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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Baby Girl Winters, Sister to Clementine

Poppy writes:
I just discovered your blog recently and I'm hoping you can help me. My name is Penelope Ingrid Winters, and I am called Poppy. I've always liked my name, despite the grade-school "Poopy Poppy" comments. I have one daughter, Clementine Alice. I went to the hospital after a long process (I wish I'd had your blog then!)sure I'd name her Georgia Alice, and then she came out with this fantastic bright red hair, and a name I'd rejected early on in my pregnancy as not name-y enough popped into my head. So she's Clementine. She'll be three a week before her sister is due (yikes) and her name suits her perfectly. I mostly call her Clem or Clemmy for simplicity's sake but her full name is so much fun to say that I often end up yelling CLEMENTINE! purely because of the sound. And yes, we sing the song A LOT!
And now I am pregnant! I am a single-by-choice mom and I travel a lot for work, which means Clem has already lived in 2 places. So its helpful for me to have names that work in different cultures, although of course I failed miserably with my first daughter. Anyway, this new baby is a girl and will be my last child. Here are some names I'm considering:

Harper (I really like this but worry about how modern/trendy it is; I did check your favorite baby name book and she says Clementine is more in line with, say, Henrietta, but I'm not sure I think that's true. If it is not and Clem's name is more modern than Harper works, but if not...)
Violet (but I think it's too much with her sisters name)
Dagny (came across the other day and I like it, but feel it's too unfamiliar with C's and my names)
Helena (like but doesn't sound right somehow)
Coraline (too matchy but like a lot; also don't want repeating initials)
Jessamine (not sure. possibly too unfamiliar and also might be a problem with endings, though I say Jessa-MEAN and Clemen-TINE...)
Margot (same as Helena)
Mercy (love the sound, don't want a virtue name. Honor is in the same boat)

So these are kind of all over the place, huh? I feel like Clem's name is really fun, light despite being long and has some fun nicknames...well, one or two. And I don't feel guilty giving her a really fun first name because her middle is a very traditional, relatively tease-free name that has a girly nickname. I'd like the same for her sister (and my sister used George for her adorable baby last year, so Georgia is out).
Middle name will be a family name (as Alice is) and I'd like it to start with a vowel, since mine and Clem's do. Here are a few in my family:

Eunice (but doesn't work the way Alice does)
Emma (probably my front runner right now but depends on first name)
Allegra (allergy thing, and close to Alice)
Emeline (second favorite but not as common as I'd like)

So now that I've written way too much, any help would be welcome! Thank you! I am off the scour those dreadful baby name forums...

I suggest Magnolia!


KB said...

If you like Mercy, I suggest Darcy! I think they make a cute pair. Darcy Emeline Winters (if you don't mind DEW).

lifeofadoctorswife said...

Oooh! I love Magnolia!

Here are a couple others...

- Bernadette. Bernadette Eunice. Bernadette and Clementine.

- Annabelle. Annabelle Eunice. Annabelle and Clementine.

- Muriel. Muriel Annette. Muriel and Clementine.

- Rosalind. Rosalind Eunice. Rosalind and Clementine.

- Gwendolyn. Gwendolyn Annette. Gwendolyn and Clementine.

- Winifred. Winifred Eunice. Winifred and Clementine.

Or what about using a family name as the first name? I love Agatha. Agatha Pearl. Agatha and Clementine.

Carolyn said...

I loove the suggestion of Winifred, or what about Gwendolyn? Winnie is such a cute nn!

Other ideas:
Veronica (nn Vera, Roni)
Imogen (nn Immie, Gen, Gennie)
Virginia (nn Ginny)

Maggie said...

If you like Mercy but aren't sold on it as a full name you could name her Mercedes with Mercy as a nickname.

Elisabeth said...

I like the suggestion of Magnolia.

Some other possibilities...


Nicole said...

I think Hazel (nn Elle) is a better fit with Clementine, but might appeal to you because you like Harper. Hazel Annette. Clementine and Hazel.

Or Josephine (nn Josie) so both girls could have songs with their names in them ("Come Josephine in My Flying Machine"). Josephine Emeline. Clementine and Josephine.

I do love the song idea so what about Lucille (nn Lucy, similar sound to Mercy, which you like) ("Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds"). Lucille Allegra. Clementine and Lucille.

Or Lorraine (nn Lora or Rainey) ("Sweet Lorraine"). Lorraine Agatha. Clementine and Lorraine.

Or Matilda (nn Tillie) ("Waltzing Matilda). Matilda Emma. Clementine and Matilda.

You may not be as enamored with this idea as I am, so I'll stop now!

Joanne said...

Magnolia is pretty, and what about Georgia? Georgia and Clementine. Georgie and Clemmie. Cute.

Jenn said...

I was going to suggest Hazel too!
Other ideas:
Beatrix- "Trixie" as a nickname is adorable!
Jemma (Gemma)
Tallulah (Lulu?)
Seems like you want to match the spunkiness of Clementine and not necessarily the old-fashioned style.
Ooh, I like Josephine/Josie as well.

StephLove said...

I think Hazel is just perfect, but I also like Matilda.

How about Ivy, Rosemary or Willow? I'm kind of leaning in a botanical direction.

Sofia said...

Since you like Jessamine but worry about people trying to rhyme it with Clementine, maybe you'd like Jessamyn? I know it's pronounced a little differently, but I think it sounds great with Winters.

Lola Blumenthal said...

Some ideas:
Annora (as you like Honor)
Matilda (getting popular)

If you don't mind another word name, I adore Swistle's suggestion of Magnolia, and Dahlia would be a great choice, too - they both have the elegant, vintage Southern US vibe of Clementine.

I would definitely say that Clementine is a vintage choice - very unlike Harper. For what it's worth, I also wouldn't use Emeline in the middle due to the similarity to Clementine, although of course it would not be disastrous as middles generally aren't used in everyday life. The popular but pretty Emma would compliment the more unusual choices I've listed above well, although I also adore Agatha.

Best of luck,

Anonymous said...

Clementine and...


beyond said...

I like the suggestion of Josephine! Such a good match with Clementine. Clemmy and Josie. Clem and Jos. Matilda would be a good choice also.
From your list I like Helena. Helena Annette, perhaps. Clementine and Helena. I really like it, and it sounds 'right' to me.)
How about:
I feel like giving her a name with 3 syllables : )
Good luck!

Amber said...

Lorelei Winters. Lorelei & Clementine. Rory & Clemmie.

So sweet :)

Some lovely suggestions here, all the best!!

brooke said...

I love the suggestion of Hazel. Also, Magnolia. Another one that comes to mind: Annika.

Anonymous said...

Delilah & Clementine, Lila & Clem

Anonymous said...


Megz said...

I LOVE Jessamine or Jessamyn!

I think Emma or Allegra would work best for a middle name (but maybe JAW would be better initials than JEW).


Kas said...

I love the suggestion of Beatrix with the nn Trixie or Bea!! Clemetine and Beatrix! Love the middle name Allegra, Beatrix Allegra or maybe Estelle, Beatrix Estelle!

Good luck x

Anonymous said...


Clementine and Juniper.

Clem and June

Clemmy and Junie

You Can't Call It "It"! said...

Harper is skyrocketing up the charts, and was never a retro choice to begin with, but a surname/homage to (Nell) Harper Lee author of To Kill a Mockingbird. I wouldn't do it if you are concerned about a trendy choice. I think it's pretty, but have my money on this name becoming the next Ava. Ever notice how many celebrities love this name?

Clementine is on the rise, but will retain its vintage charm.

I do love the suggestion of Beatrix (my daughter's name too).


are some of the first names that come to mind with Penelope and Clementine. Can't wait to see what you choose!

Anonymous said...

What about Eloise or Elodie? Clementine and Ellie.

Liann said...

First, I LOVE yours and your daughter's names! I also love Swistle's suggestion of Magnolia, which couldn't be more perfect with Clementine. And the previous poster's suggestion of Juniper, also excellent with Clementine. I want to suggest Ramona. I think it's so sweet and goes really well with Clementine, and you have the nn Mona. Good luck! Can't wait to hear what you decide.

Anonymous said...

If you wouldn't mind matching initials, I think Clementine and Colette would sound fantastic together - Clem(my) and Lettie.

Clementine and Adeline, Clem(my)and Addie.

Clementine and Felicity - Clem(my) and Flick/Lissie.

Clementine and Serena - Clem(my) and Sera/Renie

Clementine and Lisette- Clem(my) and Lis(sie).

Rae said...

Clementine/Emeline - too similar. Actually, the Clementine I know goes by Emme.

What about ...

Whitley. Clementine and Whitley. Clem and Whit.

Jacinda. Clementine and Jacinda. Clem and Cece -or- Clem and Cinda
-or- Clem and Jaci.

Cambria. Clementine and Cambria. Clem and Cam -or- Clem and Bri.

Hazel. I know that was suggested before and I love it!

Penelope. Clementine and Penelope. Clem and Penny.

Good luck, can't wait to hear what you select!!

Twee Poppets said...

I just want to second the suggestions of Magnolia (Nola), Hazel, Delilah (Lilah), Adelaide, Juniper (June), Josephine (Josie), Beatrix (Bea), Ruby, and Tallulah (Lulah). Any of those would be awesome sibling names for Clementine!

By the way, if it weren't YOUR name, I would totally suggest Penelope, nickname Poppy! Perfect fit and one of my favorites. :)

Also, as another alternative to Harper, how about Harlow? On the rise, but considerably less popular, and (in my opinion) a better style match with Clementine.

Oh, and I don't think Violet is too much with Clementine, but I do think that with you going by Poppy, Clem might stick out a bit, being the only one without a flower name. Just something to consider.

Anonymous said...

Clementine and Luella?