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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Baby Girl Cameron

Elizabeth writes:
My husband and I are expecting a baby girl around April 20th. We have really struggled with picking a final name and are just fine with having 2 or 3 choices and deciding when we meet this little lady- however picking 2-3 has proven difficult as well. Our last name is Cameron. We would like to give her a "classic" sounding name that grows well with her from infancy through late adulthood. Here are some first and middle names that we have been considering. Any advice is welcome!

Della (great-grandmother)
Katherine (nickname: Kay- honoring maternal grandmother)

Hayes (family name)

Any other name suggestions are appreciated and we are definitely looking for some advice in terms of name order.

Thank you!

If you are looking for a classic-sounding name that will grow with her, Katherine's your girl. I'm not sure, though, about the sound of Katherine Cameron. Similar classic names: Margaret, Elizabeth, Victoria.

From your lists, my (alphabetized) favorites are:

Della Hayes Cameron
Della Katherine Cameron
Della Wyeth Cameron
Katherine Hayes Cameron
Katherine Maeve Cameron
Maeve Katherine Cameron
Maeve Wyeth Cameron

It's too soon to call it, but I'm worried Adelyn/Adalyn/Adalynn/Adelynn/Addilyn might end up clumped with Addison and Madison rather than with the classics. I'd suggest Madeline or Madeleine or Adeline or Abigail or Nadia or Adrianna or Adelaide.

If you like Wyeth, I suggest Meredith and Willa and Gwyneth and Elizabeth and Athena and Bethany and Lilith. I'd like to suggest Bronwyn and Rowan and Arwen and Bethan, but I'm not sure they're right with Cameron.

If this is your first baby and you plan on having more, I recommend thinking about what effect each name will have on names for future siblings. (See also: Advice for First-Time Parents.) There are so many different styles on your list, and it would be helpful to find out which most closely represent your own naming style. If you have a little girl named Katherine, and then you have another girl later, will you be able to find a sister name you like? If you instead name this little girl Wyeth, will you be able to find a sister name you like---or a brother name you like? It's hard to have to think about sibling names when it's already hard enough to think of a name just for THIS baby---but it may save you significant stress in the future.


Anonymous said...

I think using Katherine (especially with the maternal grandmother connection) is a great idea, but I think it would work better in the middle spot, especially if you were thinking of doing "Kay" - the double "K" sound with the short nickname and the last name is a lot.

I really like Maeve Katherine or Della Katherine. I think they are both beautiful and classy.

Kaci said...

I really like the name Della. I actually haven't heard it before and I love it. I don't have any suggestions for the middle name, just wanted to advocate for Della. :)

Mary said...

If classic is what you're aiming for, I'd leave out Adelyn and Wyeth - especially Adelyn, it sounds so very "now" that it may be dated in 10-20 years. Spelled Adaline I like it a bit more, and would date it less.

Della and Katherine are really great, given the family connection (I'm a sucker for that).

I personally like Maeve most as a first name - Maeve Katherine sounds so distinguished. Maelys is also a name I adore. Maelys Kate.

Although, with what seems to be the increasing popularity of Bella (Twilight, Isabelle), Della might become one of several Bella's and would have to make clear her name is with a D.

Della reminds me of Delilah, Delphine, Delia, Delta, Delaney, Adeline, Cordelia

It could also be a nickname for Madeline.

Adalyn reminds me of Adele, Annabelle, Avaline

Wyeth reminds me of Wynne, Wylie, Gwyneth, Winona, Willa, Wren, Willow.

Willow Katherine, nn Willa or Lo
Annabelle Maeve
Madeline Wyeth, nn Della
Helena Katherine, nn Lena or Laney
Haley Katherine

And out of the blue -- Eden. Eden Wyeth Cameron.

M.Amanda said...

My favorites from your list are Maeve and Katherine. I agree with Swistle that the repeating hard K sound is a bit awkward, so I'd put it in the middle slot - Maeve Katherine Cameron.

Other suggestions:
Evelyn Hayes
Moira Katherine

StephLove said...

I like Della best from your list. It has and old-fashioned sound but it's unusual enough that I think it pair with a wide variety of sibling names. I can imagine it with a classic like Margaret or something more contemporary.

I like Della Maeve and Della Katherine, but how just going straight to Kay? I think of it as a stand alone name (and I'm persnickety about that) and it solves the problem of so many repeated sounds from the surname. Della Kay Cameron.

I also like Katherine Maeve and Maeve Katherine. Also anytime someone has an Ad- name on a list, I want to suggest Ada, but here I think it really does have the feel you are seeking. Ada Katherine, Ada Kay, Ada Maeve...

AirLand said...

Although Adelyn isn't as classic as Katherine, I think I like it the best out of your choices because you could give her the nickname Della. Something similar would be Adela or Adella.

I know it's hard to say now, but I could picture it on a young woman. I think it will age well.

Megz said...

I would definitely vote for Della. It's old fashioned and classic, and probably due for a comeback given the popularity of Bella and old fashioned names in general.

I agree Katherine Cameron is a lot of K's. And I wouldn't describe Adelyn or Wyeth as classic.

I really like Della Katherine for you (or Della Kay as someone else suggested).

Good luck.

Emily said...

My vote is with either Della Katherine or Katherine Hayes. Katherine Cameron is a bit of a mouthful though.

Firegirl said...

Hooray! I thought Della Hayes Cameron and So Did You!

It feels like a strong name with no age constraints on it.

sara m said...

Ooh, I don't like Della. I don't think it sounds classic, just trying to be Bella. Love Swis's suggestion of Maeve Katherine. I also love the Eden suggestion, but not sure about Eden Cameron.

Anonymous said...

I'm having difficulty saying Adelyn Cameron. It's too much rhyme I think. I prefer Kay Cameron over Katherine Cameron. But Della is my favorite of your list. Maeve is also nice.

Gail said...

To me, the biggest consideration is always how a first name will sound with the last name; only when that is sorted do I move to the middle name flow, or how or whether to include an honor name. Because for most of us, a middle name is like a secret garden: unless we become famous, it's unlikely anyone beyond our immediate family will ever come to know our middle name.

With the last name of Cameron, I think Maeve creates the best sounding flow, followed by Della, and then by Wyeth. Wyeth is interesting but I think will really limit the naming of your future children: it's quite unisex and similar to Wyatt, and doesn't fit with your desire for "classic." Hayes also sounds good with Cameron, but, like Wyeth, is very unisex, plus I think it's a bit distracting as a middle name because when you say Katherine Hayes Cameron, the Hayes creates enough space between Katherine and Cameron for one to think it might actually work......except that, for most of her life, who will ever say the Hayes part?

I think Maeve Cameron is close to perfect, with either Della or Wyeth in the middle. Maeve Della Cameron or Maeve Wyeth Cameron. Second choice for me would be Della Kay Cameron. I don't love the sound of Kay with Cameron, but in the middle, it would be rarely voiced, so I think it would be OK.

(I do know personally know a Della--she's our local elementary school principal).

Best of luck to you!

Susan said...

How about Beatrice or Beatrix?

Or Elspeth? Elspeth Cameron. I love it!

Anonymous said...

What bout Ella Kay C.. Or Kay Ella C..

Catarina Cameron also has a very nice ring to it!

Mama Cameron said...

Terrific suggestions!! Thank you all for your helpful feedback. My husband and I are looking forward to mulling it over with your thoughts. Thank you again! We'll let you know the final outcome:)