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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Baby Boy E____n

Meg writes:
Please help name Our baby boy he is due 10th feb,surname E***n.
We have Four main contenders, though suggestions are very welcome!
Our list currently stands at
Ted (this would be his full name as opposed to edward of theodore)

We like slightly less common names but my partner doesn't like anything to out there and wouldn't let me use

We would like him to have the middle name jacob
As a middle name as its a family name, I like the idea of two middle names
Though and had considered
As possible 2nd middle names to go before jacob.
So the question really is which (if any!) First name/middle name
Combo would you say sounds best and if you think there all clearly terrible ideas and my hormones are playing tricks on me then what should I go for?
Many thanks for your time and much needed help!

My favorite is Evan Jacob E____n, unless Evan E___n sounds odd with the same starting/ending letters, in which case my favorite is Miles Jacob E___n. I'd spell it Miles, not only because I prefer that spelling but because changing to a Y is a typical way to feminize a name. If you decide to use two middle names, I like Arthur best. Would your partner be okay with one of your more uncommon favorites as a second middle name?

Name update! Meg writes:
You guys helped a ton and I agreed with your choices .... OH had other ideas though! I am pleased to announce that Noah Alfie Jacob E___n was born on the 31st Jan at 1 am. Im going to keep all your name help as suggestions for the future.
Thank you again for your comments and help.


StephLove said...

If the last name is a short one, I don't think Evan works too well with it. I love Noah, but it's not what I'd call a less common name, so my vote is with Miles, spelled that way, if the less common criteria is really important to you.

I do like a lot of middles or rejected firsts as middle for Noah, though.

Noah Dexter Jacob, for instance, or
Noah Jasper Jacob.

Come to think of it, I like that double J in the middle of the name. How about

Miles Josiah Jacob, or
Miles Jonathan Jacob?

Anonymous said...

Ted Arthur Jacob is the best one.
Even just Ted Jacob if you choose to not have the second middle name.
I'm sure loads of people will say that Ted isn't a good enough name on it's own instead of a nickname, but don't listen, it's good on its own!

If not, then Miles Arthur.

Christine said...

I like Miles best for you guys. I feel like if your last name is short, Evan doesn't really work, but I don't know for sure, not knowing your last name. I really like Arthur as a middle with Jacob.

Good luck!

beyond said...

I like your list!
My favorites are Miles (I prefer the more traditional spelling, but Myles could work too, of course) and Noah.
Miles Jasper Jacob; Noah Arthur Jacob. Both of those sound great to me!
It's not clear to me if your partner would be okay with your less common names Atticus, Dexter, Ernest in the mn slot? If yes, I like Miles Atticus Jacob or Noah Dexter Jacob too.
Ted could be quite wonderful too. Ted Arthur Jacob; Ted Alfie Jacob.
(Evan looks too much like your last name to work well, especially if it's two syllables too)
Good luck!

Anonymous said...

I wouldn"t use Evan if your last name starts with an E and is either one or two syllables. I like Noah and Miles/Miles a lot; I wouldn't say they were uncommon but they are lovely. Noah is in the top ten, Miles is in the top 200, and Evan is in the top 40 of US names in 2009.

I like Jacob and Arthur as middle names, they flow nicely with your favorite names.

Some possible ideas--

Finnigan/ Finley Arthur Jacob, nn Finn (or Griffin)
Callum or Callan

Anonymous said...

So sorry, I didn't say which was my favorite combo as you asked.. Noah Alfie Jacob E---- has my vote!

StephLove said...

I missed Arthur when I read this the first time.

Noah Arthur Jacob is nice, as is Miles Arthur Jacob.

Also, I meant to say before, if you like Noah, but want something a little less popular you could go with Nolan, or Micah.

Lindsay said...

Since you like Miles and Noah, what about Moses?
Moses Ted Jacob
Moses Arthur Jacob
Moses Jasper Jacob
I like the last the best! Good luck to you!

Mere Mere said...

So this may not be the help you're looking for, but I wanted to commend you on your own name taste. I was just thinking on the way home today how incredible the name Ernest is and how I wish I had the courage to use it or try to convince my own husband of how great it is. Ernest evokes such a wonderful image for me. And I just suggested Dexter to a good friend of mine and it's in her top two. Alas, those are not options for you...

What about something like Barrett? The nickname Bear is so sweet on a little guy and sexy on an older guy (like Bear Grylls). Or some other names that end in "s" like Lucius (nn Luke which is not so "out there" for your husband) or Silas. And I'm with Swistle on the Miles spelling, unless you have a compelling reason.

Patricia said...

Ted would be unusual as a given name, and I don't think it's all that common as a nn either. We named our first son Edward Anthony and called him Teddy, later Ted. He has always preferred Ted to Edward and has Ted A. (surname) on his checks, etc. A few years ago friends of his planned to name their baby Ted (given name), but it was a girl! I still prefer a more formal given name, but then Ted isn't so different from Todd which isn't a nn, so I think it would be all right use 'just' Ted. I don't love Ted Jacob, but if you put Arthur in the middle - Ted Arthur Jacob -- that sound very good. Of your 4 top contenders, Ted gets my vote.

However, if you were to go with just one middle name -- Jacob -- then I'd vote for Miles Jacob E___n. It looks like Evan might be too similar to your surname and Noah Jacob would give your son two USA top 10 names (if you live in the US) - #1 and #9. But I like each of these names too!

Anonymous said...

Thank you thank you all so much! will be showing all your helpful responses to my oh tonight and will be sure to email swistle with the final name and of course a photo somewhen after the 27th which is when he will be making his grand entrance! and he may well now thanks to your help have a name!