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Swistle: Private Consultation

Private consultations are available. The cost is US $65.00 for a single emailed response, similar in style and length to a post on the blog. (If you like, you may choose to have the consultation posted on the blog in order to get reader feedback as well.) A letter with fewer issues will have each issue addressed at greater length and in more detail than a letter with a larger number of issues.

Payments can be sent via PayPal (swistle at gmail dot com, or use PayPal button below):

The question can then be emailed to swistle at gmail dot com. Include anything you'd like me to know, things such as:
  • due date
  • sex of the baby if known
  • surname, with pronunciation
  • names of your other children
  • finalist names
  • names you've considered and rejected
  • names you'd like to use but can't
  • names you'd use if the baby were the opposite sex
  • how many children you plan to have
  • anything else that enters into the decision

An answer is typically ready within a week. All information will remain completely private; nothing will be published on the blog. (Though, again, you may choose to have it published on the blog if you'd prefer.)

In some cases, I may feel I'm not able to answer a particular question. In that case, I will let you know promptly and cancel your payment immediately.


Anonymous said...

This is a great idea, Swistle! You should be getting paid for your brilliance! :)

Karen L said...

Ditto Anonymous Sept. 5.

JR :: Sarah said...

what a great idea! you should earn money for your expertise, Swistle.

Anonymous said...

Totally agree! You've got a business model here and the expertise to back it up. Good luck!