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Monday, February 7, 2011

Baby Boy or Girl Hill, Sibling to Brody

Chelsea writes:
Our baby will be here in 4 weeks or less and we have a short list of boy and girl names. DH won't commit to anything. Everything on our list we both agree on but nothing is sticking out to us as "the one"

Our son's name is Brody. My DH picked this name from our final short list: Levi, Eli, Sam and Brody. His full name is Brody Charles. MN after my DH and his great grandpa. He was named a few days after his birth.

We don't want to have a theme and I feel we like many names anyway. We do not want a name that is a word because it sounds like a location with our last name "Hill" eg/ Violet Hill, Hunter Hill, Olive Hill.....

I want the baby's mn to have a family connection. If it's a boy I like the idea to use Arlo or Joseph as a mn. Arlo is the italian version of Charles (we are not italian) and Joseph is the other great grandpa's name. Michael is another option.

If it's a girl the mn will be Elizabeth or a form of it. I also like Josephine b/c it is a fem. version of Joseph. Olivia May, Isabel or Maisie are all family names we could use too.

I am open to any ideas that's why I am emailing you. But I mostly just value your advice.

Here is the list in no particular order.

Our little Hero:
Hendricks (DH loves. I'm ok w/ Arlo Hendricks or Luca Hendricks only!)

Our little Honey:
Isla (was my number 1 but I have met 2 while I've been preggers)
Lola (cute for a child) Longer name option w/ the nn Lola?
Audrey (I find this difficult to say w/ Brody)

Names we are fond of but can't use: Louie, Sophia, Ruby, Jack, Finlay, Ellie, Owen, Toby, Henry, Hayden, Ella, Rhys

Thanks for your help!

Name update! Chelsea writes:
Just wanted to thank Swistle's readers for their suggestions and help. Swistle I was so disappointed you lacked input.

Our little girl Freya Elizabeth Hill was born Feb. 25, 2011 @ 0620.
She is very sweet and adored by her big brother Brody.


Linda said...

We have a Lorelei that we always planned to nn Lola. It turns out that she's a Lorelei, but I think the nn still works.

Brenda said...

LOVE Arlo Hendricks! That would be my vote for a boy.

Karen L said...

It's always great if you like the family names you have to work with. I wonder if you think you'll have more children. If not, why not go with Josephine Elizabeth or Elizabeth Josephine for a girl? Or maybe you only like them enough for a middle name.

Also wondering why you're "breaking your own rule" with Ivy. Do you just love it that much? If so, then I think the rule can go. Ivy Hill does not make me think it's a place name.

I was also going to suggest Lorelei for Lola. Leola is a female form of Leo (according to and could lend itself to the nn Lola. Or maybe Luella/Louella/Lewella?

Carolyn said...

Lauren could have the nn Lola
I also like Cora for a girl.

For boys I like Nathan, Gabriel, and Nolan.

Mrs Hill said...

To Karen L:
Ivy Hill doesn't bother me as much for some reason. It is the only word name on my list. I really like Brody and Ivy together.:)

So I'll keep my rule (with the exception of Ivy) that I don't want a name that is a word to prevent it from sounding like a place.

I really like the name Luella but Luella Hill has too many 'L's'

I do like the suggestion of Josephine Elizabeth. We never thought of that one.:)


I like the name Lauen. But then her name would be "Lauren Hill" and Brody and Lauren were both names of people from the tv hit "The Hills". To bad though.;)

beyond said...

I really like your lists! For a boy my favs are Arlo Hendricks and Leo. For a girl I love Freya and Mathilda. (Brody and Freya. Swoon.)
I don't think you need any more suggestions, the more I look at your lists (and the great mn options) the more possibilities I see...
Good luck!

Phancy said...

For boys name, Arlo is wonderful. You said you used Charles from your husband, what about his middle name?

For girls, to get Lola as a nickname you could use:

My favorite is Maisie though. What a great name. My first choice, full stop.

I wonder if you'd like Esme?

Meredith said...

For the love of name nerds everywhere, please use Freya!!! And Arlo. What fabulous choices. Do it! Do it! Please...! (Okay, can you tell I'm a little excited about those names? it!)

Mrs Hill said...

Joseph Is my DH MN. So Arlo Joseph and Arlo Hendricks are our MN choices for the name Arlo.

Penelope for Lola....I like this...Penelope Hill.:) I'm adding it to our list...if DH likes it.

I adore the name Esme but my DH vetoed it!

Maisie I seem to not have a MN choice that I like. I like Eva Maisie a lot.

Thank You for commenting!

Phancy said...

I think Arlo Hendricks sounds better than Arlo Joseph, but using Joseph after dad is special. So both equally good, just a question of what you prefer.

Would using a formal name with Maisie as a nickname open up MN opportunities for you? Although I like Maisie Olivia a lot.

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

I love the name Arlo, it sounds really well with Brody and with your last name. Arlo Joseph *swoon*

What about

Dashiell - Dash

Adele - Addy, Ellie
Chloe (I think Lola could be a nickname)
Camille - Milly?

StephLove said...

From the boy list I like Luca best, and for a girl Eva, Matilda & Ivy. I think the traditional full name for Lola is Delores, but if that's not your cup of tea, I think Louisa would work.

Are any of the family names on your list from your side of the family? That would be nice since you already have Charles from your husband's side.

Frazzled Mom said...

Arlo is my favorite name on your boy list.
I agree that Hendricks works best as a middle name.

I really like Arlo Hendricks, but it does remind me of 60/70's rock music! I'm ok with that, and only bring it up in case you hadn't considered it.

Too bad you can’t use Louie – I would love to see more baby Louie’s.

Your boy list inspires:

Alfie – on its own or as a nn for Alfred
Ferdie – on its own or as a nn for Ferdinand. Maybe Ferdinand is too different for most people? I sense it needs to get discovered, and you sound like someone who might like it.

The only name I don't care for on your boy list is Luca - Luca, Luke, Lucas, all fit a trendy theme and Luca almost sounds feminine to me.

You probably don't need more suggestions, but when I see your girl list, I immediately had a bunch of other ideas:

Millie as a given name or nickname for Millicent, Camilla or Camille
Minerva, possible nn Minnie

Oh, and the hubs and I have been watching the original British version of "Skins" and there is a character named Effy (long e like in Eve). I have seen it spelled Effie. The Effy in "Skins" is actually named Elizabeth, but I think you may like Effie/Effy as a given name. I feel it has potential.

Good luck.

Christine said...

I love Arlo from your list for a boy and I will give Matilda some love too. And I think they both work with Brody.

Good luck and congratulations!

Mrs Hill said...

Thank you swislte helpers!

Frazzled Mom: I see what you mean about Arlo Hendricks reminding you of a 60s/70s rocker. My DH is a musician/writer. Maybe Leo Hendricks is a better combo...not as obvious. And just recently someone mentioned to me that 'Luca' sounds like someone 'coughing up phlegm'. I can't forget this and it has ruined the name for me. Best to hear it b4 then after I guess.

Millie: love and would us it as a nn for Matilda.
Flora: Hmm. I like this. Similar to Freya. Oh no,
Flora Hill, maybe not.
Love Polly: Pauline is an old family name that has
been reused for my niece. Polly nn.
Effie: So sweet! Ellie was a top 3 if our son was a
girl (nn for Elizabeth). But Ellie has been used
by closed friends. I never heard of an Effie,
bonus! Elizabeth Freya would be perfect for
an Effie.

Christine and StephLove: Glad you like Matilda. Seem
to not get much feedback about this name.

StephLove: My family boy names have been really overused. My Dad has a really small family. My brothers names have the names that I would consider. My mom's side just had their dad's name to use. Both my grandfaters only had FN. So they've been over used. Especially since my mom is one of 5 girls. Bennet was my grandmothers maiden name I could think of using it.

Which mn for Freya? So far I like Freya Isabel or Freya Elizabeth

Mrs S said...

Leo or Arlo go so well with Brody! I really like Eli too.

Ivy, Eva, Matilda or Freya are my favs for a girl. Brody and Eva (nn Evie) sounds great. But I saw the suggestion for Effie! Elizabeth Freya for a Full name. So lovely!

Mrs S said...

Leo Bennet Hill or Bennet Arlo Hill sounds great!

kimma said...

I'm partial to the sibling set Brody and Levi if you have a boy. I really like the way they sound together.

I love Maisie as a cute little girls name, but as with Lola, when used alone it doesn't really translate to a future business woman. Traditionally its a derivative of Margaret, but Brody and Margaret sound a bit odd together. I wonder if you'd like Margot? I think this goes better with Brody, sounds classy as a formal name and you could still use nn Maisie when she is young.

Mere Mere said...

You did it! You used Freya! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Excellent choice. I love it. You've got naming chops.