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Friday, July 15, 2011

Baby Boy Moncla, Brother to Lucy and Eli

Amanda writes:
We are due with our third child in October. We are having trouble naming this little boy mainly because I am being stubborn and I am set on a name that my husband likes "o.k." but I guess he is not head over heels for it the way I am! Anyway, to give you some background information our last name is Moncla. I believe it is french and pronounced just as it looks Mon (like mom) cla (almost like claw but without the w). Our first child was a girl, Lucille (Lucy) Elizabeth and our second was a boy Eli James. He goes by Eli.
I knew for when naming them that I wanted each of them to have a saint name being that we are part of the Catholic faith. What I didn't intend was that they would each have a saint name and a biblical name. So for our third son I would like to stay with that criteria.
I would like for his middle name to be Jude for St. Jude (but not a must) and this would leave his first name to be the biblical name. (Yes, I know that Jude is also a biblical name.)
The name I "LOVE" is Abram. My husband actually had read it to me but it didn't strike me until later. Now he is unsure about it. The other names that I like that he has shot down were Silas and Asa.
Names on my husbands list include Isaac, Ian, Sebastian (too long to go with Lucy and Eli, in my opinion) and Xavier. I like Isaac and Ian but I do not love them.
I am having a really difficult time making a decision and knowing that I have approximately 98 days left as of today is making me quite nervous!
Any help would be appreciated!

If you would like to be talked out of Abram because of your husband's uncertainty, I'll mention that the M at the end blends a bit with the M at the beginning of your surname, and that the name Abram Moncla is a little difficult for me to say aloud. Neither of these things are dealbreakers by any means---but I find for myself, it can help me to release my grip on The Perfect Name if I can find ways in which it's not completely Perfect.

The name Abel leaves you with much of the sound of Abram (as well as with the great nickname Abe), but it removes the M problems. Abel Moncla; Lucy, Eli, and Abel.

I wonder if you would like the name Asher? I think it goes very well with Lucy and Eli. Asher Moncla; Lucy, Eli, and Asher.

Or Nathaniel. Nathaniel Jude Moncla; Lucy, Eli, and Nate.

I think Seth helps balance the strong sounds of the surname, and also goes well with the similarly gentle name Eli. Seth Moncla; Lucy, Eli, and Seth. I don't think it works well with the middle name Jude, however.

Or Gabriel. Gabriel Jude Moncla; Lucy, Eli, and Gabe.

If your husband likes Isaac, I wonder if he would like Zachary? Same "zac" sound. Zachary Moncla; Lucy, Eli, and Zach.

I think Samuel would work perfectly: Samuel Jude Moncla; Lucy, Eli, and Sam. That's my favorite option.

Or Jude could be moved to the first-name slot, though this is something you would have thought of already, so I'll just say it because I like it: Jude Moncla; Lucy, Eli, and Jude.

If you find yourself hopelessly stuck, I'll remind you of something you already know but which is so easy to forget during the baby-naming process: any self-imposed restriction can be removed. It's easy to inadvertently set up a series of preferences that paint us into an impossible corner where not a single name we like works with all the preferences, and it can be a relief to realize that that's all they are: preferences. You've mentioned that Jude is also a biblical name---which means that if necessary you could look in the Saints section for a first name instead of in the Biblical section, which wouldn't even require the preferences to be altered (though I can certainly see wanting the Saint Jude instead of the Bible Jude). James and Elizabeth are biblical names, but they're also regular traditional names used without biblical associations---which means you can drop that restriction if it's trapping you, especially if you chose the names originally without thinking of their biblical characters. The name Jude could be ditched entirely in favor of a saint first name and a new biblical middle name---which again, means you could try your luck in the Saints section instead of butting heads in Biblical.

Name update! Amanda writes:
I very much enjoyed reading your suggestions for naming our third child and also the comments were great! You had suggested a name that I had thought of but didn't really care for before but after seeing it with the other childrens names I fell in love with it. Samuel Jude Moncla was born on October 4th at 11 am weighing 8 lbs 8oz. There were some comments about the way Sam Moncla may sound like salmon claw but even that didn't stop us. I absolutely love his name and it fits him perfectly! Thanks for all of your help!


Rayne of Terror said...

James & Elizabeth are also king & queen names which opens up a whole other realm. Henry, Robert, Louis, etc. I like Robert Jude nn Robin.

Tracy said...

What about Simon? That was a top contender for our 2nd boy's name.

liz said...

Aaron? Same sort of feel as Abram, but with an "n" sound at the end?

Lynnette said...

Not biblical, but similar in style is Eamon (Ay-mun, kinda sounds like Amen). I love how it sounds with Eli, and I think it is an underused name.

Kate said...

I love Abel. As much as I love Samuel as well, I'd stay away from Sam, as Sam Moncla sounds like "salmon claw" or a slurred "Salamanca."

Swistle said...

Kate- Oh, good point. I forgot to try the nickname with the surname. Bummer---I loved Sam with Lucy and Eli!

beyond said...

Like Swistle, I thought of Samuel (Samuel Jude; Lucy, Eli and Sam) and Gabriel (Gabriel Jude; Lucy, Eli and Gabe). They're both great.
I wonder if you would like Amos?
Lucas? Noah? Tobias?
Good luck!

beyond said...

True, Sam is not such a good choice after all.
Gabriel / Gabe is still fantastic, though...

Anonymous said...

I'd suggest Peter. Peter Jude Moncla. Lucy, Eli, and Pete.

I also like Phillip. Phillip Jude. Lucy, Eli, and Phil.

Good luck!!!!

Anonymous said...

Reuben John
Lucy, Eli and Reuben Moncla

(I also noticed that Elizabeth and James are both English monarchs. So is John FWIW)

StephLove said...

I wonder if you'd like Abraham instead of Abram. Even though it ends in m, the syllable count makes it easier to say with the surname and maybe it's different enough to appeal to your husband and similar enough to appeal to you. I also like Ian from his list. Ian Jude Mancla. Lucy, Eli & Ian. Very nice.

From Swistle's suggestions, I like Asher, Gabriel and Zachary.

I think Benjamin would meet your criteria and if you give up on the Biblical requirement, how about Henry or Quincy?

Adey said...

Ezra! Lucy, Eli & Ezra ~

Anonymous said...

You know, if you never actually intended to give your first two children Biblical names, and that it was just a coincidence, then I don't think there's any reason that you HAVE to give number three a Biblical name.

I don't think he's going to say to you in years to come "why have my brother and sister got Biblical names and I don't?". And if he does ever say that, you could reply "actually the fact that they have Biblical names is just a coincidence as we actually gave them names we loved, just as we love your name".

So my advice is to ditch the Biblical requirement, start again and find a name you both love that goes well with Jude as the middle name.

Good luck.

Anonymous said...

What about simply using Alexander, nn Alex or Zan(der)? Alexander Jude Moncla has a nice ring to it.

KandA said...

Wow! Thank for putting my email up and all of the great suggestions! I'm going to run some by my husband. I'm really liking Simon, Abel, **Amos** (love and also a great uncles name), Phillip, Benjamin, & Ezra.
Thanks and I don't mind more name suggestions!

Anonymous said...

Abel is a great suggestion - & Abe goes so well with Lucy & Eli. I also love the names Asa and Jude. Whatever you decide, it seems like it will be a great name!