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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Baby Girl or Boy B____, Sibling to Owen and Aubrey

Felicia writes:
We are due 4/26 with our third child, and we are not finding out the gender before the birth. Baby will join older siblings Owen and Aubrey. So our last name is one syllable, starting with B, and it's the word for the make-up that you put on your cheeks.

Here is the pertinent information:
* If Baby is a girl, she will be named Leah Caroline, both names for a grandmother who is in failing health. But, we are stuck on a boy's name!

* We choose middle names to honor family members who have passed away. Possible middle names for boys: Joseph, David, James, Emmett (with Joseph being first pick because it would actually honor two different people, one from each side).

* We would prefer a name that does not start or end with a B, to avoid the alliteration or running together.

* Owen is named partly for the soccer player Michael Owen, and partly because it's the only boy name we ever found that we both agreed on. We did not find out his gender, but if he were a girl, he would have been Alannah Evelyn - Alannah for its Irish and Hawaiian origins.

* Aubrey is named because I just liked the sound of it (and my husband likes the baseball player Aubrey Huff). I actually started out liking Audrey, but got thrown off by the "odd" sound at the beginning. If she were a boy, she would have been Landon Joseph - Landon for the famous soccer player (Landon Donovan) and flyfisherman (Landon Mayer) of the same name. For some reason this time, it just does not seem right to re-use Landon.

* We want a boy's name to be unequivocally masculine name, since we have such a feminine surname.

* We really do not have any contenders for a first name, since nothing feels right to either of us so far. My husband is really into soccer, flyfishing, and skiing, so I'm sure he would not be opposed to finding a name from there.

* Although we are both American (going back several generations), my husband's heritage is Lithuanian and Irish, and mine is Irish and German. (We had the Hawaiian name in there because we spent two weeks there on our honeymoon and LOVED it, though neither of us is even remotely Hawaiian.)

* Last but not least (sorry so long!)... I suggested Adam, Eli, or Eric, but my husband was very "meh" about them. He suggested Travis, which I was "meh" about. I don't know why we could both instantly agree on Owen (as well as girl names) but cannot seem to find a boy's name this time that is a good fit.

I know you and your readers can help us though!

I urge you to reconsider Landon Joseph: you both agreed on it, you both loved it well enough to use it if Aubrey had been a boy, it's completely masculine, and it's good with Owen and Aubrey. Think of all your children in a little line, waiting to be born: you had a boy name and a girl name all set for your second baby because you didn't know which child was coming next---and it was Aubrey, so Landon's name is still available, unused, for when HE arrives.

But if it's that you don't feel like using the name anymore, I do understand that: we had a girl name in mind for both our first two boys, and by the time we actually had a girl we were tired of the name.

Lawson is similar: Lawson Joseph B___.

Would you like the name Milo? I love it with Owen because of the repeating long-O sound. Oh, and with Joseph too! Milo Joseph B___.

Or Jasper: a little of the sound of Travis, with more the style of Eli: Jasper Joseph B___ could also go by J.J. if you like double-initial nicknames. I like Jasper David B___, too. It niggles in the back of my mind that both Jasper and Emmett are Twilight characters? If that's the case, I'd probably avoid Jasper Emmett B___, even though it has a very nice sound.

Or Jeremy Joseph B___ would give you the same J.J. if you wanted it.

Or Lucas: Lucas Joseph B____; Owen, Aubrey, and Lucas.

Would you use Emmett as the first name? It's wonderful with Owen and Aubrey. Emmett Joseph B___. I think the rhythm of Everett works even better: Everett Joseph B____.

Name update! Felicia writes:
Leah Caroline was born three days before her due date. Newborn picture is attached. If she had been a boy, I was really pushing for Landon Joseph or Miller Joseph. My husband came out of nowhere with the dark horse contender of Vanek Joseph (after one of his favorite hockey players). But in the end, the decision was made for us since she was a she. :) Thanks for all the input from Swistle and readers. We have gotten a ton of compliments on the name choice.


Elisabeth said...

First off, I think you could easily use Landon. If you love the name, it doesn't matter whether or not you considered it for another baby.

Next, this isn't a suggestion of any particular name, but more of a name strategy. I suggest looking through lists of soccer players, fly fishermen, skiers, etc. on your own, finding a name you really like, and then presenting it to your husband with those connections. I couldn't get my husband to agree to any names until I started finding science fiction connections, so it just might help!

Hope T. said...

If you took the last name of the soccer player, you would have Donovan Joseph B____. I really like the sound of that; it goes well with the sibling names and it brings in the Irish heritage that you and your husband share. It is also highly masculine (I think - I have been very surprised at some of the names that are trending to girls.).

Anonymous said...

Your husband's suggestion of Travis reminds me of Trevor, Gavin, and Tyler. I like the sound of Tyler Joseph B----.

Have you suggested Elias, rather than Eli? My husband doesn't like Eli alone but instantly liked Elias (a rare occurrence!!). I don't love Elias Joseph but Elias David is very strong.

For the record, I don't think using Landon Joseph would be "re-using" the name at all! I do, however, believe that if the name just doesn't feel RIGHT for this baby, you should eliminate it now so you can focus on other candidates.

StephLove said...

Can I say how much I love your girl name? Leah Caroline is lovely.

For a boy, I think it would be fine to use Landon if you still love it. My daughter has the name that would have been my son's name if he had been a girl. Otherwise, I'm going to mix and match the middle name candidates, keeping Joseph in most of the combinations because it's a double namesake for you.

David James
David Joseph
Emmet Joseph <--- my favorite
James Joseph
Joseph James

Do any of these strike a chord?

Anonymous said...

I really like Landon Joseph for you. It's strong, masculine, and not overly popular. Bonus for the sports connection.

I also like Roland Joseph. I'm not going to lie. I googled Famous Fly Fishermen and this name was on the first link that I clicked.

kimma said...

Seeing as your hubby is a huge soccer fan and you don’t mind a namesake from sports how about:

Christian, after Cristiano Ronaldo? Owen, Aubrey and Christian.
Henry, after Thierry Henry? Owen, Aubrey and Henry.
Robert (Bobby) after one of the greatest ever players Bobby Charlton? Owen, Aubrey and Bobby.

Another name I like for you just because I think it works very well with Owen and Aubrey is Patrick.

Anonymous said...

I relate to not wanting to “reuse” the name Landon. We had three shortlisted names for my first son and we are not even considering the remaining two this time.

For what its worth, the names are both Irish heritage and may suit you. Declan and Callum. I like Callum Joseph best.

Kas said...

I Love Landon its a great name!! Landen Joseph is a very manly name!! My little boy is Lincoln so Landon for me is very simliar! everyone who meets my little Lincoln comments on how 'cool' his name is and i think Landon will be the same!!

Love Leah for a girl it is a perfect name! all the very best look forward to seeing what you choose!

Patricia said...

Leah Caroline is beautiful, just like her name. (And so dear of you to name her for your grandma.) Congratulations!