, and we know a few girls with that name already. It seems a bit common (i.e. bland) compared to the other two.

Maren (my favorite) will be mispronounced and misspelled A LOT. Plus, dh thinks it's too close to the word 'marlin.'

So, what do you think? And if you have any other suggestions, please share. I'm a Nicole, and while it's a fine name, I was always 'Nicole P.' in school because there were so many of us. I'm sure you hear that all the time!

Oh, and we call her Una in utero, but we would never actually name her that - too bizarre and too many vowel sounds with our last name!

Anyway, thanks for the input!

A name I like that's similar to Maren is Mirren. Perhaps that doesn't reduce the spelling/pronunciation issues, though (I'm pronouncing it MEER-rin.)

I love the name Rose with your surname. Rose is common as a middle name but I never hear it as a first name. Rose Overby; Jonah, Henry, and Rose.

I like Eliza, too: Eliza Overby; Jonah, Henry, and Eliza.

Ooo, or Ruth! Ruth Overby; Jonah, Henry, and Ruth! Ruthie is such a cute nickname.

You mentioned you call her Una; I wonder if you'd like the name Junia? (I think it's pronounced to rhyme with petunia.) Junia Overby; Jonah, Henry, and Junia. Oh, I guess it's too close to Jonah. Shoot. Oh! Juniper! Juniper Overby! Jonah, Henry, and Juniper! Juniper Mabel! Cute!

I love Beatrix too: Beatrix Overby; Jonah, Henry, and Beatrix. Oh---but probably we want to avoid the initials B.O.

That makes me think of Josephine: her initials would be J.O., same as her nickname. Cuteness! Well, although then we run into the similarity of Jonah again.

Annika? Annika Overby; Jonah, Henry, and Annika.

Celeste? Celeste Overby; Jonah, Henry, and Celeste.

Claire! Claire Overby; Jonah, Henry, and Claire.

Name update 05-14-2010! Nicole writes:
Our baby girl came three weeks early on April 20, and was 6 lbs., 6 ozs. My hubby (with my approval) chose Charlotte Mabel, which is perfect for her.

Baby Girl Pechota, Sister to Luciano, Marin, Evelyn, and Charlotte

Marne writes:
Help we can not come up with a name for our fifth child. Our due date is May 7th. We are having a baby girl. Our kids names are: Luciano Vincent, Marin McCabe, Evelyn (Evie) Jean, and Charlotte (Charleigh) Maureen. Marin's name is the combination of my name, Marne and my husband's name, Aaron, Evie and Charleigh we fell in love with, and Luciano's name came from out of the blue.

My husband likes names that are classic and at least two syllables. I was a school teacher so popular names or names of any of my students are out. I don't like thinking of anyone else when I say the name at least before we name the baby that is. Our last name is Pechota so as you can guess, Dakota is out or anything ending with a!!

Our middle names have always took on a greater meaning for us. Vincent is my Grandfathers middle name, McCabe is my mother n laws maiden name, Jean is my Grandmothers first name and my mothers middle name, and Maureen is my sisters name. We are running out of names but some could be Angela, Marie, Kathleen, Ann, Marian, Patricia (Patti), and Kay are a few suggestions.

The only name that the two of us like is Juliet but I don't love it.

My husband likes..

Isabella (too popular and our dog's name is Bella)

Gabriella (I dislike the nickname Gabby)

My husband likes Italian names, classic names, and elegant names.

Names I like...

Theodora (my uncle, who is mentally retarded, name is Theodore we call him Teddy) I like the nickname Teddy for her

Tess ( my husband doesn't like this as a full name but I can't come up with a longer version of this except for Contessa which my husband doesn't like)

I love Irish names, unusual names, and also classic with a twist names

Please give us some good suggestions we need it.

Please help!!!

If you like Gabriella except for the nickname Gabby, you could use Bree or Ellie. I also really like Raffaella: so pretty and underused.

My favorite baby name book mentions that Tess is a nickname for Teresa or Therese.

I wonder if you'd like the name Tamsin? I think it goes so well with your other children's names, and with your surname.

Or Carys. That has the added benefit of giving you an end-sound you haven't used yet---though it repeats a first initial, if you're trying to avoid that. Karis, maybe.

Gwyneth and Gwendolyn both have a sound your husband might like, while being Celtic and unusual for your tastes.

Isla, too, seems to me like it might work for both of you. (I'm trying to avoid names that end in A, but so many do!)

Or Josephine: elegant, classic, cute nickname, new end sound, new first initial.

Or Laurel---so pretty, and I think of it as "classic with a twist" because of how close it is to the name Laura and yet not quite. Lorelei would work too, and you could use the nickname Rory as they did in The Gilmore Girls.

Name update 05-05-2010! Marne writes:
Thank you for your post. We ended up delivering our little bundle of joy on April 30th. She came a week early with such great joy on mommy side. We ended up going in a whole different direction with the name, then when I first posted a long time ago. Her name is Keaton Marie. We gave her the middle name Marie for Aaron's sisters middle name. We deicded on Keaton because we loved the name, it was original, it had a short story --we both grew up loving the tv show Family Ties, and we thought it sounded well together. Thank you for all of your suggestions and the suggestions of your readers!!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Baby Boy Lawrence

Hope writes:
Hi there. I am due any day now (early baby) and was all set to name this baby Silas Henry Lawrence. We have another son named Hudson Graham Lawrence. However, all along I was just saying "Silas" (I love the name) and did say "Silas Lawrence" too often and I just realized that it is a bit awkward to say.

So now we need a name.

Husband is Australian with English parents. I am American. We live in the US but will likely move back to Australia one day.

We like less common names. No interest in James, Jack, Thomas, etc. Hudson was named after NYC where we used to live. We love the name Hudson and it is a perfect fit.

Our thoughts now are:

Dashiell (nickname Dash)
William (Husband's thought - I am not crazy about it).
Callum (just saw it on your site)

Really - we have nothing. I think Lawrence is hard to work with. There are names that I don't mind (Ethan, Owen, etc) but nothing that I love. I really like Silas but don't think it will work. (Thoughts?)

Any thoughts on names that sound good with Lawrence? Something a bit unique but not too crazy?

Baby could be born tomorrow so please respond soon!

I think two things:

1. It is normal to panic about the choice of baby name at the last minute.

2. Silas Lawrence is great and you should use it.

POSSIBLY if you had written early in the process I might have said Silas Lawrence was a little bit difficult for me to say, but by "for me" I would have meant "But, meh, just because it's hard for me doesn't mean it's hard for other people" and I would have added "But not enough to rule it out AT ALL,"---AND I might not have EITHER noticed OR mentioned it.