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Friday, January 21, 2011

Baby Girl Myers, Sister to Olivia, Griffin, and Ainsley

Michelle writes:
We're expecting baby #4(girl) on 2/20/11, she'll join Olivia Grace(age 9), Griffin Caleb(age 5) & Ainsley Faith(age 3). Our last name is fairly common, Myers, so we like different, but not totally weird first names. We're pretty much in agreement that this baby's middle name will be Hope, b/c we feel it flows well w/the other girl's names we have. Olivia has become VERY popular since our naming & I'm not one for "popular" names, so we're trying to stay away from them. I also don't care for gender neutral names or anything that starts with a "B"( the whole initial os "BM" bothers me...). B/c our other 2 girls both begin with vowels, we're rather torn if this should influence our decision this time. So, a name that starts with a vowel, not too popular, not gender neutral & goes well with the middle name Hope. We really like Charlotte, but are concerned about how common it is becoming.........Help, we're really stuck over here!!!!! :)

Let me start by putting in a good word for my top-favorite baby-naming resource: the Social Security baby name site. The problem with trying to avoid popular names is that they are often already popular before we start hearing them, due to the fact that babies are not mingling in many social circles. Let's see, for example, the chart for the name Olivia:

(screen shot from the Social Security baby name site)
(click it to see it larger)

To you it seems as if the name suddenly got way popular after you used it, but if Olivia is 9 years old, you would have been choosing her name about 10 years ago, in 2001. And in 2001, the name Olivia was already in the Top 10, with a clear climbing path behind it: even in 1998 or 1996, it was clear the name was popular, and getting more popular very quickly. So this website is my top-favorite resource for avoiding surprises later on.

If you are collecting opinions about the vowel thing, I think it's unnecessary. I don't think anyone will even notice, especially with a consonant-initial boy name in there. If it's fun for you to try to coordinate (as with the middle name), then by all means! But if it's limiting you in a way that's making you stressed and giving you trouble finding names, then I will assure you there is no reason to force yourselves into that corner.

Assuming you DO want to use a vowel, here are some possibilities:


I included a few names that start with a long A, but I mostly leaned toward the ones that started with a short-A, to further separate it from Ainsley. I did the same with names that included a Z sound: I left a few in, but mostly avoided them. I avoided -ly endings completely.

If you like one of the names on the list but don't feel it goes well with Hope, other middle name possibilities are Charity, Honor, Joy, Mercy, Patience, and Serenity.


AirLand said...

I really like Emaline Hope. It's feminine, familiar, and not too popular.

Mrs S said...

I like Charlotte Hope Meyers, Isla Hope Meyers, Meredith Hope Meyers, Rachael Hope Myers, Tessa Hope Myers, Violet Hope Myers or Adele Hope Myers.


Karen L said...

With Olivia, Griffin, and Ainsley, and your liking Charlotte, I think that probably any name you like is going to be at least a little stylish (though not necessarily trendy) and thus a risk for BECOMING popular, if not already. But I don't think that's such a bad thing. It's definitely better than avoiding names you like or love because they *might* get "too" popular. But sure, check on the SSA rankings for avoidable disappointment.

For comparison:
NAME (2009rank,2005,2000,1990)
Olivia (3,5,16,72)
Griffin (233,244,231,603)
Ainsley (417,440,>1000,>1000)
Charlotte (68,135,289,287)

I'd give Charlotte a chance. It's so hard to find a name that both parents really like; Charlotte sounds great with Hope and also with Olivia, Griffin, and Ainsley. Maybe Charlotte will hit the top ten (or maybe not!) but don't you actually still love Olivia's name?

My favourites among Swistle's suggestions are
Anastasia (324,293,309,383)
Annika (416,327,445,>1000)
Anika (533,496,625,>1000)
Athena (430,461,528,731)
Elodie (>1000 all years)
Isla (346,>1000,>1000,>1000)

But Isla looks like it could get trendy.

Or just some guesses: how about ?
Camille (287,290,269,243)
Talia (367,354,378,607)
Leandra (>1000,>1000,>1000,803)
Carmen (302,267,271,218)
Marissa (183,91,78,87)
Cecilia (265,280,283,326)
Julia (50,31,29,83) popular but steady, and already peaked

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Charlotte is really nice and a nice classic name, it also repeats the L sound that both your other girls have in their names so it seems to fit well :-)

beyond said...

Charlotte is great! It seems like Charlotte would be a good fit for you, it is popular (but less popular than Olivia was when you chose it) and it flows really well with Olivia, Griffin and Ainsley.
Suggestions you might like (starting with and without vowels):
(I like Evelyn very much. Evelyn Hope Myers. Lovely.)

StephLove said...

I think Charlotte sounds nice in the family group and even though it's rising, it's still not as popular as Olivia.

If you really want something less common, though, here are a few that might work for you


Hope T. said...

I like the idea of a name beginning with a vowel. Isla is a great name but as noted is getting more popular.
I vote for Ivy. Ivy Hope Myers

Anonymous said...

how about eloise, familar but not too common

kimma said...

I think Charlotte Hope goes so nicely with your other names I would be inclined to use it.

I would also shortlist Adele, Elena (Alaina), Evelyn and Eloise. All are pretty, feminine names that compliment your other children.

kimma said...

Actually, just looked at the SSA site and Evelyn is more popular than Charlotte and growing quickly. Beautiful name, but maybe not right for you.