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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Baby Boy Purant-with-a-D

Lauren writes:
My husband and I were sure we were having a girl until our ultrasound said otherwise! We have one boy's name that we had both liked early on (Oscar), but now that it's "real" I'm not sure it's right for our son. And with time ticking (we're due in May, but I'm a planner), my husband is quick to veto but unable to come up with his own suggestions! We actually do agree on general ideas (not too trendy or popular, we like traditional/old-timey/preppy names, and we have no syllable/vowel/whatever preferences or requirements about it) but when it comes to specifics, we're having some trouble. My husband's name is Fletcher which he and I both LOVE. We have only met one other Fletcher ever but it's not a "weird" name by any means. We would love to find something just like that for our boy!

My absolute favorites are Griffin and Fisher, but he's not sold on either of them yet. Names we both generally like include Felix, Oscar, Owen, Milo, and Henry, but we think that the last three are too trendy (we love Liam, but that has the same problem). Our tastes do diverge, though. I love names like Connor, Cooper, Hunter, Jonah, Jude, Miles, Miller, Rowan, Sawyer, and Spencer--none of which he likes enough (and some he hates!). He loves Elliot but I like it better as a middle name. Other middle names we like include Leighton, Freeland, and Montgomery (all family names, though that's not a stipulation). His last name will be my husband's last name which starts with a D and rhymes with Purant (think the sound a cat makes plus the insect)--so names like Grant are out. I also don't like D first names with a D last name.

Anyway, as you can see, we could use some help! Is Fisher too matchey with my husband's name? Is there a good middle name for Griffin that would make my husband love it? Are we missing that magic name? Is there a combination in all of these that we aren't seeing?? There's a good chance that this will be our only child but it's possible that we'll have one more. If we were having a girl, we would have named her Mabel, Clementine, or Clara.

Many thanks and Happy New Year!! I promise to send an update AND a picture when our son arrives. And because you seem like the kind of person who might like this, here's a preview of what he looks like. The caption would read "Hi Swistle, please help name me!"

This is a suggestion you have certainly thought of, but I am going to go right ahead and make it anyway because it's kind of an uncommon to start up in our generation: how would you feel about having a junior? You and your husband both love your husband's name, and you'd both like something just like that for your son---so perhaps go right for it?

Or he wouldn't have to be a full junior: you could give him a different middle name, to reduce confusion and to let you still have the fun of choosing at least one new name.

If you'd rather not, but you wouldn't mind using something very close, Thatcher or Archer would be adorable. (I learned just this minute from The Baby Name Wizard that a fletcher is an arrow-maker, so that makes Archer particularly appealing for that connection.) Fisher is a great name and I want to finally know someone who uses it---but I think it's confusing/tongue-twisting with Fletcher (I keep getting Flesher and Fitcher.)

I wish he liked Miller. That seems like a really good one.

Instead of Elliot: Everett or Emmett.

Instead of Liam: Leon.

Instead of Griffin: Gideon or Finnegan or Phineas.

I also love Felix from your list. When I was reading through the letter but before I'd gotten to that list, I thought "They like Oscar and Fletcher---I should suggest Felix!"

Milo might be a little trendy, helped in this impression by a couple of actresses who used the name for their sons. But it's been awhile since anyone famous used it, and I'm only willing to say "MIGHT" be a "LITTLE" trendy, and it was one of the three finalists for my youngest baby, and I still really like it for you. That little ultrasound hand-wave has the attitude of a Milo, and I think Milo has just the right mix of quirky and well-rooted.

Or would you like Nico instead? Or Theo? Or Leo? or Hugo? I think Hugo would be great: Hugo Purant.

I also think you might find Oscar is the right name after all, once you've had time to get used to him being a boy. Oscar is so great with the sister names, if you have a girl later on: Oscar and Mabel; Oscar and Clara; Oscar and Clementine.

Harrison just came to mind. It's surnamey like Fletcher, and it's nice with the surname: Harrison Purant.

For a middle name, I suggest your own surname if it's at all name-like.

For Griffin, Elliot seems like a good middle name to maybe tip your husband into using it: Griffin Elliot Purant. One downside is that the initials would spell GED, like the high school equivalency exam, but for me I don't THINK that would be a deal-breaker.

The names Fletcher, Felix, Oscar all have a sort of crackle in them. Looking for other such names:

Declan (starts with D, I know, but I want it in the list anyway)

Or here's a long-shot to consider: Pascal. It takes a little getting used to, but I think it has huge potential: familiar yet almost unused in the U.S., and very similar in sound to names like Oscar and Felix, and with a super sciencey namesake to boot. Pascal Mother-Surname Purant-with-a-D.

Name update! Lauren writes:
We wanted to give you an update on our little lion, who came into this world 9 weeks early. It seems that Felix Everett Purant (with a D) just could not wait any longer to be with us. He's getting stronger by the day and we're so in love with him. Thanks for your help--Everett was one of your suggestions and is the perfect middle name for our little guy. We've already gotten a million compliments on his name.


Anonymous said...

My immediate thought was Thatcher. I love this and think it would be perfect! I also really like the suggestions of Archer.

KWILY said...

Look no further!!! Archer... It's amazing! The meaning alongside your husband is so charming. I'm dying about it!

Other than that, I'd say Oscar is perfect. I think it's just not feeling fresh to you because you've been over thinking. It is totally fresh to me!

Jen said...

There are so many great options. The only name I can think to suggest is Sebastian.

Lindsey said...

I do know a real-life Fisher, and he's adorable, so it's definitely a positive for me, but I agree with Swistle on the Fletcher/Fisher confusion.

My top two would be Thatcher or Oscar, respectively.

gail said...

Swistle has this so well covered, not sure what to add.

But also not sure about your using a name that ends in "er" like your husband's, because although it would be neat, if you do have a second child and it's another boy, you'd be in a naming corner--to continue with the "er" theme or not.

In terms of a Fletcher Jr., I think you'd need a useable nn, which might either be an opportunity or defeat the purpose.

I love each of the five names you love in common--Oscar, Owen, Milo, Felix, and Henry. I think they're all right on the mark and none of them is so common or so trendy as to be ruled out. I also really like Winston and Haskell from Swistle's suggestions, along with all the names that end in "o" such as Hugo that she suggested. Also, Griffen is great.

All I can think to add for suggestions are:

Herrick or Harry
Marsden (but there's a "d")

Anonymous said...

I think Felix is wonderful. I like how the meaning of the name is "happy." I do also like Archer and Oscar and Jasper. You have so many great options!

Here are two more that I thought of:

Malachy (I like how the three syllables of this name fits with your last name)

Anonymous said...

Hi, Lauren -

What about naming your son after both parents? Your name can easily be modified to Laurence or Lawrence.

- Lawrence Fletcher Purant (LFD)
- Fletcher Elliot Purant (FED an issue?)
- Lawrence Archer Purant (LAD an issue?)
- Lawrence Elliot Purant (LED)

StephLove said...

I like Felix for you. I wouldn't go with a junior and Fisher and Thatcher both seem too close to me, but Archer seems just right in terms of similar but not too similar. Of course that kind of thing is extremely subjective.

How about Arlo, Linus or Simon?

Anonymous said...

One more idea. What about Gilead?

Rae said...

Archer and, love.

Archer Montgomery Purant

Theo Harrison Purant

Best of luck! Great names!

Elisabeth said...

I really love Felix for you, as well as Swistle's suggestions of Theo and Everett and Frederick

Some other options:

Anonymous said...

My friend has a baby boy named Miles, but he goes by Milo. I love it. I love all of your name suggestions and I think you are on the right track.


Anonymous said...

My immediate thought was Thatcher, too, and then I saw the person right under me said that! So it's worth considering.

Dearest said...

Frazer should have been mentioned when you like Fletcher and Fisher. Frazer is not Fletcher, and less concrete than Fisher.

Also love the suggestion of Thatcher, but Frazer is a lot cooler!

The Mrs. said...

Well, Oscar is a perfectly awesome name. It sounds great with 'Purant', and it's 100% masculine.

But, once I read your husband's name was Fletcher, I immediately thought of Archer or Bowman (Bo) as options. (Because a fletcher is usually a bowman...)

If you just aren't feeling it with those ideas, here's one that would sound sharp with your surname, is highly uncommon, and is masculine:


Weiss 'Purant'.

Please, oh PLEASE, let us know what you and your husband decide! Best wishes to the three of you!

liz said...

Archer. Or Jr. But I like Archer best.

Archer Elliot.

Carolyn said...

If you like Oscar, what about Otto? Kind of a way to link Oscar and Milo. It's pretty underused, but very retro and fun.

Anonymous said...

I haven't read through the comments, but just wanted to say that I love Miles with the nickname Milo. Adorable!!

Anonymous said...

I always think of Oscar as a Hispanic name, for what it's worth. I suggest Hatcher (nn: Hatch) and Canaan.

Kas said...

Since you both really love your husbands name, and you also mentioned you like Cooper which i love these two names made me think of the following:


They are all last names i know but i love these kind of names!

Congrats and good luck x

Anonymous said...

Fisher and Farmer were on my list. What about Hudson, Stetston?

Anonymous said...

Thank you all! So many good choices to think about!! We're not doing a jr. but now we can go back and test out these great ideas. Question: does anyone think Archer is too reminiscent of that adult cartoon show about the spy? Will people call him Archie as a nn (which I dont like)?

I promise to update!


Kas said...

I think if you call him Archer he may get Archie but more likley he will be called Arch for short!

Not Familiar with the cartoon! but i love Archer its a great name!

KWILY said...

I definitely don't think of the character Archer. I just think of an awesome boys name. I did know one who went by Arch. I fear that if you HATE Archie, it may not be the name for you. Are you sure you don't find it even the slightest bit cute??

I think your entire list is solid! Stick with Oscar!

I think both Fisher and Thatcher are too close to Fletcher. I love the suggestion of Frazier.

Faye said...

Will people call him Archie as a nn (which I dont like)?
Probably. Inevitably. You'll just have to tell them that his name is Archer, not Archie. In the UK, Archie ranks as the 24th most popular boys' name.

Some other suggestions:

Good luck!

Faye said...

I'd also just like to cast my vote for Montgomery 'Monty' Purant! I think it's great.

Angie @ Upswing Baby Names said...

Oh boy. I can relate to your story because I'm also a planner and also had a husband who vetoed every suggestion without out coming up with his own.

Here's some other suggestions:

Ferdinand / Ferdie
Thaddeus / Thad or Tad

I also love Fletcher. Good Luck!

Chantelle said...

Gideon!!!! Gideon Purant-with-a-D is amazing!

StephLove said...

I came back to suggest Ezra and I see someone else beat me to it. I really like it for you. Or how about Ezekiel?

Jackie said...

Have you considered Franklin? I think it's a great classic name that is not too popular!

Anonymous said...

Archer will get Archie. For sure. We know three of them. No doubt. Oscar the Grouch would be out. Wouldnt do Fisher...same as 'fissure'....what about Alexander? Alex or Al for nn? All work with Purant. Felix and Henry are strong too. Alexander Henry Purant. You know, while typing this, I made a spelling mistake and typed Andre instead of Alexander. i corrected it, then thought, hey, what about Andre?! ("On-dray" or "Un-dray") With the little inflection above the 'e' that I cant do on my keyboard. It's handsome, a bit international, works with Purant and both yours and hubbys names...

Anonymous said...

Daphne Meike(M-ee-ka)? I just love the name Meike. It is very similar to my own name, which is Dutch, but much harder to say or spell in English. And Willem is great, but so is Grady. Grady Willem. Then whether it is girl or boy, it will have similar sound/syllables : Daphne Meike or Grady Willem. And both go well with Bianca Jolien, which, by the way, is a beautiful name! You are great at name-choosing, so I am sure you will do well!

Mary said...

I love Archer for you.

Another idea I had was Tinder - I love that it's an uncommon name and also has the connection to nature.
Tinder Eliot *urand.



Anonymous said...

My preferences, in order, are:

Fletcher Jr - go for it!

Slim said...

Hi, Felix!