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Monday, November 21, 2011

Baby Girl Northcutt, Sister to Reid and Jace

Meredith writes:
I enlisted your help a couple years ago in coming up with a name for our second boy. We are now pregnant again, and with a GIRL!!! But, we are once again having a hard time agreeing on a name. The middle name will be named after my husband's grandmother, Jo. The name we like is Collyn Jo, but I'm thinking that after having 2 boys, I want a pretty, girly, feminine name and Collyn has a "boyish" ring to it. Our boys names are Reid Michael and Jace Ryan. Another name I like is Charlotte. Our last name is Northcutt, so something that flows well with that. Even though the boys both have one syllable names, I think our girl will need to have a 2 or 3 syllable name in order to go with Jo. Thoughts?

Thanks so much! I love how you put so much thought into the names!!!!

If you want to tweak Collyn to make it a little more feminine (though changing the i to a y already does a good job of making it clear to the eye if not to the ear), I suggest Calyn (rhymes with Alan), nickname Callie if you want it (an improvement on Collie). Calyn Jo Northcutt; Reid, Jace, and Calyn.

Another option, even more feminine, is Calla. Calla Jo Northcutt; Reid, Jace, and Calla.

Jo would also make a wonderful first name. Jo ______ Northcutt; Reid, Jace, and Jo.

Was Jo short for Josephine? That would be lovely, too: Josephine Northcutt is a wonderful name.

Collyn reminds me of Marin. Marin Jo Northcutt; Reid, Jace, and Marin.

Just sitting here mulling the brother names, I suddenly thought of Piper. Piper Jo Northcutt. Reid, Jace, and Piper.

I think Kiley would work wonderfully, too. Kiley Jo Northcutt; Reid, Jace, and Kiley.

I agree that the middle name Jo works best with a longer-than-1-syllable first name. If you would otherwise have liked the coordination of three 1-syllable names, a similar idea would be to give all three children 4-letter names. Some possibilities:


Or you could choose a longer name to go with the middle name, but one that has a 1-syllable nickname. Laney Jo Northcutt---but Reid, Jace, and Lane. Rosalie Jo Northcutt---but Reid, Jace, and Rose. Caitlyn Jo Northcutt---but Reid, Jace, and Cait. Teagan Jo Northcutt---but Reid, Jace, and Teag. Skylar Jo Northcutt---but Reid, Jace, and Sky.

Or if Jo was short for another name, you could use that other name as the middle name instead, and then be free to choose a 1-syllable first name.

Name update! Meredith writes:
I really enjoyed all the thoughts, opinions, and suggestions I received from you and your blog readers on the naming of our baby girl! We've decided to go with Brynn Kathryn. Reid, Jace and Brynn. :)

Thanks again!!!


Rayne of Terror said...

Oh, I seriously swooned over your suggestion of Piper Jo. I think that is a wonderful name.

I think Nora is a good fit with Reid and Jace.
I also like Dorothea Jo with the nn Dot.

Anonymous said...


A said...

Maybe it's just me but I read Collyn as Coe-lynn, like colon. I wouldn't use that name and spelling. What about Corrinne? It's beautiful! Colleen was a good suggestion too.

StephLove said...

I was going to suggest Colleen, but I see someone beat me to it. I liked Calla, Caitlin and Josephine, too. Calla Josephine would be lovely.

Mary said...

What about Collyn do you love? the Coll or lyn sound? I have to admit that Collyn spelled this way also makes me think of Colon.

Corinne, Colis, Coralie, Coraline, Cordelia, Corin, Cosima, Courtney, Cosette, Colette, etc. would be nice "Co" names. Or Carrigan.

Likewise, Catelyn, Carolyn, Coralyn, Evelyn, Madalyn, Roslyn, etc. would be nice "lyn" names.

I personally think Corali(n)e Jo sounds really cute, and good together with Reid & Jace.

A name that came to me when reading the suggested Nora, is Nina, Nina Jo. I like the alliteration with your last name.

Other ideas:

Reid, Jace, and Camden
Reid, Jace, and Lacey
Reid, Jace, and Haddie or Hattie
Reid, Jace, and Payton
Reid, Jace, and Lara

I really like Charlotte Jo btw - Reid, Jace, and Lottie :)

Lauren said...

I know a little girl named Callan which I think is lovely with your middle name. Callan Jo. And Callie is a great nickname. Good luck!

lacey said...

I second Colette! So pretty.

Janelle said...

Oh, I love Charlotte! And especially with your boys' names. It's definitely a pretty, feminine name, and it gives you lots of nickname options, from frilly Lottie to tomboy Charlie.

Charlotte Jo!

Carly said...

May I suggest Carly? My name is Carly Jo, so I may be biased, but I think it fits! Could be a nickname for Charlotte, too :)

KWILY said...

I know a cute little girl named Colette who goes by Coco! Love it!

Emily S. said...

I think if I heard Jace and collyn, i might think jace was the girl and collyn was the boy. Since Jace is somewhat androgynous, i think you should consider a more feminine girl's name. I love the suggestions of Calla, Ayla, Lila, and your choice of Charlotte.

kimma said...

While I'm a fan of Charlotte I'm just not sure it fits well with Northcutt.
Another sweet, vintage, girly name would be Amelia Jo nn Mia ... Reid, Jace and Mia. Or Cora Jo ... Reid, Jace and Cora.

Then again, Reid and Jace say spunky and modern to me, as does Collyn. Along those lines, but strictly girly I like Kenzie Jo.

Karen L said...

Maybe your husband would like to use a feminine version of one of the names he liked for a boy?

I especially like Christabel, it's just a little more unusual than Christine or Christa.

I really like the idea of a C name because C.J. is such a spunky nickname for a little girl. My favourite C suggestions so far are Corali(n)e, Coralyn, and Cordelia. I also really like the suggestions of Eden and Kira.

A few more stabs in the dark:

The Mrs. said...

Do you care for Harper? Harper Jo?

I like the nickname of Callie. Callie Northcutt is very charming.

How about Flora? Flora Jo? Reid, Jace, and Flora. It's feminine without being girly, familiar without being popular. (Nicknames could include Flossy and Lolo).

Do you like Avery? Nickname could be Ava... Avery Jo.

Carla is a classic name that is a lot like Charlotte without the popularity. Carla Jo... Reid, Jace, and Carla.

Best wishes to you and your growing family!

Anonymous said...

I don't love Collyn, both because it sounds really masculine with Jace as a sibling, and because the pronunciation could be totally butchered. I think any two-syllable name needs the emphasis on the first syllable, because it'll flow better with Jo. Coll-EEN Jo just doesn't sound right. I feel similarly about Co-LETTE Jo.

I like Harper the suggestion of Callan, what about something like that (could also spell it Callyn), nn Calla or Callie? I also know someone whose full name is Carlyn, but she goes exclusively by Carly.

Angie said...

While Collyn clearly looks feminine, I'm not sure how you plan to say it. If Collyn sounds exactly like Collin or Colin, then I have to agree if you named your daughter Collyn she could be mistaken for a boy in conversation.

Collyn does have so many great qualities that make it a good inspiration point.

If the Co part of the name appeals to you, then I like the suggestions of Collette and Coralie/Coraline.

The idea of Nicola, a feminine version of one of your boy contenders is brilliant because it incorporates the co as well. You could call her Colie.

Coco would work as a nickname for Collette and Nicola, and also reminds me of Cosima.

In looking up Cosima, I learned the Romanian version is Cosmina – ooooo what a pretty versatile name. You could use Coco or Mina as a nickname for Cosmina.

Mina is similar to Mila and could work on its own.

The olly part of the name immediately brought Molly to mind. Molly may be too mainstream compared to your son's names, but maybe you would like Polly.

Polly may seem old-fashioned, but to me at least, the name has some kind of modern spunk going on.

If you like Collyn because of the y in the middle, then I thought of these:


All the above names are clearly feminine (although according to behindthename Blythe can be masculine and feminine), but not super frilly. They also seem to have a more modern style that fits with your son's names.

But it sounds like you may want a super frilly name. From your letter, I couldn't determine if you really prefer frilly names or somehow feel obligated to use a frilly name since she will have two brothers.

If you really want something frilly I think Calla, Callie, Coraline, Coralie, Cosima, and Colette hit that mark.

Congratulations on your girl!

Meredith said...

Thank you thank you thank you to everyone for your great suggestions!! I seriously thought we had seen all the names, but there were some suggested that I had never thought of! My husband and I have recently talked and he's up for doing a middle name after his mom, Kathryn. SO, our first name options are opened more! Is Brynn Kathryn a better choice? Does Brynn "fit" with Reid and Jace?

Anonymous said...

I love Brynn Kathryn! I think you have found the perfect name for your sweet baby girl!

Karen L said...

Brynn definitely fits with Reid and Jace! Brynn Kathryn is lovely. Do you like, dislike, or not care that the n's blend into the last name? Just something to think about.

(FWIW, I kinda like it with a longer/wordier last name like yours but I dislike it with my own last name that sounds like Lou, so any names that ended with L were almost automatically out, especially shorter names.)

gail said...

I love the name Brynn. It's the name I chose for my now 32-yr old daughter back when it was truly rare, and she has absolutely loved it and often receives complements on it. Brynn Kathryn is especially lovely, and it really complements Reid and Jace.

gail said...

I wanted to add that when we named our daughter, we used the spelling Bryn, which is more traditional. But over the years I've at times had remorse for not using Brynn, which feels more feminine. You could do either--with the shortened spelling, it would fit the sibset, but on the other hand, since this is a daughter, you're free to change the pattern. Good luck!

Mary said...

I like Brynn(e) Kathryn!

Emily S. said...

i like brynn!

Angie said...

Brynn Kathryn is wonderful and Brynn goes so well with Reid and Jace.

beyond said...

Brynn Kathryn is lovely!
Or you could use the long version of Jo (Joanne? Josephine? Johanna? ...) to go with Brynn as well.
Or Calliope (nn Calla) if you want 3 syllables!
Good luck!

Ashley, Kyle, and Baby Boy said...

what about Colette !!
I love this sweet name.
nick name can be 'coley' or 'letty'
i know a baby with the name and her daddy calls her 'letty-bug' LOVE IT!