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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Baby Boy or Girl Jason-With-an-M, Sibling to Noah, Luke, Jonah, Thomas, Kathryn, and Seth

Amy writes:
Naming gets harder with each child and I hope you and your readers can help us! I am pregnant with our 7th baby (c-section the end of August) and we do not know if it is a boy or girl. Our last name rhymes with Jason but begins with M. Currently we have Noah, Luke, Jonah (L&J are twins), Thomas, Kathryn, and Seth. Our boys all have biblical names although it wasn't intentional in the beginning. The first three we happened to like and Luke is also a classic name and once we got to our fourth boy felt we needed continue that direction, but Thomas is also a classic. (Those two were my husband's choices.) Our daughter is named after three of our grandmothers and with only one girl we used Kathryn Emme instead of only honoring one relative with the middle names as we did with our boys. I didn't want her to have a nickname and insisted on calling her Kathryn for her first year but my husband and other family started in on Katie and so that is what she is and it fits her perfectly.

The problem now is finding a name that fits with all of them. If it is a boy to fit the pattern it probably should be a biblical name, although being that is a common trend with people we know our list is getting shorter. For a girl, we didn't use a biblical name and so I like more feminine sounding names. I am wondering though if we need to find a girls name that can have a nickname or is shorter to go with Katie. My husband doesn't like to discuss names too much until maybe two weeks before the birth but I can't stop thinking about it. Although, he has agreed with a few.

Girl names we agree on: (middle will be either Joan or Elizabeth depending on which works. I'm not finding many to work with Joan although that is my preference). I'd think we'd have a longer list for a girl but it seems more difficult somehow.

Esther -- my favorite. Yes it is biblical but I've always liked it and it is an old-time name but doesn't especially go with either middle name. But I don't feel settled about it. Husband is okay with it.
Eliza Joan (don't love but is okay and would honor both people)

like but not using:
Emmeline (we both really like but husband would want a nn and then it would be Emme, our daughter's middle name which seems strange) It also doesn't go with middle names very well.
Evangeline (is it too long?) but like Evie for nn
Elenore (nn Nora but maybe too similar to Noah) and my husband said it reminds him of a car in a movie so no.
Elodie Joan (husband thinks sounds strange but I really like it)
Noelle (sounds too similar to our son Noah)
Felicity (love the meaning but I don't know if it really fits with our others and not sure of a nn)
Lucia/Lucy (husband doesn't like and we know two dogs with the name)
Cora (I really like Dora after my great-aunt and obviously won't use that but husband nixed Cora)

used by friends that I liked -- Gwendolyn, Lydia, Claire, Abigail

As for boys the middle name will be Gerald which doesn't go with everything nicely.

Ezra - my absolute favorite (and the kids too) but hubby thinks it sounds too girly and also wonders why I pick the unusual names :)- He can be convinced but I prefer him to like the name.

like but not using:
Judah- doesn't go with Gerald (I would want to use the family name Ryan for a middle but don't feel we can skip honoring this grandpa any longer and too it is probably is too similar to our Jonah)
Joseph (does't go with Gerald and again is similar to Jonah)
Mathias/Matthew (too many M's with our last name)
used by others close to us -- Josiah, Isaac, Samuel

I don't want it overly popular but as I have come to realize through reading your posts that shouldn't matter if I really like it. I think my husband's style leans more classic (as Thomas, Luke and Kathryn).

Any help you can offer is much appreciated!


A bit of an update as we are in the homestretch so thankfully my husband is more readily discussing names. His top three for girls are:

Eleanor (which he previously didn't like but said he realized his thinking about it was kind of strange). I still like the nn Nora but wonder if it is too similar to our Noah.

I do like each name but if using Esther would it matter that all of our children except one have biblical names? I seem to get hung-up on that point, mainly because the kids love to find their names in the bible. Where Katie can't, I thought another girl not being able to might be good. But I honestly have no idea if it matters.

And then for middle names I almost wish we didn't always name after a family member because I can find so many names that would sound better with each name. I think my husband would like Elizabeth better because it was his Grandma's name (my middle name) but it makes a name so long being 4 syllables. Joan for me was an Aunt. Tossed around using my Mom's name -- Carol, but that isn't really any better of a fit.

As for boys, well he just told me he is leaning toward Simon or Simeon. I don't necessarily like two "S" initials for children in a row (this one after Seth) but I don't say their names in order all that often. I don't think my husband will ever come around to Ezra which is fine for me. I read a previous post you did which was really good about not necessarily having the name be your "perfect" name but for both husband and wife finding a "good" name you can agree on.

Again, any advice you can offer would be great!


Steph said...

I think Noah and Nora are too similar. What about Eleanor nn Elle?

Anonymous said...

What about Elizabeth Joan. That way you can honor both family names. Elizabeth has so many nicknames or is very pretty on its own.

StephLove said...

I was going to suggest Lucy for you before I saw it was ruled out. Too bad. But I think any of the current top 3 for girls would work. I agree with the previous commenter that Ellie for Eleanor would be a good nn. I like Felicity a lot, too.

Simon's a good choice, too, even with the repeating initial. If it really starts to bug you, though, would you like Zachary?

Frazzled Mom said...

The challenge once you have a lot of kids is that finding names that all coordinate becomes more difficult. With that said, I wouldn't worry too much about repeating initials.

I agree Simon is perfect for you, even with the repeating initial. Another one I will suggest, and I'm doing something that doesn't come easily, is son's name: Paul. Some parents love to suggest their kid's names, but I tend to hold mine close to my chest, unless I really feel one of my kids' names is a near perfect fit. I feel Paul really is a great fit for you. Have you ruled out James?

The girl's name is a bit harder. It sounds like you want something that is NOT biblical, but still has some history. Using those criteria, Elizabeth would be perfect. I agree with Nora being too similar to Noah, but if you use Ellie as a nn for Eleanor, I feel Eleanor would also be a perfect fit.

While I like Felicity, I feel Felicity is too unusual when paired with a sister Katheryn, and I agree it is sort of out of place with the others.

Perhaps looking at Shakespeare or Greek mythology names (the established names) or virtue names (the more common ones) for the girl would work. How about:

Cynthia, nn Cindy or Thea
Alexandra or Alexandria, nn Alex or Lexie
Jessica, if you must have a nn, Jessie
Miranda, nn Mira
Helen or Helena
Penelope, nn Penny, Polly, Poppy. Penelope might be too unusual for you, but it is becoming more popular and therefore may seem more established.

I know you said you like more uncommon names, but you named your daughter, Katheryn, which I understand was your husband's suggestion and he likes more established names. However, I also feel non-coordinating sibling names isn't really a big deal. If you and your husband find that name that really makes your heart sing, and it goes with your last name, then I would use it even if it is not a perfect fit with the brothers and sisters.

Anonymous said...

Felicity and Esther don't have nicknames :( Elizabeth has many nicknames and goes well with Joan. Frazzled's suggestion of Miranda is really good too. She could be nicknamed MJ, like Spiderman's girlfriend :)

Elizabeth Joan Jason-with-an-M
Miranda Joan Jason-with-an-M

Tracy said...

I love Simon!

M.Amanda said...

I agree that Nora is too close to Noah. It could get especially confusing when the children are young, when their enunciation of the R sound might not be clear. Elle or some variation would be a nice alternative.

However, I am really liking Esther as something different than the many El- and Em- names out there right now. Not sure about nicknames... maybe Essie or Essa? Essa reminds me of a girl I knew named Isabella, who went by Isa, which I always liked.

For a boy, the repeated S initial wouldn't bother me, but what about the repeated -on ending? If it doesn't matter to you, I like Simon better than Simeon. My favorite from your list, though, is Isaac, nn Ike or Zac, or perhaps Zachary as StephLove suggested.

Slim said...

Esther does have a nn: Essie, which is what a friend of mine uses.

Swistle said...

Felicity has several nicknames: Fliss, Liss, Lissie, Flip.

Anonymous said...

Not sure your religion, so this may or may not be helpful. But Katherine and Esther do both happen to be names of Saints. Not only that but on list of sons there are also names of saints, Thomas, Luke, etc. So that can be a way for Katherine to feel included in naming theme.

Anonymous said...

What about Caroline Elizabeth? You could have a cute nn for Caroline. Caroline Joan doesn't flow as well to me, but works I think.

I love Simon for a boy, but the repeating initial would not bother me. What about Gideon? Isaac? I personally love Ezra. Malachi?

Josie said...

Biblical boy name suggestions:

(I love Simon, just wasn't sure about the Double S names or the "en" ending in both your last name and Simon).

Classic girl names that work with Kathryn/Katie:
Eveline (nn Evie, Eva)
Amelia (nn Mia)
Josephine (nn Josie)

I feel any of those would work with either Joan or Elizabeth.

Janelle said...

FrazzledMom's suggestion of Paul seems so perfect for you! Short, biblical, classic, a different letter even! And Paul Gerald sounds wonderful.

Initially I wanted to suggest James, but I don't like it as well with the middle name. However, it also fits the bill of both classic and biblical.

For girls, I like Felicity best on your list, but it seems like a new direction-- not quite-a-classic like Kathryn, but not biblical either. My initial thought for you was Anna Joan or Anna Elizabeth. Both are lovely classic names and also biblical. Plus the cute nn Annie goes very well with Katie.

BUT! What about Joanna Elizabeth? Joanna is also from the New Testament, and this would let you honor both women at the same time.

I also like the suggestion of Caroline, for your mother.

Good luck!

christine said...

I like your choice of Felicity best from your girls' names, and if I were in your shoes, I'd probably steer away from a biblical name for the reason you mentioned. Swistle mentioned the nns above. I personally think it sounds better with Joan, but can also work with Elizabeth or Eliza if that is your preference. I also like the suggestion of Caroline, particularly with Elizabeth.

I love the name Simon, and was going to suggest Isaac for a boy. Paul and Mark would also work.

Good luck!

liz said...

BTW: Elizabeth is biblical. Mom to Mary, it means "God's solemn oath"

As an Elizabeth myself, I always root for that name. My middle name is Amy, if you like it.

I like Esther.

changelivlife said...

I never like to suggest names when I love the original list already. And I love Esther and Felicity. I'm less thrilled with Eleanor. It's perfectly fine, just doesn't seem like a good fit with the rest of the kids names. I'd choose Felicity in heartbeat, if I were you. However, I'm going to break my own rule because, as I was reading the comments, a girl's name kept whispering in the back of my mind and it seems...right?

What about Bethany? Kathryn and Bethany are a great sister set, as is Katie and Beth. Plus, I like the repeating Y for the girls alone. It gives them a bond that the boys share with the biblical names. And I agree that Esther, being biblical, doesn't seem right to leave Kathryn out.

So, I vote Felicity or Bethany. (Bethany Elizabeth, I also like Bethany Joan...but those initials?)

As for a boy, I'm going to introduce two new ones, because it seems like you're far less certain for boys. I like Aaron and Caleb for you. Both are a little awkward with Gerald, but not impossible.

And, though many tout Simon (and it is a great name) I don't like the repeating initial at all. You don't repeat initials for ANY of your kids, so I wouldn't for this one.

Whew! That was long. Final picks?

Bethany Elizabeth
Caleb Gerald

Congrats on your beautiful family!

Joanne said...

I forget if Benjamin was mentioned, but it's a great biblical name and has Ben as a nn and it has a song! My girl name is Felicity, so I have to mention that while it's not biblical, it is the name of a popular Christian saint and martyr, usually mentioned in conjunction with Perpetua. We like Fliss or Flip for a nickname and my husband keeps
Mentioning Fifi. Also, with regard to similar beginnings, in my family, we are Larry Laura Joanne and John and it rarely comes up.
I also like Esther and am suggesting Evaline. Best of luck!

The Mrs. said...

I'm on board with the suggestion of Elizabeth Joan. Katie and Lizzie make darling sister names... both Kathryn and Elizabeth are the epitome of classic, too.

For a boy, do you like Philip? Philip Gerald _ason?
What about Peter? Peter Gerald _ason? Neither repeat your other children's initals.

I agree that Caleb Gerald would be good as well. There's always Levi Gerald, Elijah Gerald, Asher Gerald, Gideon Gerald (repeating letters but different sounds!), David Gerald, Ezekiel (Zeke) Gerald, Daniel Gerald, or Zechariah Gerald. For something REALLY different: Phinehas Gerald would give a new inital AND the nickname of Finn/Phin.

Excited to hear what you both choose! Best of wishes to your growing family!

Anonymous said...

I really love Felicity for you. I think Felicity Joan is lovely, and I think it has a lot of creative nickname potential.

For boys, I like Simon the best (I REALLY loved the idea of using Samuel nn Sam, until I saw that it had been nixed already).

Chantelle said...

I agree with a previous poster... Simon _ason is very similar-sounding. Also, you might often be saying Seth and Simon's names together as they are the two youngest. (As in, litle ones bothering older siblings or older siblings bothering little ones) :)

I like the suggested Paul _ason or Isaac _ason the best.

As for girls, again I think other commenters have great ideas. Bethany or Caroline both fit into your style and match nicely with Kathryn. Caroline also has the plus of kind of tying into your mother's name. Johanna is also very nice with the sibling's names

Other suggestions:

If you like Ezra, you might like Asher or Elijah. Also biblical and btoh sound good with middle and last. Elijah has a slight conflict with Noah but I feel they are different enough.

It's definitely a challenge naming 7 of them!

Patricia said...

Elizabeth Joan or Elizabeth Carol:
Katie & Ellie (/Libby/Betsy)

Caroline Joan or Caroline Elizabeth: Katie & Carrie or
Kathryn and Carolyn - Katie & Carrie

Eleanor Joan: Katie and Ellie
(I agree that Nora and Noah are too close -- and even more so when Nora is spelled with a final H: NOAH/NOrAH.)

Andrew Gerald (M)Jason

David Gerald (M)Jason

Jan said...

Before I read your second e-mail I was going to suggest Theodora for a girl or Dorothea. You could use the nn Dora or Thea.

I think Eleanor is the best sibling match to Kathryn but I do think the name Felicity is a good one and underused.

With your last name I don't love Simon - having the 'n' ending repeated. I notice you've avoided it with your other children.

For a boy I actually like Matthew/Matthias. It'll even up the OT/NT ratio and I think a repeating first sound can be nice - just think Matthew McConaughey.

So - Eleanor or Felicity Joan and Matthew Gerald are my votes.

Anonymous said...

I second the idea of Phillip. It works really well with the sib set and the middle name. It is also traditional but not super popular.

Jamie L said...

So many great names!

I know that Elizabeth Joan has already been suggested. TONS of nicknames. Ellie is probably my favorite.

Our of your husbands favorites, I really love Felicity. Lissy for short?

I agree that Nora and Noah are too close. Simon is really cute! I like it. What about Nathaniel? Ethan? Asher?

TaraRhode said...

Felicity Joan is great! i also liked Eliza Joan.
Simon Gerald would work as well.

Susan said...

I vote for Felicity with nn Fliss. Kathryn and Felicity seem good together to me, and the nns Katie and Fliss (or Flissie) are great. Felicity may be a little less common than Kathryn, but both names have a classic, pleasantly British flavor to them.

Anonymous said...

I think Esther, Elizabeth, and Felicity would all make wonderful sibling names! What about Boaz for a boy?

If you find Elizabeth too long, you could gofor a variafion of the name:

Isabelle - katie and Issie

Amy said...

Too many names to ponder but thanks for all of the suggestions!


Anonymous said...

I think Felicity Joan is the best of your options, with plenty of nicknames! I think it goes well with Kathryn too as a nonbiblical girls name that the two can have in common.