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Monday, July 25, 2011

Baby Girl Stratton, Sister to Twins Colton and Chloe

Melissa writes:
We are having a girl in two weeks and she still doesn't have a name.

We have 15 month old twins Colton Thomas (my father's first name) and Chloe James (husband's middle name).
We are veering away from another "C" name but would totally name her a C name if we loved it.

Our last name is Stratton
My name is Marissa and my husband's is Matt.

Names on the list:
Husband likes Colby.....I think it sounds like a tongue twister with the twins.

For some reason Stella is in the lead but we can't pull the trigger?

We are thinking Stella Vita or have tossed around Stella Maris. My name, Marissa is a derivative of Maris (meaning sea) and Stella Maris means star of the sea. Middle names we have used family names. Vita is my great grandmothers name.

But is Stella getting too popular? Everyone tells me it is but no one can tell me that they know of any Stellas???
We also love boy names for girls.

I know I haven't given you much time but would LOVE to hear you toss any suggestions our way.

We are DESPERATE : )

I agree with you: I think adding another hard-C and L name like Colby is too much---especially since it also repeats the first syllable of her brother's name. Shelby might work instead, or Darby, or Darcy, or Delaney, or Laney.

With Chloe, I think Lola might be too much Lo---or maybe not, I keep saying them together and can't tell. Chloe and Lola. Hm. Maybe it just ties them together nicely? Lila would work too, without the repeating -lo- sound---though it's still a lot of L.

Stella Maris is so pretty, and I love names that lead to a collection---in this case, it would be fun to collect starfish-themed items. (And I've been considering tattoos lately, so my mind goes immediately to how fun it would be to get a sweet little starfish tattoo! or a star over a wave!) I'm a little worried about the name, though, since it's also used to refer to several other things, including the Virgin Mary. Stella Vita is also wonderful.

The name Stella IS getting more common:

(screenshot from the Social Security Administration)
(click it to see it larger)

But I think that's a point in its favor: according to the Social Security Administration, Colton is #73 and Chloe is #9. Stella is right now entering that same level of popularity.

The name Hadley is much less common (#216 in 2010), but I like it with the sibling group. I like Haley even more: it's more coordinated in femininity with her sister's name, and its multiple spellings bring it closer to the popularity of Chloe.


Ashley, Kyle, and Baby Boy said...

personally, i don't like how stella fits in with the sibling set.

Hadley- like, but prefer Halle with your group.

To consider:
Clara- a nice change from the common Claire and is a C name, but not tongue twister

Bailey- really like this: Chloe, Colton, and Bailey

Madison- nice with your sib set too.

Lila is better with your sib set than Lola i think, too.

Reese- pretty, but not a fave for your sib set.

StephLove said...

I like Stella Maris and Hadley Maris for you. I think Stella fits in nicely with the classic sound of Chloe and Hadley with the more modern sound of Colton. Since the twins' names are dissimilar stylistically it leaves you way wide open. I would lean to Stella because it seems more satisfying for the sisters' names to complement each other.

I am trying to decide if I like the repeating S-sound in Reese Maris. I think I might like Reese Marissa better. I feel like Lola is too much Lo with Chloe. And I wouldn't use Colby, definitely too much alliteration with Chloe and Colton.

Anonymous said...

I went to a college with a "Stella Maris" building and after googling it saw that it has a lot of other connections - this isn't a bad thing, per se, but it'd mean she'll likely see her name all over the country!

(I love Stella, and I love Maris, but I'm not sure I like them together given all of the results.)

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure I like the sound of Stella Stratton. Too much alliteration for me. But I love the meaning of it.

Would you consider Selena, meaning moon (somehow the repeating S's in Selena Stratton doesn't bother me as much).

The Mrs. said...

Do you like Nola Vita?

It has the same long 'oh' sound and an 'l' (like Colton and Chloe), two syllables (also like Colton and Chloe), and isn't overly feminine.

Nola Stratton. NVS make fine initals (don't spell anything), and 'Nola Vita' sounds so delicious to say aloud!

Excited to hear what you choose. Best of wishes to you and your growing family!

Patricia said...

I would definitely not choose another name beginning with C. Your baby girl is very close in age to her twin siblings and could easily be mistaken for "the third twin" in a couple of years if her name is very similar to Colton and Chloe. Too, I think that following twins (who usually get a lot of extra attention because they ARE twins), the next child should have a distinct name that emphasizes her individuality.

I like the idea of giving this little girl your name or a form of it -- Maris -- as her middle name. Or maybe your middle name, as Chloe has your husband's middle name. I like Stella and think Stella Stratton has a special appeal. I might avoid the very religious connection of Stella Maris, but maybe your middle name would work with Stella? (Stella Ann, Stella Lynn ???)

Best wishes!

Carolyn said...

Stella Marissa would be pretty! Cecelia or Celia would be a lovely alternative for Stella, and although it starts with a C, it doesn't have the hard c sound, so that would be a cute way to make it different.

Or perhaps a variation of Maris for the first name? Mara or even Meredith would be pretty.

My last idea is Audrey. I just like how it sounds with Chloe and Colton.

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

I adore The Mrs's suggestion of Nola Vita! It gets my vote.

Marisa&Matt said...

As I was looking for ideas for a middle name for Stella, I came across your post. I have to admit, I am in shock! My name is Marisa. My husband is Matt. I am due with our first child in 2 weeks and we are pretty set on the name Stella, but are still deciding on a middle name.
We like Stella Maris, as well, although it seems a bit strange that it refers to the Virgin Mary in some contexts. Also, we like the name Stella Reece. My husband really likes Stella Mae. I can't believe that there may be another Stella out there, close to the same age, with parents of the same names. Best of luck with making your decision!