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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Baby Name to Consider: Emberley

I've been hearing names such as Emery and Everly. And I think Ember is a good modern update for the name Amber. So how about the name Emberley?

It has sounds in common with other names being used. It has a positive association in the artist Ed Emberley.

What do you think? Remember, the point of a "name to consider" isn't so much "Is this name to my own personal tastes?" as it is "Does this seem like A NAME, with potential for use by people whose naming style it WOULD be?"


Kacie said...

Reminds me of Kimberly. I do think it sounds like a name. It might be mis-heard a lot though.

Anonymous said...

I met a cute little girl named Pemberley, NN Pem and loved it!

British American said...

It reminds me of Kimberly too - before I read Kacie's comment.

I can very much see people choosing Emberley for a baby. I had Ember on my 2005 name list and the -ley ending seems quite popular these days - so Emberley seems like a natural progression.

Anonymous said...

My friends named their daughter Emberly, and while I wasn't a fan at first (I thought it sounded too made-up), it's grown on me. I would now definitely consider it a "real name," for all the reasons you mentioned, as well as the similarity to Kimberly, which is definitely an established NAME. Added bonus: the ever-popular Emmy as a nickname.

Abby@AppMtn said...

Yes, I do think we'll be hear Emberly and Emberley.

I don't mind them, actually - they strike me as closer to Romilly or Delaney. No reason they can't be names - they just haven't been.

Anonymous said...

I actually think that Emberley seems more like a name than Ember. I think the name would be prone to a lot of "huh?" reactions, because it sounds so similar to Kimberly. That's immediately where my mind went when I saw the title of this post. Oddly enough, though, Emberley and Kimberly invoke totally different reactions from me. For example, if I were to assign a color to each name, Kimberly would be a shocking (think eighties Barbie) pink, while Emberley would be a softer, more natural tone, like fall colors.

Kristi said...

I think it definitely could be considered a "real name". After reading it I'm actually surprised I've never heard it before. I'm kind of fallin gin love with it as a type.

Anonymous said...

I actually know someone in her late 30's named Emberley.

Sarah said...

My daughter's name is Ember (16 months) so Emberley seems like a very reasonable name to me!

I imagine an Emberley would run into the same issue that we do with Ember: people are quick to assume Amber. So, my husband and I are introduce her as, "Ember. With an E." People stare blankly for a nanosecond before it clicks and then they almost always say, "Oh that's beautiful."

Carolyn said...

I think Emberley is a great name. I secretly still love Kimberly, even though it was so popular in the 70s/80s. I prefer the full name to the nickname "Kim".

Emberley would lend itself to more nn's, such as Em, Emmie, and Ember.

Melospiza said...

I have two reponses, which helpfully contradict each other.

1. Emberly totally sounds like a name, and an appealing one, besides.

2. Emberly also sounds almost exactly like how my name (Emily) used to be mispronounced as a child growing up on the fringe of Appalachia. The actual mispronunciation was Embly, and the people who said Embly were also the people who said chimbley, chicken pops, and liberry.

I HATED Embly.

(though now, through the mists of distance and nostalgia, it actually seems like an appealing nicknamey name in itself)

Brenda said...

I think it's a name and would make a great girls name.

d e v a n said...

I think it sounds a little "made up" but all names probably sounded like that at some point, right? So, yes, it sounds like a name.

christa said...

I can see someone using it, and I wouldn't say "That's not a real name."

So yes, it sounds like a name - though a recently made up one.

Swistle said...

Anonymous 10:36 a.m.- Neat! Did she ever say how she got the name?

-R- said...

It sounds like a combo of Emily and Kimberly, and I think it sounds like a non-made-up name.

Ashley said...

I love it! I like Ember as a given name and nickname (esp. for Remembrance, November, etc), and Emberley makes it seem much more "girly." I've actually seen it spelled both Emberly and Emberleigh, too, before. The -ly seemed more "normal-looking" than -ley, and while I'm not usually big on alternatives to ley/ly...I thought the -leigh ending was really cute.

Also...Pemberley is awesome. Jane Austen FTW.

bunnyslippers said...

The little Pemberly I know was named after a location in a Jane Austen novel.

Very cute and original!

Lynnette said...

The name makes me think of the Terry Pratchett book "Witches Abroad", which is a Discworld version of the Cinderella story. The Cinderella character is named "Emberella", which is both pretty and ridiculous. Emberley sounds like a name to me, and not even all that recently made up.

I think it sounds lovely and sophisticated.

Lynnette said...

I also think it brings to mind "smoldering", which reminds me of names like Arden and Blaise. These sound like excellent sibling names for Emberley.

Anonymous said...

IMO, it sounds too made-up, not really a name. But, since it's just Kimberly without the K, it is still relevant and familiar.

Emily said...

I LOVE it. But names like Emma, Amelie, Everly, and...Emberley, don't tend to go well with MY name: Emily. Alas.

Patricia said...

Should fit right in with all the 'new' names that keep appearing for the sake of 'uniqueness'. Has the advantage of possible multiple spellings since it's not an established names. Let's see:

But if Emberley catches on in a big way that will be its demise because uniqueness is everything with this type of name.

And look, Emberly already is being used:

SSA baby names 2009:
Emberly - 32 baby girls
Emberlee - 15
Emberleigh - 8
Emberlie - 6

And it's 'cousin" Emberlynn 33
Emberlyn 27
Emberlin 6

Then there's Kemberly 17

And the very close Amberly, etc.:
Amberly 151 baby girls in 2009
Amberlee 59
Amberley 15
Amberleigh 12
Amberlie 7
Amberlea 5

And of course, Amberlyn 59; .....lynn 43; .....lin 15

And Kamber and Kamberly (or was it Kamberlin?)

"Does this seem like A NAME, with potential for use by people whose naming style it WOULD be?"

Emberley is already in use, just not too much with that exact spelling. As for people whose naming style it would be -- what would you call that style??? There are many, many names we hear these days that fit that style, whatever it's called.

beyond said...

It instantly reminded me of Kimberly. The Kimberly of the 1970s might be the Emberly of today. the nn Ember is familiar thanks to Amber. Not my style, but it does truly sound/seem like a real name.

Amber (without the ly) said...

It made me think of Amberly, then Kimberly. I think it's a very cute and girly sounding name.

The related progression that came to mind for me was... Emberley, Kimberly, Kimber, Kambria - which is my cousin's name. When I was younger I thought Kambria sounded made up, but now I like that it's unique and still somewhat familiar. I also like the nickname potential - Kam.

The Wonder Worrier said...

It has a familiar sound to it that totally makes it sound like a legit name. And though it isn't what you're asking, I do feel the compulsion to add that it's not my naming style... only because I tend to like names that are pretty much in the Top 10 - 20 of any given year, hahaha. I like the overly familiar/everyone already knows them names.

But, for people who like something a little more unique/trendy, then I think this is a great option, and it's a very soft and feminine name. I like the sound of it, even if it's not a name I'd personally choose.

Kimmy said...

I think it sounds like a real name - probably because I immediately thought of Kimberly (which is my name).

Meg said...

Makes me think of Camberley.
or someone saying Emily with a cold lol.
Seriously though as it sounds like so many other names, it seems like a name ( if that makes any sence!)

Catherine said...

It's funny you should fiance and I have Ember in mind for our future daughter. He and I have VERY different tastes in names. He's punk rock and is passionate about fire dancing and other incendiary performance art; I spent about 15 years in a medieval re-enactment society, read poetry and listen to folk music...oh and I have a 10 year old daughter named Stephanie Elizabeth. For us to agree on the first girl's name I suggested floored me, to be honest.

It sounds punky and modern enough AND ties in with his pyromania while still having an elegantly poetic feel for me. For a middle name, his grandmother just died and he was very close to her, so seriously thinking of Suzanne. Grandma's name was Susan but the name Susan just makes me twitch. Plus I love the Leonard Cohen song. I could see myself singing it to her as a lullaby.

I'm pretty sure I can sell him on Ember Suzanne.

(Stephanie was named partly for my favourite singer, Stevie Nicks, and partly because I loved that it was French and meant Light. Elizabeth is my middle name. I wanted her to have a name that was hers for a first name and then a family name to fallback on in the middle.)

Anonymous said...

I have an Emberly. Her nickname is Emmy and she is four now, and I haven't had any difficulty with people mispronouncing it or anything. She loves her name, and I have had a lot of positive feedback, it is pretty and different, but not too different.

Anonymous said...

I have an Emberley and we love her name! Sometimes people, especially of the older generation think its Kimberly, but I correct them graciously. We call her Emmy as a nickname which imo is become way too popular ;)

Stephanie Keffer said...

I had my daughter in February and I named her Emberley Noelle.

Emberley is a variation of Kimberly for my friend that passed away and Noelle after her dad's birthday of Christmas eve.