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Monday, May 23, 2011

Baby Boy/Girl Twins Tablecloths, Siblings to Benjamin and Rosalie

B. writes:
Hello! My husband and I are expecting boy/girl twins in August, but they will most likely arrive in July. We currently have a son named Benjamin and a daughter named Rosalie. Ben and Rosie. We love both of their names and it was a no-brainer to use them. We have a list of names we like for these babies, but none are really jumping out at us. My husband is Hispanic and our last name sounds like Tablecloths, with emphasis on the T, B and S at the end. We don't want any cutesy, rhyming twin names. But we want them to compliment each other and our other kid‘s names. Here’s our list:

Cecelia (nn - Celi, pronounced see-lee)

Rafael (nn - Rafe)

Names that have been vetoed:

Thoughts and any other suggestions would be much appreciated!

My favorite boy name from your list is Isaac: it's most similar in both style and popularity to Benjamin. From your girl name list, I think I'd remove Violet because of the flower theme with Rosalie; then, of the three remaining, I think I like Lucy best with Isaac and with the two first children's nicknames---but Cecilia best with Rosalie. Ben, Rosie, Lucy, Isaac---or Benjamin, Rosalie, Cecilia, Isaac.

Would you like all four children to have nicknames? If you used Lucille or Luciana or Lucienne, it would go well with Rosalie AND have the cute nickname Lucy; and Isaac could be nicknamed Zac or Ike.

More boy name possibilities:

Charles (Charlie)
Daniel (Dan)
Jonathan (Jon)
Joshua (Josh)
Nathaniel (Nate)
Nicholas (Nick)

More girl name possibilities:

Amalia (Molly)
Annabel (Annie)
Annika (Annie)
Beatrix (Bee)
Bianca (Bee)
Elizabeth (Bess)
Francesca (Frannie)
Isadora (Izzy)
Minerva (Minnie)
Penelope (Nell)

I especially like Charles and Amalia with the nicknames Charlie and Molly: Benjamin, Rosalie, Charlies, and Amalia; Ben, Rosie, Charlie, and Molly. But perhaps the ending of Charles is awkward with the surname, in which case I like the sound of Jonathan/Jon: I like the subtle repeated O sound in Jon and Molly.

Or Joshua and Annabel, nicknames Josh and Annie: Benjamin, Rosalie, Joshua, and Annabel; Ben, Rosie, Josh, and Annie. But I wonder if the "bel" sound in Annabel is too repetitive with the surname. If so, I'd go with Annika instead.

Or Nicholas and Penelope, nicknames Nick and Nell: Benjamin, Rosalie, Nicholas, and Penelope; Ben, Rosie, Nick, and Nell. But again: maybe the ending of Nicholas isn't great with the surname AND maybe the -ell sound in Nell is too repetitive with it!


Anonymous said...

I, too, like Isaac with Benjamin and Rosalie, and it's my favorite of all the boy names mentioned so far. For girl names, I like Violet (I didn't even make the flower connection until Swistle mentioned it, probably because Rosalie invokes images in my mind other than actual roses), and Nora.

Ben, Rosie, Isaac, and Violet. Isaac and Violet.

Ben, Rosie, Isaac, and Nora. Isaac and Nora.

Ohh, I thought I prefered Violet, but after listing the names like that I really love Nora, especially when paired with Isaac!!

StephLove said...

From your girl list I like Violet best, then Nora. For the boy, I really love Felix and I think Violet and Felix sound great together.

From Swistle's suggestions I like Elizabeth for the girl and Joshua for a boy (followed by a three-way tie between Jonathan, Nathaniel and Nicholas).

How about Jane and Owen?

Mrs S said...

I like Violet and Felix too.

I also really like Lucy and Isaac.

You have a lovely list of names.

Maybe also Maggie and Jake?

Carolyn said...

Cecilia and Isaac would be great, and Celi and Rosie make great complementary sibling names.

vanessa said...

I like twin names to have some but not too much matchiness. One example would be both starting with a vowel, like Edward/Annika (Eddy/Annie). But I LOVE Nora so much that now I am trying to think of good boy names with that. I also love Cecelia...hmm. I have a cousin Rafael and it works OK, but we mostly call him Peto.
OK. Some combos for you:

Cecilia/Felix (has the L in common, but Benjamin doesnt have this).
OH what about Nicolas and Eleanor, Nico and Nora? That way the full names are very different but you have 2 really fun, matchy but not TOO matchy nicknames. In fact, that's what you should name them. Nicolas and Eleanor. You're welcome.

(if you don;t have MNs picked out I like Eleanor Cecelia, Eleanor Violet, Eleanor Lucy; Nicolas Isaac or Nicolas Oscar.

Yup. Ben, Rosie, Nico, Nora. HOW CUTE IS THAT?

beyond said...

I love your name list. I especially like Violet and Nora paired (either way) with Felix and Oscar. Violet and Oscar; Nora and Felix. Both great combos! And both really good with Benjamin and Rosalie.
Margot and Simon?
Isabelle and Andrew?

kimma said...

I love Violet as a match with your older children. Benjamin, Rosalie and Violet.

Its such a shame Oliver has been vetoed as Violet and Oliver would be GREAT twin names. Each has a unique initial, but share so many of the same sounds. Any chance of twisting someone's arm on this?

Good luck with your decision.

Kas said...

I love Lucy and Oscar the best from your list!! Would you consider Oliver which is similiar to Oscar but a little softer sounding! i think it goes so well with Lucy and your other childrens names Benjamen, Rosalie, Lucy and Oliver!

If you would like a nn for the twins you could use Lucia with the nn Lucy and Oliver nn Olly! Lucy and Olly!! all the best x

Melanie said...

I know of a family with both your kids names and two more kids named Lewis and Eve ... Not so sure about Eve but Lewis would fit really well for you!