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Friday, April 1, 2011

Baby Boy, Brother to Victoria and Christina

Melissa writes:
I will have a c-section on 5/11/11 to deliver our baby boy, and we are having trouble deciding on a name! We have twin girls, Victoria Rose and Christina Marie, and this will be our last child.

Our girls' middle names are family names, and we've considered some family names for this little one:

I only really like Robert for a first name; the rest I would consider for middle names. We've come up with a few other names as suggestions, Alexander and Andrew, but nothing that we just really love. We tend to prefer more "traditional" names as you can probably tell. I just would like to have it narrowed down at least before we get to the hospital! Thank you and your readers for any help!!

The Baby Name Wizard has these suggestions as brother names for Victoria and Christina: Alexander, Nicholas, Benjamin, Spencer, Nathaniel, Jeremy, Christopher, Patrick, Matthew, Adam. I'd cross Christopher off because of being too similar to Christina, but a lot of the others look good. I like Nicholas and Benjamin best. Other possibilities:



Christine said...

I was going to suggest Benjamin, and tada! Swistle beat me to it. I like Nicholas and Nathaniel as well.

I really like Robert Alexander, even though it switches the family name to a first name, rather than middle name slot, but I think it works.

For what it's worth, I have a family name as a middle (I'm the eldest), my sister has no family names, and my brother (youngest) has family names for both the first and middle, and as far as I can tell no one has ever even considered it except for me and certainly none of us have become serial killers. So I'm sure no matter where you place the family name you'll be okay.

On the subject of my brother, maybe you'd like Michael?

Good luck!

beyond said...

I love Arthur as a mn or a first! Arthur Philip, for example. And Walter is my favorite for a mn.
Or for the first how about:
Of these I think Sebastian is a good fit; Sebastian Walter; Victoria, Christina and Sebastian.
Good luck!

Carolyn said...

I like Nicholas Robert, but if Victoria goes by a nn such as Vic or Vicky, that could be a problem with Nick.

Nathan is my other favorite. So classic, but not widely used.

Swistle said...

Carolyn- Oh, good thought about Nick!

StephLove said...

If you use Robert as a first name, I think any of the other three could work as the middle. I think I like Robert Walter best, or maybe Robert Arthur.

I do like Philip Arthur or Arthur Philip if you change your mind about using those two as first names.

Would you like Daniel, or Charles, or William?

Patricia said...

Victoria and Christina are often shortened to Vicky, Tori,??? and Chris, Christy, Tina,??? I find it hard to suggest names for your little boy without knowing what the girls are usually called -- their full names or by shortened versions of them.

If your girls are called Tori and Tina, then perhaps another 3-4 syllable classic given name with a shorter nn, such as:

Alexander "Alex"
Nicholas "Nick"
Timothy "Timmy"/"Tim"

kimma said...

I think Robert is a great name with so much versatility for nicknames. I love Bobby for a little guy. I don't know why more people aren't using it right now.

A couple of other "traditional" names you might consider are:

I like Anthony Philip a lot. Victoria, Christina and Anthony.

Ashley said...

One nn for Nicholas is Cole, so if you wanted to do Nicholas but didn't want the nn Nick/Nicky, then that's an option for you?

I think Robert is a great first name, though! It couples wonderfully with loads of other names, too. Robert Walter, Robert Arthur, etc., sound very nice, as does, say, Robert Daniel, or Robert Isaac, or Robert Samuel.

I love Samuel, Simon, and Sebastion for first names for you, too- they fit very nicely with your daughters. I also like John, George, Edmund, Charles and William for you. Charlie/Will/Sam/Bastian/etc with Victoria and Christina are adorable!

Annika said...

My grandfather's name is Robert Arthur, which I am very partial to.

Melissa said...

Thanks, everyone!
I should have mentioned, Victoria is sometimes Tori. Christina is always Christina, not how I planned it but we just never call her anything else!
I like Michael, husband is lukewarm. Benjamin has been used a lot in our circle, unfortunately, because I really like it.
I never thought of Cole for Nicholas; I like Nick but husband does not, so that's a possibility.
I love Samuel too; also Charles, David and Daniel, but those three are all uncle's names and you can imagine the drama if we single one out...
Again, thank you very much, you are all really helpful!!

Catherine said...

I, too, was going to suggest Nicholas, nn Cole or Colin. Walter is also a name I love or Louis (and that is the name of Sandra Bullock's little baby boy)