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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Dearly Departed Book

A moment of silence, please, for a long and faithful tour of duty:

No book can stand up to so much regular and eager flipping.

Well. We'll always have our memories. A photo retrospective:

Now: time to dry my tears and email to ask them WHEN OH WHEN they are going to offer the 2009/revised version of this book (currently they list only the 2005/original, though a marketplace seller is offering the new edition at a mark-up), so that I can continue to order it for friends---and for myself. I could have one on its way to me already, but OH NO, I will have to drive to the city bookstore 30 minutes away to buy it. In the meantime, I will see what I can accomplish with some packing tape.


Leslie said...

Quite a while back, some people on The Baby Name Wizard's website said that Amazon WAS sending out the updated edition, but just hadn't updated their listing. I don't know if there's a way to check that, but I thought I would mention it just in case.

Anonymous said...

I got the 2009 version from Barnes & Noble online (had a gift card and no convenient B&N in my city, somehow).

Guinevere said...

The previous poster is right - the new and old edition have the same ISBN, which is stupid but means the amazon listing hasn't updated. If you order the book of that ISBN from amazon, you'll get the updated new one!

Swistle said...

I ordered a couple of copies awhile back, but they sent me the old edition. Amazon was willing to accept the return, and even paid return-shipping, but only because of a mix-up: for awhile they'd had a picture of the new edition with the listing. They changed the picture back to the old edition--so if I ordered again and got the old edition, I wouldn't have a reason for sending them back.

After writing this post, I emailed Amazon and asked about the new edition, and they said no, they are only selling the non-revised edition, but that the revised edition is available for Kindle.

emily gladfelder said...

i just ordered the old version from amazon...per your advice. turns out they sent me the updated one with the pink dot!!

thought i would let you know:)

emily gladfelder said...

ps. i just received it today.

Swistle said...

Emily-- !!!!!!!! Maybe I will try it too!!

Guinevere said...

Huh, sounds like there's just been some inconsistency at Amazon, because I have heard of people who have ordered and gotten the new one, just like Emily says.

It's a huge mess, really -- I wish they wouldn't have kept the ISBN the same, and then there would be an ability for booksellers and bookbuyers both to be easily able to tell which edition they're getting, rather than hoping "they've surely switched to the updated one by now".

I got the book in the updated edition as soon as it came out when my son was just a few days old, right BEFORE relatives started visiting, because I had been holding out to purchase until the new edition came out, but I wanted to make it look like I was a normal person buying the baby name book to help name the baby. The bookstore we got it from at first said "Oh, we don't have the new one and we can't really special order it because there's no way to distinguish the edition from our end" but then they checked in the back and it turned out they'd JUST gotten in the new shipment, so they called back. So it was one of our first new baby outings.

Anyway, it's a really stupid situation created by the same ISBN. I'm glad they can reliably tell you about the kindle edition, but my copy looks just as marked up as your copy so this is one book I wouldn't want as an ebook!