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Friday, March 11, 2011

Baby Girl DeHart, Sister to Ty Noble

Haley writes:
We are expecting our second child, a girl, the middle of April, and I am going out of my mind trying to find a name for this little person. When we named our son it was 100% painless, it’s a long story but we just knew that his name was Ty, I think because of that this time around is twice as painful. Our style is pretty all over the place. We want something that is familiar, and classic, I don’t mind popular, but would like to avoid trendy or top 10. My husband and I both have very classic names so I don’t want her to be the odd one out with a bizarre name. A good nickname is very important, I tend to shorten or nickname those I love. Her middle name will be Jen or Jennifer after my amazing mom!
Here is our list so far:

Atley - I love this name, my husband hasn’t vetoed it but has issues with it. For me it has alot of what I want, not overly girly, but still able to be feminine. A little spunky, plenty of nicknames, and definitely not top 10. I also feel like it goes well with Ty. My problem with it is that every time I tell someone this name they either make me spell it for them or spell it themselves to make sure they have it right. Is it so unusual that it falls into the strange category? It has a familiar sound to me but maybe that’s because it has been rolling around in my head for months now.
Addison - This is my husbands compromise to Atley, I do really like the name, but I am having a hard time getting over where it sits on Social Security website.
Josie - Husband likes, I am meh--
Emery - I love, husband is meh
Elsa - Husband is undecided and I am afraid it might get butchered a lot.
Anistyn - Nickname? Not sure I like Ann or Annie
Austyn - Husband likes, I can’t get past no nickname
Lucy - Struggling with the nickname Luc (loose), and it's top 10 in our area.
Hattie - We are both a little meh, but it’s still on the list
I guess I should also include our three year olds suggestions of Tyla and Cactus

Vivian - (I cried when husband vetoed)

Names we love that we can’t use:

After rereading this I realize that I really am all over the place. Guidance please!! I keep thinking that I just haven’t heard the right name yet, and maybe its also a little because my husband really isn’t loving anything either. Of course maybe I am just way over analyzing this whole thing….(me??, no way!) Thanks so much for any suggestions! I can’t wait to settle on a name so that I can dream about something else at night. :)

Atley is indeed a highly unusual name: according to the Social Security Administration, it was given to only 22 girls in 2009. That's the same as the number of girls who were named Christopher that year. I think with names of that sort, it's good to have a quick-reference to help people incorporate it: in this case, something like "It's like Ashley, but with a T instead of an S-H." Or if you went with Atalie/Ataley, you could say "Like Natalie without the N."

Padgett comes to mind: it doesn't solve the classic/familiar issue at all, but it's similar to Atley and I think it's such a cute name.

Or would you like Shelby or Brinley? They have some of the sound of Atley, while being more familiar.

If Addison's popularity is the main sticking point, I suggest Adelyn and Avelyn and Emerson, and perhaps Adeline and Evelyn.

A name similar to Emery is Everly, which makes me think of Ellery, which makes me think of Ellis, which makes me think of Hollis.

I think Elsa is wonderful with your surname: Elsa DeHart. I don't THINK it would get butchered---or at least, I can't see many ways to mispronounce it. And it's good with Ty. This is my favorite from your list.

This is a little out of nowhere, but would you like Paisley? Paisley DeHart; Ty and Paisley. There aren't a ton of easy nicknames, but I can picture saying Paisy-Daisy.

I think Kiefer is an adorable name for a little girl---but again, nickname issues. Keef? Kiki? Efie (I'm imagining it sounding like Evie)? And the -fer means Jennifer as a middle name won't work. (Perhaps Cactus instead?)

I think Winslow is gone for boys, which makes it excellent material (with good nicknames) for girls.

Name update! Haley writes:
Our little girl Ally Jennifer DeHart made her debut on April 12, 2011. I was so hoping that everyone who told me the second I saw her I would just "know" what her name was would be right, but not so much. My husband and I had gone through both of the hospitals name books twice and still nothing we could agree on. My husband really wanted to name her Austen, but she was so little and sweet I felt she really needed something more feminine, I was pulling realllllllly hard for Elsa, it just seemed to fit her but my husband just didn't like it at all. So the name we settled on as we were walking out the door was Ally. Looking back I had thrown that name out early on because we have friends, who also happen to be our neighbors, with a baby girl who is named Alee. But in the end the name is everything I wanted, It's a traditional name that's not too trendy, everyone was really shocked, they said "That wasn't even on the list!!" haha! I am so glad its over, thanks again for all your help and the help from all the readers, it really did help!


Kit said...

As looked at your list, I immediately thought of Ellery (also suggested by Swistle) - cute, feminine without being too girly, good on an adult, good nicknames.

Jolie/Jolee might also work for you.

changelivlife said...

If you like Atley, try Hadley. It is more common (but not very common) and lends itself to the adorable nn Haddie.

That covers Hattie from your list and Addie (nn for Addison).

Hadley DeHart.
Hadley Jennifer DeHart.

Love this for you.

Abby@AppMtn said...

I do love Elsa and Ellery, but the first name that comes to mind is Adair.

It's a Scottish surname, ultimately derived from Edgar.

To me, it is a perfect pick circa 2011. Addie is an everywhere, blend-in nickname, worn by little girls called Adelaide and Addison and Adeline. But Adair is a stand-out given name, with that fabulous "dare" sound embedded.

The only challenge is that Adair Jennifer might not be the best combo - though I like it well enough. But Adair Jen or Adair Jenna DeHart has potential.

If Vivian was a favorite, would you consider Viveca or Verity?

Jessie makes me think of Jessamine, but then you'd be back at the nickname Jessie - which might not work for you.

Anonymous said...

If you're worried about people spelling Atley wrong, then I wouldn't suggest Ashtyn, Anistyn, etc, over the more common spellings (-ton ending). You're going to run into the same problem there of always having her name misspelled. Also, Anniston + middle name Jennifer?

Elsa is my favourite from your list. I'm not sure how anyone would butcher it, either. Atley is a neat name, but it makes me think of a little kid trying to say "Ashley." Adelaide or Adele, maybe? I like Swistle's Adelin/Adelyn suggestion. Everly and Ellery, too! I think Paisley is cute, and you could always use "lee" or "leigh" or "ley" as a nickname?

Would your husband like Vivian if it were spelled differently? Vivienne is adorable and French and trendy and classic, with cute nicknames to boot (Vivi, Fifi, Via, Anne, etc).

Barb @ getupandplay said...

Lots of names here and some great suggestions. I just wanted to suggest a nickname of Cece (see-see) for Lucy if that's the only thing that's holding you back.

Brenda said...

My neices name is Brinley (although spelled differently). It is a cute name for a little girl and we love it.

I also thing Paisley and Ty would be so cute. Paisley Jennifer

Caitlin said...

Oh, I love Elsa! Great for a little girl or an adult.

Along with the commenter above who suggested Adair, I know of a baby named Adalia. They do call her Addie sometimes. I think it's very pretty, and familiar with a touch of the unusual.

Anonymous said...

From your list, I like Elsa the best. I've only met one Elsa in my lifetime, but I remember thinking it was uncommon without being out there. Elsa Jennifer DeHart sounds great on both a cute and cuddly little girl and a professional business-woman.

My favorite from Swistle's list is Paisley. I have always loved Paisley, but I'm not sure that it fits your criteria. Think of how cute that nursery would be tho!

I love the suggestion of Hadley and I don't think that it is too close to your name at all. I can see that being a hesitation, but I actually love it because it IS close to your name.

You didn't comment on Ty's middle name, so I don't know if it is a family name or if you chose it because it is a virtue name. Perhaps you would like Temperance. You could use the nn of Tempe. Ty and Tempe is a unique combo. Felicity could also work.

Adey said...

To me Austyn and Ryland are completely out because I only associate them with boys. I was also surprised at Swistle's suggestion of Kiefer because that is strictly masculine in my mind too!

I really like Atley and Aniston/Anistyn. I like Ani/Anni as a nickname.
Elsa is really nice for both a young girl and an adult and I definitely didn't think people would pronounce it wrong.
I also like Emery and Ellery.

Perhaps Elodie?

Good luck!

Frazzled Mom said...

I really love Elsa from your list. It is uncommon but familiar. Some other names I thought of:

Cleo - Ty & Cleo
Aida - Ty & Aida
Millie (for Millicent or stand-alone) Ty & Millie
Astrid - Ty & Astrid

I know you said you wanted something with a nickname, but unless you omitted this from your post, I was under the impression that your son's name, Ty was a stand alone name. I would try to find a short name that doesn't need a nickname and would compliment Ty.

StephLove said...

From your list I like Alice, Elsa and Lucy best. I think with Ty my top pick is Lucy. You could call her Lulu if you need a nickname. Lucy Jennifer, Lucy & Ty. Elsa would be my second choice. (I don't see any pronunciation issues.)

Ashley said...

Alice, Elsa and Lucy are my favourites for you! The Luc nickname for Lucy that sounds like "loose" could always be made into Luz. It sounds nearly identical, and is the Spanish word for "light." Or, if you want Lucy to be the nickname, you could always name her Lucella or Lucretia or something that would lend itself to a Lucy nickname? Either way, Ty and Lucy are adorable!

If you still don't like Luz/Luc, the previously suggested Lulu and Cece are incredibly cute. I LOVE Nellie and Hattie, too- would you want to use a longer name that could be made into that nickname? Nellie: Eleanor, Elena/Helena, Danielle, Noelle, etc. Hattie/Hettie: Henrietta, Harriet, Esther, etc.

Ashley said...

And I love Tyla and Cactus. Very trendy. ;)

kimma said...

I wonder if you would consider Riley instead of Ryland? This is a great unisex name (which seems to be your style) and you could nickname her RiRi (ree-ree).

I also wonder if you are worried about people misspelling Atley that Anistyn, Austyn and Ashtyn are not the best choices.

Another non-girly name I've always liked is Kendal, you could nickname her Kendi.

Elisabeth said...

I like Emery and Paisley best of the names in the post. Other spunky names to consider are Sadie, Ivy, Charlie, Piper, Rory, Tess, or LIbby.

Also, don't let a lack of obvious nicknames sway you from a name that you love. My friend's dad has called her Cricket (which has nothing to do with her name at all) since she was a little girl, and I have other friends with non-name based nicknames.

Carolyn said...

Drawing inspiration from the names you love but can't use, what about;


Anonymous said...

I'm loving the suggestion of Hadley for you and while reading through your names also thought of Peyton. Ty and Peyton...Ty and Hadley...both of those go really well.

Anonymous said...

What about Lydia??

The Valkyrie said...

Please just don't use Anistyn Jennifer lol!

I love Lucy, it's actually on our list- we planned on using NN Lulu. I like it with Jennifer! :)

Maria said...

of your list I love Alice, Nellie, Elsa and Lucy. If you want to go for classic and familiar I wouldn't choose names like Austyn, Anistyn, etc. which are more creatively spelled and are trendy now but may seem outdated in a couple of years. Similar but less creatively spelled: Auden, Arden, Autumn, Amity, Audrey, Carly, Hallie, Eden, Linden.

Lucy Jennifer, Lucy Jen- I love.

I wonder if you would like:

Adeline (if you liked Emmeline?)
Matilda- Tilly