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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Baby Boy McGregor, Brother to Sadie and Cleo

Genevieve writes:
Hello! I'm a huge fan of both your blogs and really should have sent in this much earlier, because my due date's in TEN. DAYS. (eep) and we still are having a monstrous problem with naming our son.

I'm Genevieve, he's Will. We have two daughters, Isadora Ruby (5) and Clementine Luna (2 1/2), and call them Sadie and Cleo EXCLUSIVELY. Last name is McGregor.

We chose our daughters' names for the nicknames they gave us (we felt that Sadie and Cleo were much too insubstantial for full names), not because we loved Isadora and Clementine. In fact, we really don't love or even like Isadora; we just adored Sadie too much and Isadora was the most realistic way to get to it. Clementine we do like, though. Middle names were just names we liked that sounded nice with the full names, and the middle name for this bub will be the same.

I actually still feel really guilty about giving our oldest daughter a full name neither of us like and isn't really that appealing at all--Sadie doesn't much like it either. My name's Genevieve and growing up I would get so many lovely comments about it, which gave me a much-needed confidence and self-esteem boost in adolescence and beyond. I'm worried (sometimes I fret about it to the point of being sick) that no one will ever tell Sadie she has a gorgeous name, and I feel kind of awful about hoisting upon her Isadora, though I'm still ridiculously in love with her nickname.

So we'd like not to have a lingering sense of naming remorse with this bub.

Anyway. Enough back story.

With Bub, we've had an awful time with the naming process. Unlike Sadie and Cleo, we haven't even found a nickname that we totally adore yet, much less a full name.

The name we're thinking we love is Rex, but there are numerous problems with it.

--We have no idea how to get to Rex through a more substantial name, and if we can't find one, Rex is off the list. Any ideas?
--Rex is seen as a dog name. Sadie is seen as a dog name. Cleo is seen as a cat name. There's a accidental theme going on here, and my husband doesn't like it. I'm pretty okay with it, though.
--When we've told a few select people that we're thinking of naming the baby Rex, we've gotten cringing and obvious distaste, even though they tried to hide it. Now, I'm not going to let other people dictate what we name our baby, BUT I don't want people (like our parents and close friends) really hating his name, because there's a good chance he won't like it either.

What do YOU think, Swistle? Is Rex just too odd? As an objective third party who just so happens to be a fabulous namer, your opinion is definitely needed on this one.

Other names on our list that we're strongly considering:
Ned--Edmund, Edward--Not a huge fan at all of either full name, with those nasally suffixes
Max--Maxwell, Maximilian--I kind of really love the alliteration, but hubby isn't sure. Also the pet name theme thing again. Also popularity issues that are really, REALLY throwing me off here; I really didn't like how popular Sadie was when we named her, though thankfully we've never even come across another Sadie yet, and Max is set to skyrocket up the charts.

Ned is Will's favorite, Max is mine. But neither of them feel like The One.

I guess we're looking for a spunky, fresh, fun nickname that goes with a respectable full name. Also, if there's a name out there that's spunky, fresh, and fun AND suitable for an adult professional, we'd love to hear it; the nickname thing isn't mandatory at all. We'd rather not repeat first initials or have similar beginning or ending sounds.

If Bub had been a girl, we would have named her Penelope Isis and called her Piper; somewhat ironically, we've had this name in our back pockets since before we even started trying for a third baby. Sigh. Though we're over the moon that Bub is a boy, a girl would have been so much easier to name. We're tentatively set on having at least one more baby, so maybe we'll be back in a few years if we have another boy ;)

Thanks, Swistle!

I am going to have to make this quick, because what the readers don't know is that this "due date is in 10 days" email arrived (*checks watch*) 11 days ago. So I'm going to post INSTANTLY so everyone can start working on it if it's not too late already.

Actually, FIRST I will say that I LOVE the name Isadora. LOVE IT. I don't know why people keep using the extremely popular Isabella when they could instead use the similar-yet-almost-totally-neglected Isadora. So if I ever meet your daughter and she mentions her full name, _I_ will say, "What a GORGEOUS NAME!"

And then I will say that if you like Rex but feel like you're not getting good feedback from your circle, I suggest Reid/Reed. I realize it's not very similar (different vowel and different ending), but it came to mind. Sadie, Cleo, and Reid. Reid McGregor.

I'm having trouble thinking of any longer names that could give the nickname Rex. Everything I think of feels like a big reach. But that made me think of Redford, with the nickname Red. Redford McGregor; Sadie, Cleo, and Red.

With your surname, you have an excellent nickname opportunity WHATEVER name you choose: he could go by Mac. It's similar to Max, but less common---and if you have any male relatives you'd like to honor in the first name slot but don't love their names enough to use them daily, this is your opportunity.

One of my favorite nicknames for boys is Gus. Augusten, August, Angus, Augustus.

Another of my favorites is Dutch, but I'm not sure what to use as a full name.

Another favorite is Wesley/Wes. Wesley McGregor; Sadie, Cleo, and Wes.

It would repeat an initial, but only in the non-nickname name: Isaac/Ike. Isaac McGregor; Sadie, Cleo, and Ike.

Do you like either Franklin/Frank or Frederick/Fred?

Finn seems like it would work well: Sadie, Cleo, and Finn. It's a stand-alone name, but if you wanted something longer there's Finian or Finnegan.

I love Declan/Dec. Declan McGregor; Sadie, Cleo, and Dec.

Or Deacon/Deke. Deacon McGregor; Sadie, Cleo, and Deke.

Ever since watching Sabrina the Teenage Witch, the name Harvey has had "cute cool nice boy" associations for me. I think it makes a good cute/spunky/fresh child's name and yet grows up to a perfectly appropriate adult name. Harvey McGregor.

Totally different style, but I think it hits the same mark: Keegan is both a fresh and spirited child's name and a perfectly appropriate adult name.

Ooo, I just remembered another favorite boy nickname: Kip. It could be short for Kipling, or for Christopher. I think with Isadora and Clementine I prefer Kipling. Kipling McGregor; Sadie, Cleo, and Kip. That's my favorite right there, I think.

Name update! Genevieve writes:
It was a tough decision, but we went with...

Finnegan Jude McGregor.

A reader suggested using both Finnegan and Jude and it dawned on us that that was an absolutely perfect idea.

While this means that we can't use Jude as a future son's name, we decided that we'd rather satisfy everyone right now with this actual baby's name and not a save Jude for a baby we may never have.

The girls are even happier than I expected when we told them their baby brother's name is Flynn. It was absolutely adorable. And my husband can still sing Hey Jude to baby Flynn, so he's happy, too.

Our families are a bit puzzled as to how we got Flynn from Finnegan Jude (and that's worrying me a teeny tiny bit) but they love both names, so we're good there.

Thanks so much, everyone. You saved the day here.

If our next baby is a boy, you'll probably hear from us again ;)


Annelise said...

I love Isadora too! If this baby is a girl, that's her name :)

Annelise said...

I believe Rex Harrison was born Reginald, so that might be a way to get to Rex.

Here are some other suggestions, in which I picked the nickname first and then thought of first names that you could use to get it:

Fritz (Frederick)
Gus (August/us, Gustav)
Benno (Benjamin)
Oz (Oscar, Oswald if you're adventurous!)
Leo (Leopold, Leonardo, Leonel)
Rafe (Rafferty, Raphael)
Baz (Sebastian)
Dash (Dashiell)
Dez (Desmond)
Dex (Dexter)

Carolyn said...

Rocco could be an alternate for Rex.

Does Otto strike you as spunky? I like it, it's short, not often used, but I grew up with a very nice, sweet boy named Otto and I always associated with the word auto, making it a cool race car name.

brooke said...

I like Swistle's suggestion of Mac.

I also vote for:

Ms. Key said...

I was coming to suggest Dex (Dexter), which I see Annelise has recommended too in her list.

I love the idea of Wes/Wesley, and just calling him Mac based off of your last name, and naming him whatever strikes your fancy for a first name! Good ideas, Swistle!

I think Isadora is a beautiful name, and it fits so well with all of the Isabella/Isabella and Isla girls out there!

Ms. Key said...

Oops, I said "Isabella/Isabella" above when I meant to write "Isabella/IsabellE". Which makes a lot more sense with a slash.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Kingston, to get to Rex?

Marla said...

My suggestion- Finnegan with the nickname of Finn. I think it would go so wonderfully with your girls' names.

Marla @

Lauren said...

Oh, using Kingston to get to Rex is BRILLIANT. I also knew a Kingsley once.

If you both love Rex and that's what you want to call him every day, find a way to use it.

Joanne said...

I too love Isadora, it's beautiful, straight up. I have thought of the perfect, PERFECT name for your boy with the nickname of Rex. Theodore. As in Roosevelt? Theodore Roosevelt was known as Rex! Genius! Right? But I also like Kip for Christopher in case you don't think I am the genius that I do. :) Best of luck!

Leah said...

I LOOOOVE Isadora. I have a Dorothy though, so perhaps it reflects my taste. :)

For Rex, my first thought was getting it from Frederick. Rick is a traditional nickname. You could start off calling him Rick and naturally morph into calling him Rex. (I have found my Lillian becoming a Lulu instead of a Lily as the months have gone by!) Sadie and Cleo aren't really exact match nicknames for the other two, so I see no reason why you can't push it a little bit to get there from another traditional name.

Good luck!

StephLove said...

First off, I think Isadora is a lovely name.

Second, though I'm a stickler for using full names and would have advised against using Sadie or Cleo as full names instead of nicknames, I do think of Rex as a real name, and not a nickname. So I think you could use it as is. But Dexter (Dex) was a good suggestion for a replacement.

Or how about Alexander (Sasha or Xander), Felix, Matai (Tai) or Phinneas (Finn)?

Clarabella said...

I, too, LOVE Isadora. It is high on my name list.
I wanted to second the idea of using Reginald to get to Rex, which is where I've seen it derived from. Rex was a top contender for us as well when we were naming our son, and we toyed around with Richard as the full name, but in the end, if we'd used it, we would've just named him Rex. Perhaps you could use Rex and give him a longer middle name, to balance out with the styles of your daugters' names. I think Rex is spunky enough as it is, & you should use it if you love it, patterns of longname>nickname aside.
Good luck!

StephLove said...

Okay, you say you don't want a cat or dog name and what do I suggest? Felix! But you have to admit-- Felix McGregor is an awesome sounding name.

Barb @ getupandplay said...

I think Rex works as a nickname for almost any longer "R" name (Richard, Russell, etc.) but I agree with StephLove that Felix is a good way to get there, too.

Don't worry about the "pet name" connotation. Once people meet your darling children, THAT's the connotation they'll have of those names!

I also think Rex works GREAT on it's own.

lifeofadoctorswife said...

I think Isadora is beautiful!

And I was rushing to the comments to suggest Kingston as a way to get Rex, but I see others have gotten there first.

And I love Dex/Dexter as well!

Lynnette said...

Isadora? Gorgeous! If it was my kid, I would call her Izzy, which is a sadly underused nickname for all the Isabellas out there. I love Sadie, too.

I think the suggestion of Augustus/Gus is pretty spectacular. I would also suggest Abraham/Abe (or Hammy, as I know I would,) or Lexington/Lex. And hey, you seem to like reaching a bit for the nicknames, so how about Stellan/Telly?

Patricia said...

Rexford occurred to me and googling it I came across "Rexford Guy Tugwell (July 10, 1891 – July 21, 1979) was an agricultural economist who became part of Franklin D. Roosevelt's first "Brain Trust," a group of Columbia academics.."

Of the three names you mentioned -- Rex, Ned, Max -- Ned is my favorite, with either Edmund or Edward as the given name:
1. Ned ISN'T a name usually given to pets
2. Ned sounds great with your daughters' names: Sadie, Cleo and Ned
3. Edmund or Edward are substantial names for your son's given name, royal names like your husband's name (assuming that Will's given name is William)

Best wishes!

Anonymous said...

You mentioned Edward, which reminded me of Ted/Teddy, one of my very favorite nicknames.

I have a family member named Rex, just Rex, and it's great. It works well on its own -- go for it if that's what you want!

beyond said...

So many good suggestions already! I like Baz and Dex for you. And Swistle's Mac (/Mack).
Gray (Grayson)
Greg (Gregory)
Beck (Beckett)
Flynn (?)
Good luck!
And for the record, Isadora is a truly beautiful name. I have no clue why it's not used more.

kanah said...

Ok, I'm completely missing the "Rex from Kingston" relation since those three letters are in the full name at all. BUT, maybe I'm too OCD and just haven't ever heard it before. I was about to suggest Dexter (Dex) before everyone beat me to it! haha Also, I once knew a little boy named Hutchinson, called Hutch. Sadie, Cleo, and Hutch!! Adorable.

I'm not sure if it fits in with your style, but what about Baylor, called Bay?

I also suggest: Park (Parker), Jude (Judah), Tru (Truman), Eli (Elijah), Gray (Grayson), & Jud (Judson).

I love Swistle's suggestion of Red (Redford).

Best of luck!

rachael said...

How about Radford, NN: Rad??

Lynnette said...

kanah, Kingston can be distilled to King, which is the literal meaning of Rex.

Karina said...

A friend of mine had the same problem with Rex, they loved it & didn't get a great response at first, certain people seemed to back off once they realized it was a family name but really, today he's Rex & he's adorable & no one thinks twice when they see him, go with your heart. If he's Rex then who cares what other people think? Rexel is a potential longer version though I don't think you need it unless that's your style.

Lynnette said...

Jericho/Jet (Or Rico!)

Two of my favorite names are Donovan and Sullivan. Van/Vanny would be a pretty great nickname for them.

TJ said...

So many unique names! If you like Dex but not sure about Dexter, I knew a Declan who everyone called Dex.

Jamie L said...

Great suggestions so far! Here are a few of my favorites:

Finn (Griffin)
Rhett (Everett)
Dash (Dashiell)
James (Jameson)
Pax (Paxton)
Gray (Grayson)
Jack (Jackson)
Henry (Henrik)
Ro (Rowan)

Probably my favorite is Everett with the nickname Rhett

Kas said...

I love your daughters name Isadora its so pretty! i never heard it before but its a nice twist on the very common Isabelle/Isabella i dont think you should have any regrets and i believe as she grows older she will love it too!!

For you little man i love the name Maxwell nn Max i also love the suggestion Kingston, Paxton, and Everett nn Rhett.

Can i suggest Harrison nn Harry or i heard the name Cordelle the other day with the nn Dell which i really love! all the best xx

Amanda said...

How about Dax/Darius?

Megz said...

Rex may bring to mind images of Alsatians, but also several men I've known. I wouldn't worry about the pet association.

It seems quite a stretch to get Sadie from Isadora, so not so much of a stretch to get Rex from Frederick. Flick is also a cute nickname.

You could at a stretch get Max from Malachi.

Kit is another nickname for Christoper.

I also recently heard of a little boy named Pip, which I thought was rather old fashioned and different.

Anonymous said...

hmm, my earlier post got eaten :)

What about Alexander, nn Lex? or Reyes, nn Rex?

Mattias, nn Mats
Laurence, nn Lars
Dominic, nn Nic
Alaric, nn Ric
Elijah/Elliot, Elias, nn Eli
Rafael, nn Rafe
Riordan, nn Rio

I love Isadora btw, it's a gorgeous name.

Patricia said...

I want to add that I adore Scottish surnames and McGregor sounds especially appealing. Have you considered pairing a Scottish or Scotland-associated name with your Scottish surname?

Lachlan was suggested above: Lachlan McGregor

I especially love Duncan McGrgor.

Finan or Finlay "Finn"

Alexander -- 3 Scottish kings of this name, so it has been very popular in Scotland

Andrew McGregor "Drew" - St Andrew is the patron saint of Scotland.

Andrew "Drew" would be a good match with your daughters' name structure, while giving your son a name that relates so well to your surname. According to the name book "Scottish Forenames", Andrew "has always been a favourite in Scotland."

vanessa said...

Isadora is so pretty. I'm curious about how you got Sadie from it, though--I've never heard of that as a nn! Also, I wonder if perhaps Sadie doesn't like it because she knows you don't?
Anyway. That's enough of my pop pysch.
Alistair/Alex (or Al)
Barron/Baz (I like this)
Delton or Delmar/Del
Dexter or Desmond/Dex
August or Gustave/Gus
Henry or Harold/Hal
Isaac or Isaiah/Ike (REALLY like this)
Leonardo or Leonard or especially Leopold/Leo (also REALLY like, but Cleo)
Lennox/Lex (okay, I like this one too!)
I like Mac but not any of the full names. here they are though: Mackenzie, Macauley, assorted Mc names. But you can get there, of course, through your last name!
Mateo/Teo (but Cleo)
Tobin or Tobias/Toby (so cute!)
Edward or Theodore or Edmund/Ted (also so cute!)
Wesley or Weston/Wes
Ezekiel or or Zachariah/Zeke
But Kip is my favorite.

Anonymous said...

It seems that using Rex or Max draws attention to the popular pet name association of your daughters ' names. I might choose a boys name without that association.

How about Angus or Fergus - Gus?

Ned works too. Or Ted. Love Teddy on a young boy.

Christine said...

I love love love Isadora. SO much in fact. I also happen to love Genevieve.

I like the suggestions of Kingston - Rex and Kipling - Kip best.

I too love Max and think it works well with the last name and I don't think it will be so so popular. The one Max I know is 17 and getting ready for college (and the Massimiliano I know lives in Italy and is 40)...So I think that would work too.

Best wishes!

Rachael said...

We named our son Alex, NOT Alexander. I know that's not much of a stretch, but many people seem surprised by that. I felt Alex was a strong name in its own right, and we have an unusual last name with a strange spelling that also ends in R, so Alexander would have been a bit much. My point of this long-winded comment is, in a world when people are flat out MAKING UP their kids' names, go ahead and name your child anything you want! You don't have to contrive a name simply to get the desired nickname out of it. For our second (should it be a boy) Will is my number one choice- NOT William!

Mrs S said...

I too adore your girls names. So lovely! And Penelope Isis is just perfect. Just thinking if you have the possible 4th and it's a boy again, this would influence my name choice with this bub.
I like:
Declan nn Dex
Desmond nn Des
Kingston nn Rex
Colton nn Cole
Luca nn Luke
Samuel nn Sam

Max, Jude and Felix are great too!

I wonder if you've had you're boy already and I really hope you let us know what you chose very soon. Best of luck to you!

Magic27 said...

Another name that clearly brings the nickname Rex is Regis, if that's any help...

Anonymous said...

My first thought was Dez, from Desmond.

Love your kids names!

changelivlife said...

Ooh, this is a great one! I hope we didn't miss the deadline.

Like others, the first thing I thought is that Rex means king. So I went to the drawing board.

For sound:
Reginald is typically the long form, if there is one, for Rex.
I think Frederick reaches to Rex
I think Richard reaches to Rex
I think Kendrick reaches to Rex

For meaning:
Names ending in -roy, all mean king. So Elroy, Delroy, Fitzroy, Leroy.
Balthazar means king and also gives a good sound. I would absolutely accept Rex as a nn.

A traditional nn for Balthazar is Zarek...which you could use as a name bc it reaches to Rex.

And, one of my faves, Royce means King's son...and I'd buy Rex for that one, too.

Then, there are the names starting with King- Kingston was mentioned. Kingsley, Kingsford, and Kingson are other possibilities.

Lastly, why not tag an ending on Rex and create your own name? Rexton, Rexley, Rexford, etc.

I think Isadora is a gorgeous name. And think Sadie is a smart nn for it. And I've never met a dog Rex before, but I know three human Rexes, so I don't get that theme at all.

I'm not suggesting anything else, I think Rex is awesome and you should go with it!
Good luck.

Genevieve said...

First of all, thank you SO MUCH for your wonderful response. It came in time!

Baby McGregor arrived last night at 7:35 PM. He's absolutely healthy and beautiful and amazing, but he has not be named yet, much to the annoyance of our families, who keep popping into my hospital room with suggestions. We have today and tomorrow to find a name.

BUT, with your help and the assistance of your awesome readers, we've gotten two ideas that we actually adore.

Flynn--Finnegan Lyle McGregor (is this too much of a stretch?)
Jude--Julian Arlo McGregor

The girls want Flynn ever so badly. Sadie and Cleo are both OBSESSED with the movie Tangled; the main male character is Flynn, and they adore him. They'd be SO excited if we named the baby Flynn.

My husband wants Jude, though he likes Flynn, too. He's obsessed with the Beatles and now that we've thought of Jude (the song Hey Jude was written for Julian Lennon) he really wants to name the baby Jude so he can sing Hey Jude, his favorite song, to the baby. Isn't that just so adorable? I don't want to deny my hubby that kind of awesome thing.

As for me, I'm torn. I don't want to choose, because either way my kids or my husband will be disappointed.

I feel like Flynn would sound the best if we have another girl (Sadie, Cleo, Flynn, and Piper) because it has the same spunky, chipper, bright sound of the girls' names, while Jude is much more more mellow. And, as I'm writing this, I think that I like Flynn better.

Since we do want one more child, at least, I feel like we can name the baby one name now and save the other if we have another boy.

But, gah, popularity issues. Jude is 170 and rising, while Flynn isn't on the top 1000 at all but with the movie and the recently celeb babies being named Flynn, I feel like it's going to shoot up in popularity. And I'm betting that if we name the baby Flynn we'll get "Oh, like the movie?" "Oh, like Orlando Bloom's kid?" I'm not sure if I want that. Should we name the baby Jude when it's not so popular now?

Oh, and I want to address Sadie's name. I've never told her anything remotely negative about Isadora--she just randomly, out of the blue, asked, "Mommy, did you want me to be a door instead of a baby?" (you know. Is a door a) and then on a separate occasion asked why we gave her a weird name.

Seeing everyone on here loving Isadora and thinking it's a beautiful name is making me feel so relieved and--it's stupid--but hearing all the praise for Isadora is making me like it a lot more. So thank you.

So: Flynn or Jude?

Carolyn said...

Thanks for the update information! I love to hear parents' input in the comment section. I think I'm sold on Jude based on your background info.

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking Jude + Arlo is a little heavy on the classic music, but maybe that's intentional? Also, if you don't want people to say "Like the movie?" about Flynn, you're going to get really sick of people saying, "Hey Jude!" every time they hear that name. Just some thoughts.

Congrats on the baby boy!

Anonymous said...

Since Jude can also be a girls name, short for Judith, you could always save it for baby four and use regardless of whether you have a boy or a girl.

lifeofadoctorswife said...

Congratulations and welcome to Baby McGregor!

Love both names SO MUCH and love the stories behind them.

FWIW, I think Jude works well with the sibling set. The existing names - plus Piper - all have long vowel sounds, so Jude, with its long vowel sound, fits perfectly. But Flynn is a wonderful name, too!

What about combining the two - Finnegan Jude? If that is a possibility, it might be a good way to meet both your kids' and your husband's wishes.

Again, congrats!

Mrs S said...

I love Julian Arlo and don't feel it is heavy on the classic music. Jude would get my vote. BUT knowing that the girls really like Flynn would melt my heart...but next year there will be a new disney name. So they may move on....What about Hendricks/Hendrix nn Rex or Hank? Arlo Hendricks was on our boy list. This name is heavy music name.:)) So happy our input helped!
Congrats on your healthy new addition!!!!

Joanne said...

Congratulations, how exciting! My mother's maiden name is Finnegan and I LOVE it so I am going to say Finnegan/Flynn. Flynn IS a chipper, happy name and even though I have seen Tangled several times in the last few days, it was not the first thing I thought of, not even close. I do think Jude has a more somber feel than the peppy Flynn, also I love that your girls love it so much. I sing LOTS of songs to my babies that have names in them that are NOT theirs, so I think your husband can still sing Hey, Jude to your boy. Flynn. FLYNN! And congratulations, again!

Kristi said...


I love both of your picks, but Flynn is melting my heart! I've also seen Tangled, and it never crossed my mind that Flynn was the guy's name. I think the nickname set of Sadie, Cleo, & Flynn is pretty much the cutest thing I have ever heard!

beyond said...

I'm happy that you like my suggestion of Flynn. Yay! I put a ? behind it because I wasn't sure that Finnegan / Finlay / Finnian would lead to Flynn, but I think that Finnegan WOULD work. I don't think that people will associate it with the disney movie. (And your husband could slightly change the Beatles song to Hey Flynn...)
Tell Sadie about the great dancer Isadora Duncan. She may even be on youtube...

Mattie said...

I feel like I want to vote for Jude b/c I love Flynn so much that I want to use it if our next baby is a boy :) It's adorable, it matches, your husband likes it, the girls LOVE it and I think you like it better too. And I agree, you can always use Jude for Judith if you like it that much. But Flynn feels like this baby's name to me. And Finnegan MacGregor is maximally swoon-worthy.

Courtney said...

I wouldn't necessarily put Flynn with a character from the movie. As a teacher, if I saw that name on the roster, I would think it was a family name or some other unique name - not a character. BUT, I would say "Hey Jude!" when I saw that name. BUT I do love the name Jude. I think it's adorable that your husband loves that song and that meaning would be more important to me compared to the kids loving the name of a character.

Hannah said...

You can't go wrong between those names, they are both awesome! But if I were choosing, I'd choose Flynn! And I saw tangled, and I quite enjoyed it, and I totally didn't associate the name with the movie. For example, when I meet people who were born in the 90s who have the name Eric, I don't go "Oh like little mermaid?"