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Friday, January 27, 2012

Baby Boy Smith, Brother to Carson Michael

S. writes:
I am due on March 24, so I have less than 10 weeks left. We currently have a two year old named Carson Michael. We are having another boy. Last name is Smith. I cannot for the life of me choose a name for this baby. I want a family name somewhere in the name, so Jackson, Jordan, Owen, and Britt are possibilities.

Now to talk about what we have considered. Actually at this point I don't think there is a name that I haven't considered.

My favorite names are Jackson, Hudson, and Silas. Jackson and Hudson don't work because they end in -son like my first son's name. Silas ends how my last name begins, and is too hissy sounding with all the s's.

My husbands favorite name is Levi. It just doesn't click with me. It feels very religious to me.

We have seriously considered a number of names in addition to the ones above, but I find something wrong with each. Here goes:

Jordan- worried about the unisex aspect, too many girls using it now?
Brady- my family names don't go with it for the middle (I refuse to give him the initials BJ)
Owen-too old sounding it was a great grandparents name, so I picture a 95 year old
Brody-same issue as Brady
Trevor-people say it sound "snobby" and pretentious
Noah- No, Noah sounds like a stutter and we are afraid our two year old will be confused with all the "No" sounds
Parker-i never liked it until recently, but I think the strong R sounds makes it hard to say especially with Carson

Husband had vetoed:

Please tell me you will help!!!! I honestly have been crying for the last two days every time I try to settle on something. I hate this! I find something wrong with every name. I feel alot of pressure especially since my first son was born a month early! I may not have much time left!!

I don't think the "No" sound in Noah is going to be confusing to your older child, any more than it will confuse your second child that his older brother's name has the words "car" and "son" in it. If it really did turn out to be an issue, it wouldn't be an issue for very long. And if I think back to the Noah I had in my daycare class, I don't remember the no-no issue being a problem at all: the pause for the comma, and the W-sound in the middle of Noah, keep it from sounding stuttery. Perhaps some parents of Noahs can weigh in on whether this has been a problem for them.

A name with some similar sounds (but no "no") is Rohan. Rohan Smith; Carson and Rohan.

I might in general prefer to avoid having two sibling names ending with -son, but there's no rule against it. If you and your husband can agree on the name Jackson or Hudson, and you both love the name, there is nothing wrong with naming two brothers Carson and Jackson, or Carson and Hudson.

I can see how having an elderly relative named Owen would affect the sound of the name for you. Does it help at all that it's in the top 50 for boys right now? As with many names, it has cycled around again: names first sound too elderly to use, then sound vintage and appealing, then sound totally current. Owen is already sounding current, with only a hint of vintage remaining. It fits in beautifully with other revived no-longer-elderly-sounding names such as Ava, Henry, and Emma.

I like the sound of Carson and Parker together. I think the R sound ties them together. Maybe it ties them together a little too well, since it's more of a matching ar-sound than just an r-sound. Maybe Porter would be better? Porter Smith; Carson and Porter.

Jordan is one of the few truly unisex names. Even though it's used for many baby girls, it hasn't dropped at all out of the running for boys---especially since many girls use feminized spellings such as Jordyn and Jordynn.

Another good unisex name is Riley. It has the il-sound from Silas, but without the s-ending problem. Riley Smith; Carson and Riley.

If you like Silas but the ending S is a problem, do you like Simon instead?

If not Levi, would you prefer Leo?

If Trevor isn't quite right, would Truman do? Or Everett? Or Evan?

If you like Brady but the initials are a problem, do you like Grady instead? Grady Owen Smith; Carson and Grady.


StephLove said...

I have a ten-year-old Noah and when I was pregnant with him, his grandmother had the same worry about the name. It's never been an issue and now she claims it's always been her favorite boy's name. If it's still bothering, you, though, how about Jonah? We considered that one and it's very similar.

I don't think Owen sounds too old and I like Owen Brady Smith.

How about Griffin? Carson & Griffin. Griffin Smith

KimmyGoat said...

I really like Owen from your list. But if it's too old man, how about Cohen/Coen?

Kas said...

I have friend with a little boy Noah, its a lovely name! he is 4 so gets No, Noah alot haha and ive have never really noticed the repeating no! I like the suggestion of Jonah, Noah also makes me think of Roman!

I think Owen is a great name and not old at all, when i here Owen i think of Even which i love!!

As Hudson and Jackson are both surnames you may like:

Landen, Judson, Lawson, Tyler, Lincoln, Fletcher!

A friend of mine had twin boys the other day she named them Tex and Gage, may not be your style but i have never heard these names before but i think they are really cool!!

Congrats and good luck

Anonymous said...

It's not clicking with you, but I really love the name Levi. I think it goes very well with Carson, as it has the same energy (both strong & work equally well on a cute little boy as a smart older man). It does have a religious connotation but the Levi Strauss connotation negates that for me. Mostly, I think it's a great name. But, if it's not for you, it's not for you!

I know a family with Carson & Griffin, who's often called Fin. I also know brother's named Carson & Soren. Either of those appeal? A name that reminds me of Hudson is Huxley, also a surname, doesn't end in an "on/en" sound & has the stellar nickname Hux. I like Swistle's suggestions of Rohan and Grady.

Good luck - & send update!

Anonymous said...

How about...

Rayne of Terror said...

What about Parker? Carson & Parker seem like a natural pair.

When I see Carson & Levi together I think wild west, not religion. I really like the name Levi.

I know a set of twins named Silas and Maddox, so maybe Carson and Maddox is a good sib set.

Mary said...

Brady Owen Smith sounds cute- Bos(s) ;-)
Owen Brady is cute too!

what about Levon or Leon instead of Levi? I don't find it that religious to be honest- Levi Jackson is really cute.

I don't think Trevor sounds pretentious at all and really like it- alternatives could be Travis, Trent, Tristan, Trey.

Jackson is also nice and I don't mind the -on ending- use it if you love it! Jack would also be great- Jack Brody Smith or Jack Owen. Jacob would work as well- Jacob Jordan.

Instead of Hudson, what about Hunter, Harris, Holden, Hewittt?

Instead of Silas, what about Simeon, Sumner? Sumner Jackson Smith has a really nice ring to it!

some other ideas-


Connor Jackson and Carson Michael :-)

Natalia said...

Hi! I'll try to give some new ideas for you to consider!

What about Nolan instead of Noah? Do you think you have the same issue with saying "No"?

Parker made me think of Tyler. I like Tyler Owen Smith.

Instead of Levi, Liam.

Silas reminds me of Oliver.

What about Ethan?

I think my favorite names for a brother of Carson are Griffin and Garett. Griffin Jordan Smith or Garett Owen Smith.

I have to say that a brother named Michael and the other named Jackson, seems like a homage to Michael Jackson. Not good or bad, just an observation.

I, personally, wouldn't name two siblings with names that start or end the same, that's why I didn't suggest C- names or -son names.

Well, good luck!! Please share with us your thoughts and final decision!

gail said...

What about Malcolm or Laramie or Callahan or Forrester or Raleigh or Anderson?

I think the surname Smith pretty much begs for a less popular first name, so for that reason I'd probably tend to stay away from names like Noah or Jacob. For the same reason I'd shy away from unisex names. I very much like Carson, it's nearly pitch perfect, so I can see why you're struggling to find another name that's not overused, masculine, and works as a brother to Carson.

Good luck in your search!

Sonja said...

We have a Noah and I'd never thought about the No, Noah! stutter before - I realized that I usually say "Noah, no!" (rather than No, Noah) and never have the stutter issue at all. I think it helps to remember that you usually end up saying more than the name and no, so "No, Noah, we don't eat crayons." or something along those lines, in which case I think there's no stutter. And if you're really just sort of yelling NO! when your toddler is going for your mug or something, you don't end up using the name at all.
At any rate - as a Noah-mom, I'd say the no-stutter is a non-issue. :)

vanessa said...

with Carson, I like another surname-y name, less common because of Smith. You didnt say if you are planning to have more children--if you are NOT and it will just be these 2, I'd say go for a name with the same ending. If you are planning to have more children, I;d avoid it.

Tucker, although the rhyme is an issue. But I know a boy named Tucker and thus far he's home free--only 2nd grade though.
Clancy (if you are only having the 2)

vanessa said...

oh! KEATON! That is my new top choice. Keaton Smith, Carson and Keaton. Provided you are only planning to have these 2, I think Carson and Keaton Smith is a perfect pair of brother names.

Anonymous said...

I love Carson Michael Smith! How the 'c' sound ties Carson Michael, how the 's' ties Carson Smith and how the 'm' ties Michael Smith! Maybe I am slightly over thinking it, but I love it!

If you love the name Jackson AND it is a family name, I think it is worth trying to use it as a middle name. Trying to tie all names together again, I love:

Callum Smith, Callum Jackson Smith
Camden Smith, Camden Jackson Smith

or Milton, Maxwell, Damon, Madden or Roman?

I personally don't mind two C. names (I think I am personally going this route. One down, one to go!) and both

Carson & Callum
Carson & Camden

I think are wonderful!

Good luck, I'm sure you'll find something genius!

Anonymous said...

And they have the same number of letters! ha! :-)

gail said...

I commented above already, but wanted to look deeper into names that start with "T" for you. Here's what I found that could work:


Also, because Carson has a bit of a Western, or cowboy feel, I looked at names that fit that category:


If you have the inclination and time, you could look at Google Maps for western city names by state--that's how Laramie originally sprang to mind in my first comment.