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Sunday, January 20, 2013

A Fifth C Name for a Boy

Megan writes:
Hi there!!! I am currently pregnant with baby number 5!! My due date isnt until September 3rd but I am a PLANNER!! My husband and I already have 4 wonderful boys that all start with the letter "c"... Oldest to youngest we have Colin James, Connor Stephan, Camden Matthew and Carson Andrew... All of our boys middle names are from other family members!! We already have a girl name picked out ( Chloe Elizabeth) !! Big problem is no boy in sight.... It has to start with a "C" of course but we really have no direction as to which way to go.. The only name we even kindof agree on is Charlie, my husband would like to use William as a middle name (after his stepdad) but Charlie William sounds way too proper for me... Please help with baby boy names using "c" !!Thanks so much!!

I think Charlie is great, and to me it sounds friendly rather than over-proper.

I also like the way it adds a new sound: it still starts with a C, but it's a Ch- sound instead of Ca- or Co-. I notice when I try out other C names, most of them sound too similar to a C name you already have: Calvin seems too close to Colin; Callum seems too close to Camden and Colin; Cameron seems too close to Camden; Carter seems too close to Carson; Caden seems too close to Camden.

Christian would also be nice for this: the Cr- sound is quite different from the Ca- and Co- sounds.

Or Clayton adds a Cl-.

Caleb might work well, though it's hard to tell without a surname to try it out with. It adds a new vowel sound and a new consonant sound.

Cabot would also be nice, and adds TWO new consonant sounds.

Or Corbin. Ooo, or Cormac.

Or Colby or Coleman.

Casey is a nice friendly name. Casey William.

If you aren't trying to keep all the names to two syllables, I suggest Callahan, Cade, Clark, Case, Chance, or Chase.


leenie said...

what about Cy?

Anonymous said...

I love love Conrad. It may be a bit too different though for this sibling set. Clark seems like a great suggestion to me. I like that it breaks up the 2 syllable trend by being short and crisp. Clark William is a wonderful name!

Anonymous said...

I suppose Connor rules out Conrad now that I think about it...darn :(

Abby@AppMtn said...

Would you consider Crosby? He's just as cheerful and upbeat as Charlie, but he seems a better match for your older sons' names.

Manday said...

I don't think Charlie/Charles fits well with the other names, which are all less traditional. Charles would also not match the 2 syllable pattern which is pretty strong,especially if you added a Chloe at some point.


I have to disagree w Swistle on liking the "change up" of a "CH". If I list off the names, a CH sticks out like a sore thumb

Colin, Connor, Camden, Carson and Channing?

I think my favorite therefor is Clayton. It matches the style of the other names but ha`s its own vowel sound.

Kim said...

Cooper is my favorite with your other boys' names.

Cooper William

I like Christopher too. This breaks up the two syllable pattern and sounds better to my ear with the other names, especially if you want to add a Chloe later.

I think I would try and avoid another 'n' ending name and have an 'r' ending to go with Connor. That's just me of course!!

Hope these suggestions help.

Good luck!

StephLove said...

Caleb jumped to mind before I read Swistle's response. I like Christopher, too, or Cedric, or Clay or Cyrus.

Kim said...

Oooh! Just thought of Curtis.

Curtis William :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, I do really like how Cooper adds another "er" ending sound to go with Connor. Some other suggestions-Craig, Carson, Clancy, Canton, Colton, Caden, Cory, Case

Rita said...

I don't like Charlie/ charles in this sibset. I think you should go with something more modern and surnamey like your other boys names. It would also rule out Chloe if you ever had a daughter.

Colin, Connor, Camden, Carson and:
- Calder
- Callahan
- Carbry
- Cashel
- Caspian
- Chase
- Cleary
- Clemens
- Coby
- Colton
- Corbin
- Crosby
- Cyrus

Gail said...

Calder, Caspian, and Crosby are my favorites for you.

Anonymous said...

I think Calvin would be a great addition!

Jan said...

Lots of great suggestions. I'll throw in Clive!

thethinksicanthink said...

I really like Charlie but here are some other C names I thought of....

Cale, Cody, Clay, Campbell, Chad, Chase, Chance, Christopher, Clark, Colbert, Colby, Colt/Colton, Corbin, Corbett

Emily said...

What about Crispin? I'm surprised that no one has suggested it.

Lashley said...

My cousin's first name is Charles, but he goes by Chase, if you wanted another option there. Chad is also a common nickname for Charles. Are you looking at using Charles or just Charlie?

I knew a really adorable boy named Clement. The name means merciful and gentle, which is maybe something you hope for with 5 boys?! I also like the Cl- and the different vowel sound. Curtis has some different sounds, but also fits with the surname-y bunch!

I understand the suggestions of Cooper to add another -r name to go with Connor, BUT I caution you that Cooper is an incredibly popular dog name. I know there's lots of crossover between baby names and pet names, but just putting it out there.

Rayne DeVivo said...

Maybe it's too similar, but the name Carroll sprung to mind as possibly ready for a comeback for boys.

Lauren said...

As some others to throw in (some are repeats from above comments that I really liked):

Ciaran (the way I pronounce it is KEER-an)
Cillian (the way I pronounce it is KILL-ee-an)

Good luck!

Rayne DeVivo said...

Oh Oh! One of my favorite underused C boys names is Clyde. It's got so many things going for it. The western feel, unusual, a trendy Y in the middle.