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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Baby Girl G1bs0n, Sister to C00per and C@mden

Melissa writes:
I am due with my first girl on September 15. My sons are C00per and C@mden. Obviously, their names are matchy (both Cs, both six letters, both surnames). It wasn't our intention, but that's how it worked out. To top it off, their intials are also exactly the same. Baby 3.0 does not have to be a C, but if a C works out, we're good with that. This will, in all likelihood, be our final child.

All that said, our first name list looks like this:

Cara (which we have liked since my second pregnancy)
Calista, nn Cali/Callie
Emerine (a surname from my husband's side of the family)

We've liked the name Cara for YEARS, but after too boys Cara doesn't seem "grand" enough ... like we need something that makes more of a statement. Silly, I know. I am also concerned for her always correcting "It's a C, not a K." I like the name Callie but would like a more professional-sounding option for her too. Calliope and Calpurnia are both out, so Calista seems reasonable (and my husband quite likes Calista). We thought we were really on to something with Emerine - it's a surname! it's a family name! it seems sort of familiar because of the popularity of Emma and Emily! BUT I don't like the way it looks. It sounds feminine, but it doesn't look feminine. The only middle name I found that I really like with it is Grace ... but Emerine Grace G1bs0n leaves her with the initials EGG. Nope, not going to work.

For girls, my husband likes "fussy princess" names. Longish, Latin/Greek-rooted name, usually ending in -a or -ah. I generally like German/Hebrew-rooted names (like Chelsea) or fun ones (like Piper). Husband has vetoed both Chelsea and Piper. We like less-popular first names as our last name is quite common and plain.

Other names we've discussed and won't use:

Olivia (too common, Husband obsessed with Olivia the Pig factor)
Malia (I kind of like, Husband does not)
Mariska (both liked but people's reaction was consistently "Marissa?" which I quite dislike)
Carissa (my husband's suggestion that I detest)
Paige (too popular, too short)
Carys (Husband thinks it's weird)

Middle names up for consideration are June, Marie, possibly June-Marie or Junemarie (to hyphenate or not?), maybe Lillian (all family-honoring names).

Personally, I am leanings towards Cara June or Cara June-Marie. My husband is leaning towards Calista but will (in all likelihood) come around to whatever I really want.

Very open to additional name suggestions.

Thank you!

I was immediately leaping on alternate spellings of Emerine that might look more feminine to you when I realized it was a family surname name, which means it loses a lot of impact if we change the spelling. If you do decide to use it, I like Rose as a middle name: Emerine Rose G1bs0n. I think Emerine Paige G1bs0n works well, too.

I know you said you're open to non-C names, but I find I'm drawn to them for you if this is most likely your last child. (If you think it's more than remotely possible you'll have another, I'd be more disinclined to lock you into a C pattern.)

Cara and Calista make me think of Calla: it's almost a perfect in-between of fanciness and length, and you could still use Callie as a nickname.

I think Cadence would fit well with C00per and C@mden.

I like Cecily a lot, and it has six letters just like C00per and C@mden. Cecily Paige G1bs0n, Cecily June G1bs0n, Cecily Marie G1bs0n.

I also like Claire---and again, six letters. Claire June-Marie/Junemarie G1bs0n.

Or Clara. Clara Paige G1bs0n, Clara Junemarie/June-Marie G1bs0n.

Or Claudia. Claudia June/Marie/Paige G1bs0n.

Cleo might appeal to your husband's classical tastes while being fun and non-frilly for yours. Cleo June-Marie/Junemarie G1bs0n.

A name I recently noticed in The Baby Name Wizard is Carling. I like the way it rhymes with Darling. I like that it's similar to names like Carli, for familiarity. It's similar to Cara, but fancier. It's a surname name. And I think it goes well with C00per and C@mden.

Another is Calloway. It has a pretty sound, like Willow, and it gives you the nickname Callie.

Name update! Melissa writes:
We went in a totally different direction than planned.

Everly Juno joined our family on September 8.

We settled on it just days before her arrival and it took a while for it to "feel" like her name, but we're very happy with the name and with her - she's sweet as can be!

While it's not a "C" name, it is an English surname and six letters (just like the boys' names). All three kids have a "J" name as their middle name. There's enough in common to make the sibling set cohesive but she gets to be a little different with her own initial and three syllables :)

Thank you


Kacie said...

Cara makes me think of Cora, and you could do that as a stand-alone name or you could get it from Corinne if you prefer.

I really like Swistle's suggestion of Calla!

StephLove said...

I like Cara for you and I think of C as the standard spelling, so I wouldn't worry too much about people spelling it with a K. Calista is nice, too, and I like Swistle's suggestion of Claire, too. The previous poster suggested Cora. I like that as well as Coral, but my very favorite C name is Caroline.

StephLove said...

Oh, and I meant to say I like Calla, too.

Allyson said...

Emerine Marie. OH oh what about Cassidy?

Clarabella said...

The first thing I thought when you said you might want something more *grand* than Cara was Coraline. I don't know why. I also don't know anything about the more prominent pronunciation, I've heard it both Cora-leen and Cora-line (long 'i'). I prefer the later, but either is just lovely. Coraline June Marie, Coraline Grace, Coraline Rose. They all sound great.
Good luck!

sarah said...

I think you should use Cara since you've liked it for so long. Or you could use it as a middle -- Emerine Cara sounds good!
I personally like Callista/Callie best with your boys names and your last name.
Good luck!

Cara said...

Weighing in as a Cara, I'd like to say that yes, she will end up correcting people as to spelling and pronunciation. My name is pronounced like Sara with a hard C instead of an S. Some people pronounce it more like the word car with an "ah" sound at the end. That said, correcting people hasn't ever been a big deal for me, and I love my name!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I would go with Emerine. So pretty and unique. Also, I read it as feminine, kinda like Emmaline.

Emerine Claire?
Emerine June?

Carolyn said...

Carrington, nn Cara?

Or maybe start fresh with a new initial since this is the first girl. What about Anneliese? I also like Mallory as an alternate to Cara and Chelsea. (Seems like it goes well with those names).

Sara said...

I really like Emerine Calista as a fair compromise. Best of luck!

Anonymous said...

What about

Camille, nn Cami or Milly or Callie
Calanthe, nn Callie
Catriona, nn Cat or Nina
Caya or Caia
Cecily, nn Elly

kimma said...

I think Calista is pretty close to perfect with your boys’ names. Cooper, Camden and Calista.

Alternatively, how about Caleigh? It’s pronounced Kay-lee not Cal-ee, but it wouldn’t be much of a stretch to use the nickname Cali if you wanted.

Or Caitlin is pretty too.

Anonymous said...

I love the suggestion of Calloway nn Callie. Very Pretty.

Also, a mix between Mariska and Malia - Malika?

Michelle Cummings said...

Couldn't help but chime in. My daughter's name is Emerine, which was also a family surname. My son's are Beckett and Wyatt. I gave her Lynn as a middle name, which was mine until I got married and took my maiden name as my middle name. So my daughter and I think you should go with Emerine!

Michelle Cummings

kanah said...

Camilla, Catherine, Carolina are all cool C-names. I wonder if you would like Yardley, Magdelena (nn: Lena,) Madigan, Jordana, Josselyn (nn: Joss?)

I would suggest Teagan, but I'm not sure it's feminine enough for your taste..

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

How about Caroline nn Cara.

Caroline June.

Or Cassandra (something husband might like, nn Casey or Cassie)

Diane said...

I went to school with a Calandra (rhymes with Cassandra) who went by Callie. I've never met anyone else with that name, and I've often wonder if her parents came up with it on their own.

I do like Calla and Emerine.

Anonymous said...

Carmen (though I don't know if I love it with your surname... does it seem a bit repetitive?) immediately came to mind.

Carmina (like Carmeena) and Camila also popped up

I like Cara a lot, and have always preferred that spelling to any others I've seen. If I were in your shoes I think I'd just use it. If your husband is really wanting a "grander" full name, you could name her Caroline (I like the Care-a-line pronunciation with your sib set much more than Care-a-lynn), and there is also Carolina, pronounced like Care-a-leena, like Carolina Herrera!

Kristin said...

Cara Emerine would be really cute. I also like the suggestion of Carroway.

Anonymous said...

I suggest Octavia for your consideration. It is similar to Olivia but makes much more of a statement. It doesn't start with a c but still has the hard c sound to go with your sons' names.

The Mrs. said...

Cecilia is lovely if you want something 'grander'. Cara could still be her nickname.

Otherwise, Cara June-Marie is gorgeous in every way. It sounds like music... AND you'll be able to tell her that you've ALWAYS loved it and couldn't wait for her to be born. How special is that?! (Pretty super special if you ask me).

Best wishes to you and your growing family!

Lindsay said...

Oooh I really like the suggestion of Carrington, nickname Cara! Fancy surname name starting with C, and using a (nick)name you've always liked :) I also really like Swistle's suggestion of Clara, so pretty and feminine and very similar to Cara. Good luck!

AirLand said...

I like Cara the best too- and I prefer it with a "C". I don't think it should matter much if you have to spell it for people because you'd probably have to spell Calista (my inclination is to put 2 Ls in it) and definitely Emerine. I like the suggestion of Caroline if you feel Cara isn't grand enough. But I think it works well on its own.

I also like Calista.

If it were me, I'd put Emerine in the middle spot.

Anonymous said...

My suggestion is Calina, nn Callie. Or add a letter and make it Carlina, nn Carly (kind of a compromise between Cara and Callie). Also love above suggestion of Calandra -- I'm sure I've heard it before but can't think where.

Cassandra/Cassidy nn Cassie would be lovely too.

Is Clementine too out there for you?

Anonymous said...

Oh, or Cate. I think it's so simple and pretty, and for some reason I feel like the C spelling makes it more buyable as a stand-alone name rather than a nickname. Others may disagree. The C/K confusion (as with Cara/Kara) would still exist, but I don't imagine that "Cate with a C" will be too difficult to specify.

Mommy said...

Cara is a great name, and if it has stuck with them for this long, it is one they are not likely to regret. It sounds cute with the boys' names too.

I am totally against hyphenating first names, as was suggested. My first name is hyphenated and I have spent my life dealing with confusion surrounding the name. If you like the 2 name sound, I suggest putting the names together (i.e. Annamaria instead of Anna-Maria).

rachael said...

How about Roselle? (rose-elle) You could call her Elle or Ellie as a NN! It's Swedish, though.

vanessa steck said...

I love Cara. I hear it pronounced both CAR-a and CARE-a. I prefer the former but I like both. However, Calla is also just stunning. Both go well with your boys names though Calla feels more modern which is more like your boys names.

Coraline is also just a cool name.

Crafty Beth said...

I do really like the name Cara, but I have to admit that when I meet a Cara (or a Tara, or a Lara) it takes me a while before I can consistently remember if it's pronounced CARE-a or CAR-a for that individual. And just my two cents--I can't get Dynasty and Alexis Colby Carrington out of my head when I hear Carrington--I think Caroline is a much more logical extension of the name Cara! I love Cora or Calla (neither worked with our last name--boo), but I think you also are so lucky to have such a pretty, unusual family surname that works so well as a girl's name--I'd use Emerine at least for a middle if you don't go with it for the first name!

beyond said...

I like Cara for you, although for me the problem is always remembering whether it's Car-a or Care-a, not the C or K spelling. It seems like Cara is your first love for a girl's name.
Calista I like very much, too, Callie is a sweet nn.
I endorse Swistle's Claire and Clara. Both great with C00per and C@mden!
I suggest:
Celine / Celina
Good luck!

Miriam said...

I came to suggest Cassidy, but I see it's already been mentioned. You have so many good options to work with!

Adey said...

LOVE Calla and Calloway!

Amalia (A-Mall-Ee-Ah)
Chelsia (Chel-sea-ah)

I'm not sure! I really love Calla and Calloway though!

Twee Poppets said...

CALLOWAY! Wow, that's beautiful, and such a great match with Cooper and Camden. I love how it continues the C pattern, but breaks the syllable pattern - it ties them all together without making them feel too matchy. I think Calloway is perfect with June.

Calloway June G1bs0n, Callie Gibson

Callie-June would be a cute occasional nickname, too. :)

Cooper, Camden, and Calloway
Cooper, Camden, and Callie

*SWOON!* I'm kind of in love with this name now! Useituseituseit! :)

Magic27 said...

I'm arriving late to this one, but I have two suggestions - first, my elder daughter's name, which is Carla; I may of course be a little biased, but it's a strong name (that's even what it means, "strong"), yet feminine. We gave her "NoƩmie" (French for Naomi) as her middle name, which means "graceful" and tempers the "strong" a little.
Second, my daughter has a friend called Calypso, nn Callie, and I think that's a beautiful name too!

Natalie said...

Everly is a beautiful name for a gorgeous baby girl! Congrats, she's very cute.