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Friday, May 18, 2012

Baby Girl, Sister to Olivia Margot and Lila Grace

Emily writes:
I am looking for some inspiration and help in naming our third child, who will also be our 3rd daughter.  This will be our last child.  Our baby isn't due until October so i know there is a lot of time left, but my husband and i are just not able to come up with a short list. (well not really).

My older daughters (who are 10 and 8 yrs old) are named Olivia Margot (middle name is my middle name) and Lila Grace (middle name is an aunt's name).

My name is Emily and i like my name but wouldn't give it to my kid (no juniors for us). I use my maiden last name.  Our kids are basically Irish, Swedish & Italian. Olivia has strawberry blonde hair, fair skin and green eyes;  Lila is golden blond haired, has tan skin, and green eyes.  my hubby and I are green eyed too  - obviously we don't know what this new kid will look like but you get the picture.  I don't think we want anything that [at least in our area] is very Italian themed (Gabriella, Adrianna, Carmela  Lucianna etc.). 

We came up with Lila because we loved the name Leilani in Hawaii and were inspired. We decided we couldn't pull of Leilani (neither of us have any ties to Hawaii) so we considered Lily and arrived at Lila (still love it!) (we pronounce it L-I-la (long I sound like ICE). Olivia always sounded lovely and had a nice sound to it with Margot (we picked this name more easily than we did Lila).

We LOVE our daughters' names and would like something similar for daughter #3 - feminine, somewhat traditional, not too trendy (not interested in Taylor, Tyler, Skyler, Cameron etc - no offense to those who like those, just not my cup of tea).  I don't think i'd ever be brave/bold enough to name my daughter anything like Piper even though it's cute on other people's kids.
Some names that have peaked my interest are Valentina, Sophia, Lena, Julia (hubby doesn't like this), daisy (he doesn't like that either), Katie. We rejected Valentina b/c we don't like "Val" or "Tina" as nick names.  And probably that is a lot of name for a kid. it's also similar to our favorite pizza place so we crossed it off (Valentina's! pick up or delivery?) :)  My husband's current name that he is tolerant of is Sophia.  I am less tolerant of it due to its popularity, but it's a nice name. I say tolerant b/c neither of us are willing to say we'd actually give that name to our daughter.  I don't want something too old either like Hazel or Mathilda (i do like Victoria and Elizabethe and Emma (hubby doesn't like those but especially doesn't like Emma).  These still aren't making it to a short list or anything, but maybe will give you an idea. 

We do like the way these names sound - i think we like the 'A' sound at the end. not a requirement though.  I like what both my kids' names mean, but that is not how we picked them.  We also considered Scarlett and Charlotte.  eh... we just aren't feeling anything. i don't want Isabella, b/c i simply know too many of them.

I like the idea of glamorous hollywood names like Sophia Loren & Ava etc. but don't want to be so trendy. I also like the feeling of a Southern name (at least i think I do - not as in Bobby Jo though).  

If we were having a boy, the names I like are (in no particular order) Christian, Jake (my dad's name, but i also really like it), Mark, Max and Sean.

As you can tell i am all over the map. :(

Many thanks and I like your blog!

If Sophia is close-but-not-quite, I wonder if you would like Fiona? Olivia, Lila, and Fiona.

Or Simone? Olivia, Lila, and Simone.

Oh, or Stella! It has a current sound like Olivia and Lila do, but it's not as common as, say, Ella. Olivia, Lila, and Stella.

If Scarlett and Charlotte are not quite right, I wonder if you'd like Violet? Olivia, Lila, and Violet. Lila and Violet might have too many sounds in common, though; I can't quite tell.

I think the name Cecily would fit very well with the other names: continuing the L theme, but not repeating too many sounds. Olivia, Lila, and Cecily. I like that a lot.

Or Clarissa. Olivia, Lila, and Clarissa.

Cora also seems like a nice fit. Olivia, Lila, and Cora.

Or Nora. Olivia, Lila, and Nora.

Or Clara. Olivia, Lila, and Clara.

Or Hannah. Olivia, Lila, and Hannah.

If you like Isabella but know too many, do you like Annabella? Olivia, Lila, and Annabella.

I see you mention Lena; do you like it any better if it's Elena? I like the way it makes it a little more different than Lila---though I guess that same change also makes it a little closer to Olivia. Olivia, Lila, and Elena. 

Lena and Valentina make me wonder if you'd like Mina. Olivia, Lila, and Mina.

For something similar to Ava but not as common, I suggest Eva. Olivia, Lila, and Eva.

Again similar to Ava: Audrey (Hepburn). Olivia, Lila, and Audrey. That's probably my top choice for style compatibility but sound variety.

Does Ruby sound too old? Olivia, Lila, and Ruby. I love those together.

Name update! Emily writes:
We ended up having our third daughter a few weeks early on September 28, 2012 (due to preeclampsia). She was born at 37.5 weeks and weighed 8 lbs. Her name is Amelia Rose and we love her and her name!

Thank you very, very much. I read and re-read your post and the comments from others multiple times and it was very helpful. We thought we were leaning toward Caroline Rose or Katie/Katherine but in the minutes before the c-section I decided I loved Amelia. 


Celia said...

I really think you should continue with the "l" theme. I know this is going to sound like it's coming from left field, but say it out loud, taste it, you might like it: Marilla. Yes, it's old-school, but I think the oh so cute nickname "Rilla" makes it useable. Olivia, Lila, and Rilla. And of course the literary connection to Anne of Green Gables/Rilla of Ingleside is a plus if you're a fan of the books. Or you could just go with Rilla as the full name. There's something whimsical and enchanting about it.

I think my second favorite for you would be Elsie. It's an older name, but it's fresh-sounding and feminine and similar but less common than Elizabeth. Olivia, Lila, and Elsie.

Anonymous said...

I love Swistle's suggestion of Fiona. I love that name and it fits well with Olivia and Lila. Since you mentioned ending in A names, Violet made me think of Viola and Audrey made me think of Audra. Cora,Nora & Clara are great suggestions as well. I also thought of Julia, Amelia, Maya, Mia and Alyssa. And a non ending in A name that I think is a good fit is Molly.

Anonymous said...

Hannah and Audrey were great suggestions! And although I don't really care for the name Ruby, it does seem to make an interesting tie with the other two... Olivia reminds me of green (olive green), Lila reminds me of purple (lilac purple) and Ruby (red...obviously...). Cute, without being obvious!

Mega said...

Olivia Margot and Lila Grace are lovely, cute names. I love Swistle's suggestions, especially Fiona, Stella, Cora, and Clara. Those really stood out to me. I also liked the suggestions in the comments of Marilla "Rilla", Elsie, and Audra.

I would like to expand on those and make a few suggestions of my own.

Fiona is very pretty, but I immediately thought of Flora when I saw it and thought that seemed like it fit in with Olivia and Lila well, especially since it continues with the "L" theme. I think Olivia, Lila, and Flora work well together.

Cora is also great. But Coraline takes it a bit further. Olivia, Lila, and Coraline.

I love Clara, she's simple and sweet, but I also love Clarabelle.
Olivia, Lila, and Clarabelle.

I love, love, love Elsie, but Elsa is just as great and follows the end-in-"a" trend. Olivia, Lila, and Elsa.

I'll also add Bianca, Sylvia, and Phillipa/Pippa.

I love Bianca. The name just seems really classy, and Bee is a cute nickname. Olivia, Lila, and Bianca.

Sylvia is quite similar to Olivia, but you could also go with Sylvie. Olivia, Lila, and Sylvia/Sylvie.

Phillipa may seem a bit old, but Pippa is absolutely gorgeous. Olivia, Lila, and Pippa.

Lovely names. :D

Slim said...

Celia was presumably too modest to mention it, but Celia is a nice classic name and has the "a" ending.

I also like Audrey.

StephLove said...

I like the suggestions of Clara, Violet and Ruby.

How about Carmen, Caitlin, Josephine or Naomi?

bff said...


Carolyn said...

Sylvia, or Silvia (the Italian spelling) came to mind immediately. I love the nickname Sylvie. In fact, the nn is what makes it feel just right on a little girl.

Anonymous said...

Your list of girl names is similar to mine. My current favorite is Diana. It sounds nice with Olivia and Lila, too.

Anonymous said...


liz said...

I vote for Sylvia, Celia, or Selina.

Olivia, Lila, and Sylvia

Olivia, Lila, and Celia

Olivia, Lila, and Selina.

I like the that all of them have letters in common, and all end in a.

Anonymous said...

Olivia, Lila and Martha
Olivia, Lila and Tabitha
Olivia, Lila and Helena
Olivia, Lila and Phoebe
Olivia, Lila and Verity
Olivia, Lila and Clemency
Olivia, Lila and Jemima
Olivia, Lila and Susannah
Olivia, Lila and Matilda

Hard to top Olivia, Lila and Fiona though - wonderful!

Jilian said...


Anonymous said...

I like Celia's suggestion of Marilla and agree that "Rilla" is an adorable nickname that doesn't sound too little-girly. In order to update it a bit, I might suggest changing it to "Merilla" (pronounced more like "m'air-rilla" than "muh-rilla").

I'd like to offer the suggestion of "Irina" as well. It's not at all popular (not sure if that's a good thing or if she would feel left out in comparison to her sisters) but it has a familiar feel. I love the nickname "Rina" and I think it works well for any age. It can be pronounced "eye-REE-nah" or "ee-REE-nah."

Olivia, Lila and Irina sound pretty together, in my opinion.

gail said...

I, too, was going to suggest Irina. Otherwise, Eloise.

Olivia, Lila, and Eloise.

Let us know, and good luck!

Mj said...

Yes, Erena gets a big vote from me! Sounds gorgeois with her sisters (prefer to Irina). But before reading Swistles response I thought Stella. Beautiful meaning and sounds lovely with the Ella ending. I also thought Elsa as a twist on Ella, and this I LOVE with your other daughters. I really think you need to keep the 'ends in an 'a'' theme, whatever you choose. As she will likely be a blondie, I thought the name Bianca may appeal. And it also fits very well with your other girls. And Amelia has nickname Milly or Amy and is a very cool little girl. So in order I vote Elsa, Stella, Bianca, Elena, Amelia. And choose something soft and short for the middle spot, like Faith, Hope, Rose, Claire etc. You will probably also find inspiration from looking at your own family tree. Please let us know what you decide!

Anonymous said...

If you like Sophia but its too popular, what about Sapphira? At first it may look too trendy , but keep it running through your head and it sounds sooo beautiful...and its based on the very traditional 'Sapphire", a beautiful precious stone. It is also the birthstone for September (maybe she will arrive safely a little early?).
But keep in mind too that Opal is the birthstone for October and may make a nice middle name with another choice from above, like Elena, Stella, Bianca or Amelia? Best wishes to you all!

Anonymous said...

Olivia and Sylvia sound too close to me. Too cutesy and confusing. Make sure you say whatever name you choose over and over to yourselves both wiith her sisters and on its own, often, to make sure it stands up ok. I really think you will find the inspiration you need from these blog responses. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Savannah sprang to mind as a possibility. I think Bianca is also a good option for you--I have a close friend named Bianca and her family often calls her Bonks or Bonky as a pet name, which I find utterly charming in the way it contrasts with the rather august-sounding "Bianca."

vanessa said...

Because this is your last child, I want very much to force you to use a name ending in A that also features an L sound. if you were having several more kids I wouldnt worry about it, but with three...well. The choice is clear!
Clara is terrific. I like Stella too. also:

Willa (ooo I love this!)

Anonymous said...

I was going to suggest Savannah too. Or Lana, Lanie, Marlene/a. Georgia. Jada. Janie. Anna. Natalia.

Anonymous said...

Georgia , or the European spelling of Jorja, are lovely. Olivia, Lila, Georgia. I really like that mix. I was thinking of Allanna or Alanna. But i think Georgia is even better.

The Mrs. said...

The suggestion of Sylvia from above is very good. Classic, feminine, elegant.

Aubrey seems like it might fit your preferances, too. Audrey is lovely, but Aubrey is less popular, equally recognizable, and truly sweet.

Finally, a name that is full of Southern charm, simple dignity, and timeless grace: Gemma. Olivia, Lila, and Gemma.

Best wishes to you and your growing family! Please let us know what you and your husband decide!

Jenny said...

I was going to say Gemma, too. Olivia, Lila and Gemma is perfect. I also second Bianca

Anonymous said...

My first thought was Viola.
All the letters in Lila are also in Olivia, just like Viola. Olivia, Lila & Viola. I like it!

Also like Vera and Moira! Good luck!

Anonymous said...

I never comment, but felt compelled as we have similar tastes. Child #3 is Lila and if I were to have a #4, she would absolutely be a Margot. I would caution you against a Violet as we have friends with a Violet and when we get together people comment on how similar their names are when you say them together. Also, they both have connections to "purple" which may be a deal breaker for some parents. I recommend Caroline, Elspeth, or Gemma which are other names that I love. We have one boy- Graham. Often unheard, but it's a classic.

Anonymous said...

Carla? Olivia, Lila and Carla. It just struck me as a good fit.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Georgia is very nice here. Olivia, Lila and Georgia.

Anonymous said...

I adore your girls' names!

My suggestions are:

Eloise: Olivia, Lila, and Eloise. nn can be either Ella or Lo

Celia or Cecily or Cecilia: Olivia, Lila, and Celia (that's really nice)

Amelia or Amalia: Olivia, Lila, and Amalia.
I'm partial to Amalia (the second a is long, as in "ahh") - it's a name used all over the world and in both Scandinavian and Spanish speaking countries, so it suits your ethnic backgrounds. It can be shortened to Mia, Lia, Malia or Molly

Candice said...

Swistle's suggestion of Audrey (as in Hepburn) made me think of one of her most famous roles: Sabrina! (very "Old Hollywood") :) Olivia, Lila, and Sabrina sounds very pretty to me.

If you like Audrey, but really want the "a" at the end, Audra is another beautiful name. I went to high school with an Audra and have liked the name since, and it's not very popular.

And the suggestion Mila made me think of "Mira" as in actress Mira Sorvino. Not "Old Hollywood" but sill Hollywood glamorous, I think! Olivia, Lila, and Mira -- very nice!
Good luck finding a name you love!

Alice said...

How about Serena?

Olivia, Lila, and Serena

Or Adelaide?

Olivia, Lila and Adelaide

Or Elodie?

Olivia, Lila and Elodie

Or Colette?

Olivia, Lila and Colette

Or Madeline?

Olivia, Lila and Madeline

Trudee said...

I love the suggestions or Audrey and Gemma. I think Gemma is my favourite.

Joanne said...

I like Fiona, but I also thought of Silvia for a Sophia replacement. I have a Veronica and I love love love it. Best of luck!

Mary said...

I haven't read any of the comments above, so this may be very repetitive.

Isabella - popular yes. but it goes so well with Olivia & Lila.

Romilly: Livvie, Lillie, and Milly?

Luella: Liv, Lil, and Lu

Scarlett- Liv, Lil, and Lettie (or Charlotte, nn Lottie)

Elizabeth- Lizzie

Marlene- Olivia, Lila, and Lena

liz said...

If you choose Gemma, there is a series of books about a girl named Gemma by Noel Streatfeild.

That would go nicely with the set of books about Olivia and the many many books with Lila in the title.

Anonymous said...

Clara and Stella are my favorite from Swistle's list.

Anonymous said...

Clara and Stella are my favorite from Swistle's list.

Anonymous said...

I like Mira too but more as Maera, pronounced Meera. It isnt common, but ends in 'a' and fits with your other girls.

Jan said...

Olivia, Lila, and....(I know, some are repeats):
- Eloise
- Elise
- I like Lena from your list but maybe as nn for Helena or Elena?
- Ivy
- Naomi
- Erin
- Miranda
- Nina

Anonymous said...


Emily said...

Thank you everyone for all the wonderful suggestions!

They are all very thoughtful and considerate. We will definitely be re-inspired. I'll be sure to report back once we have a short list and/or decision.

many thanks!