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Friday, June 17, 2011

Baby Boy Pingree, Brother to Corinne

Jayme writes:
My husband and I are expecting our second, a boy, this summer. Although we had a difficult time naming our daughter (Corinne), we seem to be more on the same page when it comes to boys' names. Here is our delimma. Several years ago I mentioned that I wanted to use my maiden name (Dalton) for a son. My father doesn't have any boys, and I thought it would be a nice way to honor our family. The probem is I'm a teacher, and I've seen too many Daltons in the last few years to want to continue to use it as a first name (I prefer slightly uncommon, classic names-). My husband, on the other hand,still really likes it. I prefer the name Weston for a boy, and my husband doesn't mind this name. So, could we use Dalton as a middle name (Weston Dalton) or is that too much of the same sound? With our daughter, we picked a first name we liked and gave her a family middle name (in her case, the middle name of both of her grandmothers). We would like to do the same with our son, and don't plan to have any other children (so this is our last chance to use my maiden name). Other names we've considered are: Everett, Zane, Owen, Kennett, & Nolan, though none of these names really strike me like Weston does. Of the other names, I like the name Owen the best, but know too many other friends (and just people in general!) with children with this name to use it myself.

Thanks in advance if you are able to offer any advice!

On the issue of sound, I would go right ahead and use Weston Dalton. Even if that were his first name and surname, I wouldn't think it was a disastrous combination if you loved the name; for a first and middle and probably-the-last-chance-to-use it, I say go ahead. For the most part he'll be known as Weston Pingree---and the middle name comes with the untouchable "It's my mother's maiden name" explanation.

Or...use Dalton as the first name after all. Weston is currently a more common name than Dalton (#224 versus #260 in 2010, according to the Social Security Administration), so if you've seen more Daltons than Westons in the classroom, that might be a regional thing, or it might be that Dalton was more common than Weston in the years your recent students were born, or it might be luck of the draw and soon you'll see it the other way around. Both names are modern surname names, and so unless you've had a particularly negative experience with a Dalton in the classroom, I'd encourage you to go with your first love.

I think it's pretty special when a maiden name makes a good first name, and it's a shame to waste the opportunity. If your only worry is the commonness, and if your husband still prefers Dalton, then rest assured on the popularity issue and go for Dalton.


Mrs. Haid said...

Hi Jayme! :o) I hope you get some good advice.

I've had pupils who have wrecked names for me, too. I understand. I will never have an Evan or a Ryan or a Deaunte.

However, I've had several Westons as students and never had a Dalton!

I think your choice of Dalton for your family's namesake is PERFECT. I knew you as Jayme Dalton when I was Bethany Douglas, and back then, I thought of how it would be an excellent name for a boy if you had one. I actually considered naming a son Douglas based on the fact that Dalton sounded so good!

Karen L said...

Dalton all the way. BTW, Weston's popularity is increasing and Dalton's is decreasing.

beyond said...

Firstly, Weston Dalton Pingree works well, I think.
BUT perhaps you might reconsider using Dalton as the first name. It's rare to be able to use a maiden name as a first, and it's so special. Unless a horrid little Dalton in one of your classrooms completely ruined the name for you, I'd go for it.
Good luck!

Patrecia said...

Dalton and Weston seem very similar in style and sound to me. So I'd definitely use Dalton since it has so much meaning for your father and yourself and your husband still prefers it. If Dalton is your son's middle name, it will rarely be used. But with Dalton as his first name, your dad's surname will really be carried on in a significant way. How about your husband's dad's first or middle name as the middle name? That way your two children would each carry a name from both of her/his same gender grandparents? Or if that doesn't work, you could choose a name you both like as the middle name or use Weston, your present favorite. I love Owen and like Dalton Owen Pingree, but maybe not the initials DOP??? Dalton Zane Pingree has a nice western sound.

Best wishes!

Jamie L said...

I really like Dalton and I think it works really well with your last name. I can really picture it on a cute little boy and a very handsome young man. Weston Dalton is a little rhymey to me and it just seems like there are too many surnames-- Weston Dalton Pingree. But if you really love it, that doesn't matter.

I second the ideaodd using Dalton as the first name and then pairing it with another name that you really love or that has some significance to you. I really love Dalton Zane too! I'm a fan of using names that start with a unique letter because then they have an interesting letter to write on formal documents. Dalton Z Pingree. Love it. I also really like Dalton Everett. :)

Patricia said...

I'm having second thoughts about suggesting the combination Dalton Zane. It just occurred to me why that sounds like a Western name: the Dalton Gang was a band of outlaw brothers in the Old American West during 1890-1892, and Zane Gray (born 1872) was a well-known writer of stories set in the Old West. It may be that using Zane as the middle name would remind others of the infamous Dalton brothers, while a different middle name might detract from that association -- the paternal grandfather's first or middle name or Dalton Everett as suggested above.

Guinevere said...

I might be in a Weston pocket, but I have met several little Westons and never any Daltons.

To me, Dalton is a perfect choice for you because it's not just a surnamey name but it's a surname with special meaning and actually in your family. Please consider using it as a first name, unless the student association was so very unpleasant and horrible that you don't think you can overcome it ever.

Anonymous said...

I agree that Dalton is the way to go. Over the long run, I think seeing your father's reaction to having a namesake may stick with you longer than one silly kid in you had in class one year.

Anonymous said...

Rowan 300s for boys and 400s for girls, pretty close!

Amber said...

Wow! My mothers maiden name is Dalton and I literally had the conversation yesterday about what a wonderful boy name it is! I think Dalton Owen is lovely. If you really want to use Weston though, Dalton Weston is very nice too.

My husband used to be a teacher and we have had so many names ruined by it. Good luck with your new little man and look forward to hearing what you choose!