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Sunday, October 28, 2012


The polls are killing me. Do you see how a Blogger glitch reset them all to zero? Hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of votes, all lost. I was leaving the polls up in case a fix restored the counts---but the Rosetta one has gathered additional votes since being reset, and each time has again reset to zero. I'd been thinking I might re-run the polls, but that won't work if those too will just keep resetting to zero. I'll leave them up a few more days just in case---and so Blogger can look at them if necessary to figure out what went wrong.

Update: Thank goodness, Blogger fixed it! I've put the poll results in their respective posts.


Kit said...

also, the titles are so long i can't see the numbers. this might be a thing with my own computer but i think the border of the blog is cutting it off

Jessica said...

I did notice that! I wondered what was up. I checked the polls on my site and they're fine. I wonder why Blogger did that to yours.

Kit - when info cuts off there should be a scroll bar underneath the poll so you can scroll over and see the rest.

Jessica said...

Wait - they're back??!! Maybe mine were messed up but were fixed before I checked!

Swistle said...

Hooray, hooray, they're back, they're back!!!!

Kit- The scrolling isn't a glitch: if the margin isn't big enough for the question/answers, there's a scroll bar so you can still see the whole thing. If you don't see a scroll bar, though, then that IS a glitch!

Kit said...

I don't see the scroll but i'll try again