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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Baby Boy or Girl Mills, Sibling to Elias, Jacob, and Dylan

Taylor writes:
My husband and I are expecting our 4th child together soon- due date is April 17th to be exact. My husband's name is Jordan, my name is Taylor and our last name is Mills. We have 3 other children together: Elias Caden, age 6 and twin boys Jacob Harrison and Dylan Riley, age 2. With our previous pregnancies, names were not a big challenge at all. Eli's name was determined by 20 weeks, and with the twins, we walked into delivery with 2 names for each of them and decided there. This time around we are struggling, partly because we seemed to have used all the names we loved with our first three kids. To add to the situation, we decided that we would let the gender be a surprise.

Our 3 boys each have a family middle name, so names that are in the running to use are:
Francis, Nicholas, Oliver, Samuel, Isaac, Vincent, Matthew, Reagan, Adele, Juliette, Morgan, and Danielle/Daniella.

We have a very short list of names, but nothing we truly love so far:


Names we cannot use due to family/friend use:
Molly, Camden, Isabella, Katherine/Katelyn/Kate, Henry, Amelia, Evan, Ella, Savannah, Cooper, Lindsey, Hanna, or Lily

Please help us!


Carolyn said...

For a boy, I like Ryder and Luke from your list.

I also like the name Cole with your boy names. Cole Matthew would be cute.

I love Leah and Abigail from your list.

Another idea is Lucy or Claire

StephLove said...

From your boys list I like Owen best. Owen Nicholas? Owen Matthew?

I also like Luke & Griffin. Luke Isaac? Luke Oliver? Griffin Isaac? Griffin Samuel?

From your girls list I Iike Leah best. Leah Adele? Leah Morgan?

I also like Abigail & Sofia. Abigail Daniella? Sofia Juliette?

MelissaInk Designs said...

I noticed all the boys have a different ending -i (or -ias), -n, and -ob. For that reason, I like Ryder the best and, if you're still looking, exploring two-syllable -er ending names for boys :)

kimma said...

For a boy I prefer Luke or even Lucas (as your others all have two syllable names) to complete the sibling set.

While your other boys all have established names, Ryder is a bit trendy and new so I personally don't like the way it sits next to the others.

For a girl I feel the same way about Kinley and Madison. I'd like to suggest the more traditional Madeline as an alternative to Madison and still gives you the nickname Maddie.

But for a girl my preference is by far for Sofie. Elias, Jacob, Dylan and Sofie flow very well together.

brooke said...

I love Leah and Sofia from your girls list. I think that they both sound really pretty with Juliette as a middle name.

Leah Juliette
Sofia Juliette

Luke and Owen are my favorites from your boy list.

A few other boy names that seem to fit with your other children:


Elisabeth said...

For boys, I like Owen the best from your list.

Other boy names that might work well with your three boys are Logan, Grant, or Noah.

For girls, I love Leah. It is such a beautiful name and works so well with both your surname and the rest of your family.

Other girl names that might work are Clara, Audrey, or Lydia.

The Mrs. said...

Owen seems fitting... Owen Vincent.
Ryder reminds me of Ruston. Perhaps Ruston Nicholas? Ruston Oliver?
Luke reminds me of Lawrence. Law Mills?
Do you like Simon? Roy? Landon? Stetson? Ralston? Bronson? Carson? Curtis? Hollis? Lowell? Marshall? Wesley? Nash? Trevor? Troy? Russell?

Moving to the girl possiblities:
Leah is lovely... Leah Juliette.
Do you like Sadie? Stella? Marian? Ginger (nickname of Ginny)? Rosemary?

All the best to you six! Excited to hear what you pick!

Anonymous said...

If you like Leah how about Lydia

StephLove said...

Oh, I like the suggestion of Owen Vincent. That's very nice.

Anonymous said...

I think Griffin goes the best with your boys' names. Owen and Luke would work well too, but I feel like Ryder doesn't fit well. I like Griffin Matthew the best.

For a girl, I like Abigail the best, but I think you could use any of them and it would fit in with your boys' names. Abigail Juliette or Abigail Morgan is nice.

Mrs S said...

I really like Ryder Nicholas, Griffin Oliver or Luke Vincent.

For a girl: Abigail Morgan, Reagan Abigail, Leah Juliette or Madisin Adele.

I also like Vincent for a FN because I love the nn Vinny.:)