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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Baby Boy Sousa, Brother to Grady and Mason

H. writes:
Just yesterday I actually broke down and cried over trying to figure out a name for our third baby boy--I took this as a sign that I need some help. I am due in early April 2013 and my darling husband and I are at an impasse. My oldest son (from a previous marriage) is Grady Owen Lanser. I love his name. I loved it when I first stumbled upon it 10 years ago and have never had a single regret--naming him was blissfully easy. 

My second son is Mason Cruz Sousa, a name we decided on while I was 5cm dilated and hours from birthing him, clearly not a strategy I would advise to anyone. It took us about a month to realize we hated the name Cruz, and though he is two years old now, we have decided that we are going to have his middle name legally changed this year (haven't quite decided yet--Noah and Everett are contenders). And though I have liked the name Mason for a very long time, we did not spend enough time saying it with our last name--Mason Sousa, too many "s" sounds running together. His name, I do regret.

I am terrified that we will once again end up in the same crazed, in-labor, no-name-ready place we were with our second.

So this is where we are. I like: Beau, Everett, Noah, Levi, Leo, Garrett, Jonah and Wyatt, all of which he doesn't want to use for one reason or another.

He likes: Marshall, Phillip, Logan, and Dylan, though he is pushing hard for Marshall. Actually, I don't mind Marshall, but I am concerned about the nicknames he might endure (Marshmallow, Marsh), and I also didn't want two kids whose names start with the same letter (Mason and Marshall--too similar?) or two names that are both two syllable ending in "n" (Mason and Logan)

If we had had a girl, our possibilities were: Gigi, Vivian, Stella, Josephine and Maryn (pronounced Mare-in), names we definitely could agree on.

If you can offer any assistance, I would be forever grateful.

Everett from your list and Phillip from his makes me think of Elliot. Elliot Sousa; Grady, Mason, and Elliot. A new name beginning and a new name ending!

Or there's Emmett. Emmett Sousa; Grady, Mason, and Emmett.

The name Phillip Sousa brings John Philip Sousa to mind. It's by no means a negative association, nor was it very strong for me (for a minute I thought, "Hm, something about Phillip Sousa rings half a bell, I wonder why?"), but it's something I'd want to consider before choosing the name.

Would Mitchell work better than Marshall? It still starts with M, but seems much less matchy than Mas/Mars. I went to school with a Mitchell/Mitch who was so smart and kind, it's left me with a very good impression of the name.

I also went to school with a boy who went by his surname Marshall (we had a lot of Jasons, and there was a bit of a scramble to come up with alternative names), and I don't remember marsh or marshmallow coming up. On the other hand, I was only in one elementary classroom with him, and by high school a lot of that stuff is over, so I could have missed it.

Levi and Leo make me think of Liam. Liam Sousa; Grady, Mason, and Liam.

Garrett and Dylan make me think of Darien. Darien Sousa; Grady, Mason, and Darien. It repeats the -n ending of Mason, but having an extra syllable reduces the impact of that for me.

Or Deacon. Deacon Sousa; Grady, Mason, and Deacon.

Noah and Dylan make me think of Nolan. Again it repeats the -n ending of Mason, but I still like it---and so many boy names end in N. Nolan Sousa; Grady, Mason, and Nolan.

Beau and Dylan make me think of Dean. Dean Sousa; Grady, Mason, and Dean.

If it would be fun to repeat the two syllables and and five letters and long-A, I wonder if you'd like Caleb. Caleb Sousa; Grady, Mason, and Caleb. Each name has its own distinct beginning, ending, and consonant sounds, but they feel like a very good set of brothers. Jacob would be similar.

Because Grady and Mason can both be surnames, I'm inclined toward other surname names. Tanner, perhaps. Tanner Sousa; Grady, Mason, and Tanner.

Or Bennett! Bennett Sousa; Grady, Mason, and Bennett.

Or Carter. Carter Sousa; Grady, Mason, and Carter.

Or Clark. Clark Sousa; Grady, Mason, and Clark.

Parker. Parker Sousa; Grady, Mason, and Parker.

Calvin. Calvin Sousa; Grady, Mason, and Calvin.

For Mason's new middle name, Noah seems to blend/repeat too much (the -n/N- of Mason Noah, and then the -ah/-a of Noah Sousa), especially in a name where you're already sorry about too many S sounds. It all runs together for me: Maysa-noa-sousa. I love Mason Everett Sousa. At first I thought the MES initials were going to seem too much like "mess," but then I remembered I've encountered those initials regularly on an institution and I've never once thought of "mess," so it must not come to mind even for those of us who tend to be a bit oversensitive to such things. Another possibility, if your husband is very keen on Marshall but it turns out you just don't want to use it as a first name, is to use that as the middle name: Mason Marshall Sousa.


StephLove said...

I liked Swistle's suggestions of Caleb, Jacob, Carter, and Parker. In fact, I like Caleb so well in this sibling set I almost don't want to make any of my own suggestions, but I think Connor would fit in your family.

I have to admit I thought "Not John or Phillip" when I read the title and hadn't read the post yet. It's not a bad association, but it is a strong one for me and I'm not even a musician.

I think using Marshall for Mason's middle is a good idea if you like the repeated M. If you don't, using it as a middle for this baby could work, too.

Megan said...

Beau and Everett make me think of Beckett.
Beckett Sousa.
Grady, Mason, and Beckett.

Leah PS said...

Nolan and Beau are my favorites.

There was a Mitchell in my 2nd grade class and kids teased him when they sang, "Mitch, Mitch, bo b!tch, fanana nana fo fitch, fe fi fo fitch Miiiiiiiiiitch"

I think of that every time I hear the name Mitchell/Mitch.

Good luck! So many good boy names to choose from!

Anonymous said...

I am inclined to suggest picking the new middle name for Mason first, then work with the names leftover that you both agree on to come up with a combo for the new baby. I agree Noah doesn't seem ideal, but I really like Mason Everett. Of your other names, Mason Levi stands out for me.

For the new baby, I love Swistle's suggestions of Caleb. I think if I wasn't too fond of one child's name, finding a way to link all three might make me feel a little better about the name. Hayes, Blake, Davis are other names that have 5 letters, long A sounds, surname feel and have different starts & ends.

Good luck! And please let us know what you decide for both Mason & the new little one.

Rayne DeVivo said...

I think Tanner hits the ball out of the park. Grady, Mason and Tanner is a super set of brothers. I think Carter is also a great choice.

liz said...

I like Davis as a match for Grady and Mason. All last names, all long a sounds, all five letters. They sound really good together, a really nice brother set!

StephLove said...

Oh, Davis, that's a great one!

sarahk said...

I like Davis as well but some people don't like a first name to end in the same letter that begins the last name. if you are already concerned about too many S sounds with Mason, I would recommend not using any S sounds in the new baby's name, because I am afraid you will regret it too.

And i also love Mason Everett. I think that is a great middle name. If you really regret the name Mason, could you start calling him Mason Everett and then eventually just transition to Everett? I'm curious what Swistle thinks about that.

For the new baby, I love the suggestions of Tanner and Carter.

Good luck--I will be excited to hear what you choose for both!

Anonymous said...

I like Beckett and Thomas

Anonymous said...

I know someone named Marshall and I have never know anyone (including his three older brothers) to call him anything but Marshall. FYI.

Jenny Grace said...

I do not like the word that Mitch rhymes with, although I too have a very positive association with a Mitch I happen to adore.

Waltzing More Than Matilda said...

I think another surname-name seems ideal with Grady and Mason.

I actually thought your own suggestion of Wyatt was perfect, so I would go with Swistle's idea of Bennett (or Beckett) as the closest to that.

All three names would then start and end with different letters, but they would all tie together as surnames.

Kim said...

I think Blake would be perfect with your other boys' names.

Grady, Mason and Blake

Blake Everett Sousa is great!

I also think Mason sounds fine with your surname and like Levi for a middle name.

Mason Levi Sousa

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

I love Bennett (my second choice would be Beckett). Grady, Mason and Bennett.

I also like Parker and Blake.

I don't mind Davis when you lay it out with the other two boy names, but Davis Sousa has too many "s" sounds.

Ok... the more that I look at it, I loooove Bennett or Blake. I think it mixes up the sounds of the other two names nicely :)

Good luck! make sure you let us know!

Eva.G said...

What about David! LOVE!

It's better than Davis because of how Davis Sousa blends together. But David also has the long a sound, 5 letters, and an entirely different beginning, ending, and sound!

David Sousa!