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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Baby Girl Evans, Sister to Avery, Kaely, and Maggie

Wendy writes:
I think we need help for naming our fourth daughter, due in July. Our first three are Avery (with my middle name), Kaely (husbands mom's maiden for a middle), and Maggie (after my great grandmother). I look over these and cannot figure out a style except to say we kept thinking it was the last girl. The y sound at the end was accidental. Our last name is Evans.

Names that I like are Lila, Olive (nn Livvy). My husband has only suggested the names Harper, Rachel, and Selah. We don't like each others so it's back to the drawing board. I just want the name to be pretty, I tend to like shorter names, and a classic that's not too classic but will fit a kid or woman. My husband is a philosophy professor and pastor so he would like more meaning. I'm not worried about ending in the "y" sound. If it does/doesn't, no big deal.

If you have the time I'd appreciate any suggestions.

Lila and Livvy make me think of Lily and Libby. Avery, Kaely, Maggie, and Lily. Avery, Kaely, Maggie, and Libby.

Rachel and Selah and Lila make me think of Leah/Lia. Avery, Kaely, Maggie, and Lia.

Selah and Lila make me think of Leila and Layla. Avery, Kaely, Maggie, and Leila. Avery, Kaely, Maggie, and Layla.

I also think Laney would be a good fit: Avery, Kaely, Maggie, and Laney. Delaney would work, too.

Or Ellery: Avery, Kaely, Maggie, and Ellery.

Or Sadie: Avery, Kaely, Maggie, and Sadie.

Or Josie: Avery, Kaely, Maggie, and Josie.

Or Polly: Avery, Kaely, Maggie, and Polly.

Or Darcy: Avery, Kaely, Maggie, and Darcy.

Or Shelby: Avery, Kaely, Maggie, and Shelby.

Or Lucy: Avery, Kaely, Maggie, and Lucy.


Ashley, Kyle, and Baby Boy said...

from the suggestions: I like Ellery, Sadie, Lilly, and Layla the best for you.

beyond said...

I like Lily for you.
How about:
Elsie. Avery, Kaely, Maggie, and Elsie.
Emily. Avery, Kaely, Maggie, and Emily.
Hailey. Avery, Kaely, Maggie, and Hailey.
Sophie. Avery, Kaely, Maggie, and Sophie. (LOVE!)
Good luck!

Anonymous said...

I like Lily a lot. So much, in fact, that it sounds a little too familiar. Then I remembered that Lily Evans is definitely Harry Potter's mom's maiden name. Is my nerd showing? Anyway, that connection would be made by, I'm sure, many people, because she is referred to as Lily Evans quite a bit in the books and, well, I mean, it's HARRY POTTER. Just thought I'd mention it!

I prefer Lucy! Lucy Evans, SWOON!

Carolyn said...

I love all your girls' names. they match perfectly in a mismatchy way, and all sound very feminine and uplifting. I'm not crazy about Rachel or Selah in the sibset--seems too different.

What about:

StephLove said...

From your list I like Olive best, from the suggestions I like Lucy & Emily. How about Rose or Rosemary (nn Rosie)?

Rae said...

I really like Lila, Oliva and Harper from your list. And Sadie and Lucy from Swistle's. Other ideas...

Avery, Kaely, Maggie, and Chloe.

Avery, Kaely, Maggie, and Cleo.

Avery, Kaely, Maggie, and Hadlie.

Zoe. (or Zooey)
Avery, Kaely, Maggie, and Zoe.

Livia. (nn Livvy)
Avery, Kaely, Maggie, and Livia.

Avery, Kaely, Maggie, and Hallie.

Avery, Kaely, Maggie, and Cecily.

Avery, Kaely, Maggie, and Whitley.

Rae said...

Oops - *Olive* from your list. I think my brain automatically reads this as Olivia!

Anonymous said...

Maggie Avery Kaely
I like your kiddos names, too. Cute, but easy to see on adults as well. Here are some for you to think about:
And I really liked Swistle's suggestion of Shelby.

kimma said...

I kind of like Paisley for your sibling set. It has the modern feel of Avery and Kaely and also the feminine prettiness of Maggie.

Another name that seems to fit is Brynn. Avery, Kaely, Maggie and Brynn.

Or Brianna with the nickname Brie gives you the ‘y’ ending to match the other girls. Avery, Kaely, Maggie and Brie.

Kas said...

The name Carys/Caris came to mind when i read your other daughters names Avery, Kaely, Maggie and Carys! Love the suggestions of both Lilly/Lily an Leah they are lovely namees and fit well with your girls!

Other suggestion you might like-

Emily nn Emmy


Congrats and good luck x

brooke said...

Names that seem to fit with your other girls:


I also really like Swistle's suggestion of Lia.

Anonymous said...

Seeing that all three of your girls' have names that have some connection to your families, are there any family names out there that you could consider using?

If not, what about naming her after a famous philosopher?


Or a name that means wisdom/knowledge:

Sophie/a (also in reference to Sophie's choice)?

Or something a bit more random, like Alice for Alice in Wonderland?

I think my personal preference goes to Sophie and Alice.

I hope you find the perfect name!

Anonymous said...

Bellamie is my current favourite name. From the french "belle amie" meaning "beautiful friend"

Patricia said...

I would definitely choose a name that ends in the 'y/ie' sound. I especially like Sophie for you: Avery, Kaely, Maggie and Sophie. That would give you 4 names ending in the 'y/ie' sound, with Avery and Kaely being more modern and Maggie and Sophie, more traditional. Swistle's suggestions of Sadie and Josie would work the same way, as would Lucy, although I think a name ending in 'ie' brings a better balance to your sister names. (So maybe the French Lucie?) But most of all I love the name Sophie for your sister set: older girls Ellery and Kaely, younger girls Maggie and Sophie.

Best wishes!

Patricia said...

Oops -- I meant to write, "older girls _Avery_ and Kaely, younger girls Maggie and Sophie." (My mistake perhaps shows that Ellery would be too close to Avery.)

Heidi J said...

Meaningful names that could work:

Anonymous said...

I just read my husband the suggestions and we are so appreciative for the comments. This is really going to help us. Just a side note, kids names used by close family are Sadie, Sophie, Sydney, Emily, and Ella. Thanks and keep them coming, Wendy

Twee Poppets said...

I actually DO think your girls' names match - just in SOUND as opposed to style.

Two syllables, hard A vowel sound, followed by hard E vowel sound.

AY-(vr)EE, (k)AY-(l)EE, (m)AY-(g)EE.

I can't decide if I want to suggest a similarly-formulated name to avoid breaking the pattern, or a different sounding name to avoid too much sing-songiness. Hmm...

Well, I'll just bring the pattern to your attention and leave it in your hands! Good luck and congratulations on your new addition. :)

Anonymous said...

Avery, Kaely, Maggie and

Linden/ lindie
Hallie or Holly


Anonymous said...

I immediately thought Celie! (seal - ee) Could be a nickname for Celeste, Cecily, or Cecilia, and keeps with the -ey sound at the end.



Diane said...

Your name choices immediately made me think Ivy. Is that too close to Avery? I think it's such an adorable name.

Anonymous said...

My daughter's name is Rylee Potter. It could match your other names. Goodluck. I'm in the same boat trying to find a name for my baby (not finding out the sex). :)